How to Start Making Money With Sponsored Instagram Posts As a Newbie

Published: October 5, 2021 Updated: September 20, 2021

Instagram offers plenty of untapped potential for aspiring influencers. Its visually appealing interface and community-minded features make it an ideal platform for sharing highly curated content. And studies show that the majority of companies—particularly ecommerce brands—prefer Instagram over any other influencer platform. 


There’s data to back brands’ decision-making, too; according to RhythmOne’s 2015 influencer report, Instagram has nearly double the engagement rate compared to other social platforms. This means people are more likely to share, comment, and like sponsored Instagram posts. 


Many Instagrammers fail to learn how to attract brands and, consequently, how to get paid for Instagram posts. Often, new and growing Instagrammers don’t feel confident in their stature and falsely assume they aren’t “big” enough to get paid for Instagram. 


But the truth is, Instagram is, by nature, more accommodating to all types of influencers, including beginners. Even microinfluencers with just a few hundred followers can get a piece of the paid posts pie. 


The fact is, no matter how many influencers you have, your follower count and engagement rate can serve as a niche of its own. Nanoinfluencers and microinfluencers offer better engagement rates, while macro influencers have higher reach. Microinfluencers are ideal for local brands that need local reach, while macro influencers can work wonders for international companies. 


Regardless of your fanbase, there’s a place for you on Instagram. And when you take the right steps to leverage your influence and community, you’re more likely to score coveted sponsored deals. Here’s how you can start making money on Instagram with sponsored posts. 

Sponsored Posts 101

It’s important for you to understand how paid partnerships work from a fine print perspective. Any time you review a product and are paid for it or given free product, you MUST disclose it. The Federal Trade Commission requires every post that endorses a product to clearly label the post as sponsored. This helps establish the relationship between the poster and the brand and reduces the potential for biased accusations.







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