The Universe: The Original Influencer

Published: March 19, 2020 Updated: March 19, 2020

The Universe: The Original Influencer

 Influencers of any niche can use astronomical events to engage their audience since it is an activity that is accessible to nearly everyone either outdoors or via online observatories.

 You may think you’re in an overcrowded niche and that finding something new to say to your audience on a regular basis is an impossible goal. But people have been talking about the stars (and planets) since the beginning of recorded history and it’s still making headlines. If billions of people are still captivated by planets that were written about and carved into stones thousands of years ago, there is definitely something left for you to say about your niche. If not, you can always count on the universe to supply you with something interesting to discuss.

 Before you dismiss the power of the original influencer, keep in mind that the popularity of all things related to space is not only climbing currently, the potential is literally unlimited. With every new scientific understanding with what lies beyond our atmosphere and astrologer who makes an accurate prediction, more people are going to tune in and look for people they identify who share an interest in these topics.

 How Popular is the Universe?

 One look at Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or any other social media platform will give you all the proof you need that the universe has plenty of fans. In fact, NASA has more followers on Instagram than most major celebrities.

Not only is NASA an influencer in its own right, but the agency has begun working with private entities. By 2020 it’s possible private astronauts will be circling the Earth on the International Space Station. Can you imagine the surge in popularity for those brands that are able to capitalize on these types of new arrangements? Athletes frequently make more money from their endorsements than they did in their professional careers, and there is no reason to think space isn’t the next frontier for lucrative partnerships.

But how is this useful for you as an influencer or small business owner if you are unlikely to be working with NASA anytime in the near future? Just look up. Meteor showers are an excellent opportunity to talk about spending time in nature, the wonder of the universe, or your dreams of exploring space as a child.

Websites like Earth & Sky post astronomy news and astronomical related articles you can use for inspiration. If you’re thinking about holiday parties throughout the year, you can always fall back on the solstice and equinox points to bring a little something extra to your party plans. If you’re not sure when those are, the research and exploration will likely blow you and your followers away and be a way to provide new and interesting information to your audience.

Brands don’t want to work with influencers who are one dimensional. It’s great to be hyper-focused on your niche and to know what your audience wants so well they think you’re inside their head, but giving them something a little unexpected and tying it back in can breathe life into community engagement quickly. It can also help you attract the attention of companies who want to work with influencers who have the ability to talk compellingly about topics that may not directly relate to their niche. When you are able to take any topic from the daily news, random hobbies, or a bad day at work and turn it into a way to make a connection with your followers, brands will take notice.

Astrology is Making a Comeback

If your niche happens to be astrology, you already know how much attention the field has been receiving over the last several years, even in mainstream media. Fortunately, you don’t have to have one of the top-rated astrology podcasts or have a publishing deal to join in the conversation. All you really need to know is your sun sign and have a favorite astrologer or two that you can reference to begin leveraging the popularity of astrology with your community. Talk about Mercury retrograde, or really any of the retrogrades, and how it is impacting your life or how you’ll be prepping for the energy.

Mercury is retrograde several times each year and Venus and Mars spin backward about every other year. You have fodder for communication and tech issues (Mercury), self-love and relationships (Venus), and how you stand up for yourself (Mars) built into a cosmic calendar that can help augment your content creation production on a regular basis.

Then there are all of the eclipses that happen every year, new and full moons each month, or just how you relate to other signs. The options are endless if you have even a passing interest in astrology and are willing to share that with your community.

Astrologers as Influencers

If you are fluent in the language using targeted SEO to your advantage will definitely help you break away from the pack more quickly whether you are mostly engaging with your followers on YouTube, a blog, Instagram, Facebook, or a podcast.

For many years, astrologers who gained the most followers and influence were found on YouTube. While this is still one of the best places to reach those who are interested in learning more about the cosmic weather of the day, month, or year, it is far from the only place. Many top astrologers can be found on podcasts where they are sponsored by diverse brands.

It would be a mistake to think influencers are limited to niches such as fashion, food, or fitness. If you’re an astrologer it is important to consider yourself as an influencer because you do wield influence over your audience with the information you provide them about what to expect as they engage with the world. By working with companies who are in alignment with your philosophical priorities, you have the opportunity to reach even more people while supporting yourself. If you have an engaged following cultivated from doing what you love, you are an influencer. It’s important to think of yourself in this way and to consider marketing yourself to brands in the form of partnerships or sponsorships. If it is a company you are already using or that makes a product you know your audience would love, why wouldn’t you share that with them?

What About Your Niche?

Whether you find astrology fascinating or prefer to focus on the scientific discoveries and advancements of astronomy, the universe is a gold mine of content ideation. The one thing everyone on earth has in common is the sky above them. We all see the same sun and moon, experience the changing of the seasons, and notice when stars fall to the ground. Many of us even take a moment to make a wish. 

The reason the universe remains relevant in modern context despite being our constant companion since the inception of humanity is not only the beauty we can find when we take the time to look up, but also the way there is always something new to discover in something so familiar. The lessons one can find when contemplating or even observing the sky above can be translated into an unending supply of topics regardless of the specific niche.

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