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That’s Data-Driven

Know before you go. Our influencer marketing solutions are driven by data; designed to maximize profits for influencers, agencies, and brands.


Scale Your Influence And Your Finances With Scalefluence

Get paid what you’re worth by partnering with our network of industry leading brands primed for a dedicated influencer like you. We make it easy to turn your influence into a full-time gig with our data-driven algorithmic pricing. Our influencers enjoy no hassle payments, content control, profile security, and more, keeping your influence 100 percent yours from campaign start to payment. Simply create a free Scalefluence profile and connect with a variety of influencer-ready brands eager to put your talent and following to work for them.


Agencies: Boost traffic with niche influencer marketing that delivers maximum ROI

Connect your clients with impactful influencers that add real value to their marketing campaigns. Our influencer marketing solutions let agencies deliver powerful insights to their global clientele, showcasing influencer ROI on every dollar spent. Agency partners access a user-friendly dashboard with data-driven reports and campaign visualsto provide a clear and concise picture into campaign success and industry trends for optimal client results.

Among the biggest challenges agencies face is finding the perfect influencers for maximum campaign success. We’ve taken the guesswork out of this crucial step by providing agencies with data-driven influencer analytics. This ensures your client is matched with an excited and engaged influencer to achieve maximum ROI and results.


Give your brand an authentic voice with data-driven influencer marketing

Influencer marketing lets brands connect with their audiences in a meaningful, non-intrusive way. Did you know that consumers trust influencer recommendations over branded marketing messages? This makes partnering with influencers essential to campaign reach, brand loyalty, and increased revenue.

Our high-level influencers create brand awareness, while micro-influencers have the engaged following you need to create action, and better yet, sales. Well-crafted influencer campaigns prove to be the most powerful and effective marketing asset available today; inspiring consumers to take action.

Pairing your marketing message with an influencer is simply the smartest way to deliver meaningful content to a loyal, built-in audience.

Collaborate with High Value Bloggers and Influencers

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