Provide your clients with scalable influencer marketing with unprecedented ROI.

Connect Your Clients

With Powerful ROI
Influencer Campaigns

Selling clients on influencer marketing is easy when you can showcase powerful ROI on their influencer campaigns. Our data-driven analytics allows agencies and their clients to select influencers based on previous campaign ROI, current influencer initiatives, and more.

Give your clients the marketing ROI they demand by partnering with an influencer marketing firm that delivers high-level results for maximum client retention.

Create Seperate Budgets For Different Client Company

When you show clients the results they are looking for, there will be no shortage of them wanting a piece of your influencer marketing offerings. But having multiple client influencer campaigns running at once can get tricky on some platforms. Not with Scalefluence.

Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to create a separate campaign structure and dedicated budget for each client. This streamlines tracking, reporting, and other key client deliverables.

We Work With A Wide Range
Of Agencies With Clients In Every IndustryTitle

We’re trusted by agencies with clientele in every industry. Scalefluence is a full-suite service offering end-to-end influencer marketing solutions for inbound marketing, PR, social media, and SEO agencies, among others. Our team is dedicated to you and your clients’ success with high-level expertise that simply gets the ROI your clients demand.

Scalable Influencer Marketing For Your Clients

Having an impactful and scalable influencer marketing solution at the ready is vital in a saturated online marketplace. Our data-driven influencer marketing solutions allow your clients to influence at scale. With a robust list of high-level influencers at your fingertips, you can connect clients to any number of influencers in a desired online community to make your next marketing campaign a success.

Wow Clients With Influencers And Bloggers That Get High-level Results

The ability to provide scalable influencer marketing that is ROI focused will wow your clients, and wowing your clients has a positive impact on your bottom line. When agencies can showcase marketing efforts that get high-level results, retention rates and profits skyrocket. Partnering with Scalefluence does this to perfection.

Data-driven Reporting Delivered In Real-time

Highlighting influencer marketing results in real-time is a must for your clients. Our data-driven reporting gives you and your clients detailed insights into campaign growth and success.

We compile key analytics and transform them into easily digestible reports that paint a clear picture of reach, engagement, CTR and ROI. Your team members also have access to a client dashboard to keep them updated on their campaign success.


Influencer Collaboration Made Easy

The success of any influencer marketing campaign hinges on the ability to collaborate with influencers efficiently. Our easy to navigate dashboard lets you work with influencers directly, sharing in-depth marketing aims, files, and more. You can also automate the influencer collaboration process using our built-in influencer management platform. Agencies juggle a number of client tasks, and Scalefluence can help take some off your plate by managing influencer campaigns for you. Our in-house content creators are groomed to create engaging, and authentic, content at your request.