Build powerful brand loyalty and increase influence with your target audience.

Connect With Your

Target Audience In A
Meaningful Way

Consumers crave meaningful connections, but the gap between consumer and brand can stand in the way, especially since most consumers don’t trust brand product and/or service recommendations.

Influencers simply bridge that gap. Timely data-driven influencer marketing campaigns build brand loyalty, customer lifetime value, increased conversions, and more, all in a non-intrusive way. Brands get a full picture of their audience with demographics and key engagement metrics.

Deliver Authentic Messages That
Resonate With Your Audience

With top influencers and micro-influencers at your fingertips, your brand has a wider reach among built-in audiences already interested in products and services like yours. Our brand influencers create authentic, trustworthy content that compels consumer action.

From lead generation to sales, Scalefluence ensures your marketing message is unique,
memorable, and powerful.

Connect With Your

You With The Perfect
Brand Influencer

Choosing an influencer is no longer a challenge for brands. We use large amounts of data and analytics to match your brand with the perfect influencer. By providing a transparent analytical view, we ensure your brand integrity and message is conveyed by an influencer that has a proven track record of success in your specific industry and niche. You’ll also have a relationship with influencers, allowing your brand message to be consistent with each campaign.

ROI Is Our Top Priority

As consumer trends continue to shift, connecting your brand with influencers has a lot of value. But that value decreases without a clear picture of ROI. Scalefluence understands how important your bottom line is, and we know how to put your marketing budget to work for maximum ROI.

We provide reporting via our user-friendly dashboard, allowing you to see where every dollar is being spent. Our dashboard also provides industry and/or product trends, as well as campaign reach and effectiveness statistics.

Create Buzz Around Your Brand And
Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Partnering with our brand influencers can supercharge your business, creating buzz around your brand’s mission, products, and services. By aligning your marketing goals with key metrics, we drive more traffic, increase sales, improve customer retention, and ultimately maximize customer lifetime value.

From well-known social media aficionados to influential bloggers, you can separate your brand from competitors in unprecedented ways with Scalefluence.