We take care of our influencers! Get top dollar for your influence, letting you create less and earn more.

Influencers Are Paid

what they’re worth
with algorithmic pricing

Influencers are vital to the growth and success for brands and should be paid accordingly. We know the hard work and time you put in to be a powerful influencer, and you deserve the compensation that allows you to achieve financial freedom. Using innovative data-driven algorithmic pricing, we get top dollar for your talents, allowing you to do less content creation for more money. Get financial freedom and more free time with Scalefluence.

Maintain Control

Over Your Influencer Content

If you wanted to be micromanaged, you would still be working a painfully boring 9-to-5 job. Knowing the importance of relevant, unique influencer content, we ensure that our influencers have total control over what they create and serve up to their loyal following. Join us and keep your creative process intact while helping brands and agencies achieve their marketing goals.

Simple Influencer Payment
Model So You Get Paid Sooner

When partnering with Scalefluence you get paid more for your influence and paid without the hassle and hang-ups of other influencer platforms. Our payment model is simplified. No need to “withdraw” payment. They are automatic, per order. Letting you access your cash immediately after each successful collaboration. How do we do it? We have close relationships with our partner brands and agencies looking for talented influencers like you.

Collaborate With Brands In Real Time

Bringing a marketing message to life online is all about efficient communication. Our influencer marketing platform serves up real-time collaboration between influencers and partner brands and agencies. With real-time messaging, file sharing, and live notifications, influencers get the information they need to create and post timely content for fast payment turnaround.

Content Assets For
Influencers To Boost Creativity And Engagement

Scalefluence provides data-driven content assets to enhance your creative process. You get access to previous influencer marketing campaign metrics, performance updates on current influencer campaigns, pre-developed social content, featured influencer articles and social posts, visual content like high-level images, and more. Join us and take out the guesswork while increasing engagement for an influencer marketing initiative that gets results.

Forced Ftc Disclosure To Protect
Your Influencer Profile

Have you had a brand or agency displeased by your #ad, #sponsored, or #paid disclosure within a post? They may have not paid you due to that disclosure. This is a non-issue when you join our marketplace. We have a forced FTC disclosure policy that keeps your influencer profile safe from FTC issues, social profile deletions, and other not-so-fun influencer problems. We make transparency a priority for influencers, brands, and agencies, ensuring everyone is on the same page, safe, and successful.