The Privacy Policy on this page outlines the ways in which Scalefluence collects, uses, and discloses the personal data collected from site users (each, a “User”) of the website (“Site”). The Scalefluence privacy policy is applicable to the Site and to all services or products offered by Scalefluence.

Personal Data

Personal data refers to information that is connected to and associated with a User’s name. This data may include the User’s mailing address, phone number, email contact, and any other demographic data. Scalefluence collects this data when it is voluntarily submitted to us by our Users. Data may be collected when users visit our website, opt-in to our newsletter, or fill out site forms, register as a User, or in connection with other resources and features available on the Scalefluence website.

Scalefluence may also collect data from Users via a selection of other widely-used technologies. These may include:

Cookies. Internet cookies are known as small pieces of data that the Site transfers to the hard drive of the User’s computer. The function of a cookie is to remember the activities the User has made on a Site so that future visits are customized and more enjoyable. Users can disable cookies on his internet browser, but by doing so some of the Site functionality will be lost. Some of Scalefluence’s services require cookies be enabled to function properly and cannot be used if the User’s browser has cookies disabled.
Flash Cookies. These are also commonly referred to as “LSOs” or as Local Shared Objects. This type of cookie functions similar to the aforementioned, but are able to store a more complex form of data. Flash cookies can be used to store preferences, User settings, and usage habits that are particularly valuable during interactive gaming, video, and like services.
Clear pixels and/or web beacons. These small graphic files are used on web pages and in emails to track the ads and pages that a User chooses. They also track statistics relating to the performance of email marketing campaigns.
Web server logs. These logs track the activity the User’s computer uses to deliver web page results to the browser. Web server logs might track which search terms a User entered into his web browser that ultimately brought him to the Site. Web server logs may also track your cookies, browser information, and IP address.
Device information. Scalefluence may collect data regarding the type of computer or mobile device used to visit the Site. This data includes, but is not limited to, the operating system, hardware model information, type of browser, mobile network data, and any other identifier unique to your device.

Scalefluence utilizes advertising techniques that are behavior-based. We may use technology (ie. the aforementioned cookies and tools) to collect Data about how a User uses the Scalefluence Site so that future ads can be personalized to the User’s interests. This type of advertising may appear on the Site or in other locations.

How We Use Personal Information

Scalefluence uses the personal information it collects from Users to:

Make customer service improvements. Your data will make us better able to efficiently respond to support needs and customer service requests.
Create personalized experiences. The User’s personal data helps us to improve the services and resources we provide.
Site improvements can be made based on your feedback so that our products and services better fit your needs.
Contests, surveys, promotions, and Site features of interest can be sent to the User based on the topics they agreed to receive.
Emails. We may periodically use the email data provided to reply to questions, requests, and inquiries. Users that opt-in to our mailing list will also periodically receive company news, related product information, or other relevant updates. The User may unsubscribe from future emails at any time by following the unsubscribe instructions found at the bottom of each emailed message.

How We Protect Personal Information

Scalefluence takes all reasonable steps to prevent personal data from becoming disclosed to or compromised by individuals not previously described in this policy. While no security system is 100% without flaws, Scalefluence attempts to protect the data currently in our possession. The site cannot promise that User data will remain secure in 100% of circumstances.

Sharing Your Personal Information

Scalefluence may share the User’s personal data with affiliated companies (or, companies controlled by Scalefluence or that have common control). Scalefluence sometimes shares User personal data with partners who advertise services and products on the Site or with other third-parties or co-sponsors who have requested to send you information about services and products.

Scalefluence may, in limited instances, disclose personal data without providing the User a choice. This is to protect the legal rights of Scalefluence, employees, affiliates, and contractors; for the security of other Users; to protect against fraud; or to comply with legal processes.

Your personal data may be transferred to a new owner if Scalefluence sells all or parts of its business or assets and your data is included as a part of the transaction.

Third Party Websites

Scalefluence does not control the content on the websites of advertisers you may find on our Site. Our partners, advertisers, licensors, advertisers, and third parties are responsible for the content and links on their own websites. You are subject to the terms and conditions of other websites you visit, including those with links to our Site.

Meta Privacy Policy

Scalefluence employs various Meta services, such as the Facebook and Instagram API.  Scalefluence uses these API when users connect their Facebook and Instagram pages to their Scalefluence account. Scalefluence gathers data that includes, but is not limited to: read your content (posts, photos, videos, events) posted by the Page, read followers data (including name, PSID), and profile picture, and read metadata and other insights about the Page. Please see the Meta Privacy Policy for further details.

Google Privacy Policy

Scalefluence employs various Google services, such as the YouTube API. Please see the Google Privacy Policy for further details.

Twitter Privacy Policy

Scalefluence employs various Google services, such as the Twitter API. Please see the Twitter Privacy Policy for further details.

Requesting Data Deletion with Scalefluence

Deleting your data connection with Scalefluence is easy.

Please login to your account at .  On your dashboard, click “Edit Profile”; then navigate to the social channel you wish to disconnect (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter). On that page, click “Disconnect”.

Your data stream with Scalefluence will be disconnected and any stored data will be archived.

Scalefluence Data Connections and Usage Policy

When Users connect social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter), Scalefluence gathers data about the page as prescribed in the “consent screen” (given at the time of connection) by the social network the User is connecting.

Upon successful data connection (User approving the connection at the “consent screen”); page data is gathered to present Users with a “suggested fair market price” of sponsored content opportunities within the Scalefluence marketplace; along with presenting the User’s page data for sponsored content collaborations with marketers.

Data connections are required to authenticate User as the owner of the page as well.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

Scalefluence may update this privacy policy at its discretion. The updated date at the bottom of this page will be revised when changes are made. Users are encouraged to visit this page regularly to check for updates on how we protect your personal data. You agree and acknowledge that you are responsible for reviewing this Site’s privacy policy on a periodic basis.

California Residents

California Civil Code sections 1798.82-1798.84 states that CA residents with established business relationships with Scalefluence are entitled to a notice describing the personal data we collect and what is shared with third parties for the purposes of marketing. The notice is to include specific categories of information as well as a list of the third parties involved, their names, and their addresses. California residents who would like a copy of this notice should submit a written request at the address listed below.

Contact Us

Anyone with questions about the privacy policy or this Site’s practices can contact us at:

admin {[ @ ]}

Scalefluence may contact you by email, telephone, or mail if we are required to contact you regarding any event that concerns your personal data.

This document was last updated on March 3rd, 2022.