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Pros and Cons of Being a Travel Blogger

You’re probably reading this because you want to get paid to blog, and your dream job is to be a travel blogger. It’s in your best interest, however, to first inform yourself of some of the pros and cons of pursuing the travel blogger or travel influencer lifestyle. Before I get into…
How To become youtube famous

An Expert Checklist for How to Become a YouTuber

Becoming rich and famous on YouTube might seem like an impractical dream. But lots of regular, ordinary people are making a ton of money by uploading videos, so you know it can be done, right? But how? You don’t have to be beautiful, rich, or a celebrity to be YouTube famous.  My…
getting paid to youtube

YouTube Watch Time Booster With These Expert Tips

YouTube is one of the most popular search engines in the world, second only to its parent company, Google. Recent statistics show that the video platform is the second most visited website, raking in 34.6 billion visits every month. Today, 74 percent of adults in the United States use the social video…
How to create a brand channel on youtube

How to Create a Brand Channel on YouTube in 2022

No matter what industry or niche you’re in, branding is an important part of growing a successful digital presence. Branding consists of all the features, language, design, and other identifying factors that combine to create a comprehensive vision of who your company is and what you stand for. Ultimately, branding brings together…
become a youtube star

5 Things Brands Look For In A YouTube Ambassador

YouTube has become one of the most popular platforms for brands to promote their products online. YouTube is ideal because in a video, it’s much easier to sell a product and demonstrate how the product works. Brands will often pay to use someone else’s YouTube channel (an influencer or brand ambassador) rather…