6 Powerful Instagram Tips and Tricks for Insta Success

Insta success is definitely a thing in the very social media driven world we live in. But achieving any sort of Insta success is not easy. Becoming an influencer on Instagram is more than just posting pics and videos. And you are certainly not the only one vying for attention.

Second only to Facebook, which happens to own and operate Instagram.

Here are a few more Instagram stats you should probably know if you hope to be an Instagram influencer:

  • There are over a billion monthly Instagram users in the world
  • The “Like” button is tapped 4.2 billion times per day
  • Images on Instagram get 23 percent more engagement than Facebook images
  • Instagram videos net 38 percent more engagement than images
  • 60 percent of Instagram users find new products on the platform
  • One-third of Instagram users have purchased a product on the platform

And the list of Instagram statistics goes on and on. These statistics are important, however, since they can give you a deep perspective into what makes a successful Instagram influencer.

You also need to have your finger on the pulse of Instagram trends and upcoming changes in the Instagram platform itself. For example, Instagram has been testing out no more “Likes” on posts in a few places.


An Instagram representative told TIME reporters that the change in the “Likes” seen on posts is follower specific. “We want your followers to focus on the photos and videos you share, not how many likes they get,” the Instagram rep explained
This type of Instagram news is pretty important to keep up with if you want to be a successful Instagram influencer. Let’s take a closer look at a few other tips and tricks for Insta success.

1. Start with your Instagram bio

To start your journey toward Insta success, you need to begin with the basics, like your profile page and bio. Having a fun and noteworthy bio can go a long way for increasing your follower count. 

Your Instagram bio needs to grab a user’s attention immediately, like this Instagram influencer profile bio from @heleninbetween . . .

This bio has accolades, what the influencer does, where she lives, and a little mantra. It also has emojis and a website for brands to learn more about her, and connect for future collaborations. 

Your bio is very important, because it is often the first impression a brand will have of you. You definitely need to make it count if you want to be an Instagram influencer.

2. You need to work within a niche you really like

There’s a lot to be said about passion and doing what you love. This is especially true for Insta success. If you post and work within a niche that you dislike, and you’re only doing it because the niche is trendy, you will be miserable, successful or not.

This is because once you achieve some level of Insta success, you will need to keep posting in your niche. You are almost known for that niche, and stopping would be Instagram suicide. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, find a niche you really like.

A niche could be DIY crafts, travel, running, food, or anything else you feel passionate about. Here’s a great example from @nobackhome . . . 

The above micro-influencer is all about travel with her son. Normally finding your niche will happen naturally, since most Instagram influencers get started by posting what they do for fun, or as a hobby.

3. Post a lot of content and be very consistent

Creating content is very important if you want to become an Instagram influencer with Insta success. And the more content the better. Many successful Instagram influencers post several times a day. 

Why are more influencers posting more content consistently? Engagement. Research has shown that posting more than seven times per week will net you 13,000 plus likes, which equals engagement from your followers. 

The more you post increases your exposure to potentially new users too, and sets you up for even more Insta success. To help you post consistently, you can utilize scheduling platforms like Buffer and Hootsuite. Or if you are on the go, just try to remember to post. Afterall, your followers want to hear from you.

4. Leverage Instagram Stories to build your community

Sharing your latest and greatest photos on Instagram does not mean you will automatically achieve Insta success. There is a whole lot more that goes into being an influencer.

Instagram Stories are a very big part of growing your following and increasing your engagement rate. Instead of just posting an image and writing a very brief sentence with hashtags sprinkled in, you need to tell the story behind that image. And if you have more images to follow, the story can become even more powerful. 

Here’s a great example from @melissa, an Instagram travel influencer . . . 

The pic is beautiful, but this Instagram influencer is not simply posting the image and going about her day. She explained who took the photo, where it was taken, and even made it interactive by asking people to zoom in to find her.

If you want to be an Instagram influencer and experience Insta success, don’t simply post – tell a story. The more personal the story, the better, too. In fact, more personal connections are what people want, even if it is via a social media platform. Let your followers in and give them the meaningful connection they want.

5. Make video part of your Instagram influencer strategy

To take it one step further, images shouldn’t be the only creative asset you use if you want to grow your Instagram profile and enjoy Insta success. Video needs to take up some serious real estate on your Instagram feed if you really want to be an Instagram influencer. Why?

Instagram videos will net you nearly 40 percent more engagement. That’s a pretty good reason in itself. But video is also what people want. And videos are taking over Instagram with 80 percent year-over-year growth of videos being watched. 

This is a clear call to action for video, because you need to stay relevant to your followers. Videos are also pretty easy with Instagram Stories, L2, and the rumored TikTok like video feature Instagram may be working on.

6. Engage back with your audience

This may be last on our list of tips and tricks for Insta success, but it absolutely not the least important. To make it as an Instagram influencer in 2020 and beyond, you need to be very active on your posts. When your audience comments on your posts, or asks questions, you should be ready to answer them.

You will also need to answer back in a meaningful way. Unfortunately the “thumbs up” emoji won’t cut it. And if this annoys you, maybe you’re not ready for Insta success or to be an Instagram influencer. Sharing and responding to your followers is a major part of the gig.

Are you ready to become an Instagram influencer? How about a successful one?

The above tips and tricks for Insta success are important to employ while building your followers and generating more engagement. They are, however, not the be-all, end-all to becoming a successful Instagram influencer. There’s actually a lot more to influencer life, but the above should get you going quickly.

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