How to Become a Full Time Influencer in 2023

If you want to take your influence to the next level and become a full-time content creator, you need to grow your follower count. Having more followers equals more engagement, and more engagement leads to brand sponsorships and other profitable influencer marketing channels.

However, many Instagram influencers struggle with getting more followers. To get more followers on Instagram, you need to focus on a number of Instagram tactics. And don’t forget that you need real followers ready to engage with your content.

There are plenty of fake influencers buying followers. Do not fall into this trap. Buying followers will only decrease your engagement, since bought followers will not engage with your posts.

This is what real engagement looks like . . .

This Instagram influencer gets powerful engagement. The above post had an engagement rate of 4.58 percent. And having this much engagement per post has allowed this influencer to partner with global brand Old Navy.

Want insane engagement? Then you need to attract more followers. The equation is just that simple. The following tips to get more followers on Instagram and become a full-time social media influencer may prove useful. Let’s get to it!

Get More Followers On Instagram By Posting Content Followers Want

Posting content in your influencer niche that followers want is the top way to attract more Instagram followers. If you want to know how to get paid for Instagram posts in the influencer industry, this is it. Killer content creation is absolutely critical to your success as an influencer.

This, however, is easier said than done. First, you need to examine the content your target audience wants. This could be product reviews, lifestyle images, or everyday life video posts.

And video posts of any kind are what online users want. In fact, 54 percent of consumers want to see more videos overall with 34 percent wanting to see more social videos . . .

According to eMarketer research, Instagram videos also net higher revenue for influencers . . .

When it comes to Instagram, influencers can leverage Instagram Stories to attract more followers. Social media influencers can leverage Instagram Stories and get more followers on Instagram.

Here’s how Instagram beauty influencer @beautyandhealthwithakanksha uses Instagram Stories to grow her follower count . . .

To find more content that your target audience wants, check out other influencers in your niche. This can help you spark those creative juices.

Make Your Instagram Profile Enticing Enough To Follow

When an Instagram user stumbles upon one of your awesome posts, they will definitely check out your profile page before tapping follow. So you better have an enticing profile that converts users to followers.

You need to think in terms of “homepage” when it comes to your Instagram profile. It needs to give up the goods and share what you are about.

What is the anatomy of an optimized Instagram profile page? Let’s take a look at a few examples.

The first great example is from fitness and health micro-influencer @sweatandtell . . .

These successful creators real names (with hair color designator), not just an Instagram profile handle, creating a real connection.

The profile also has an email for followers to connect with them. An email is also critical to give brands access to your influence. These savvy influencers also included their branded hashtags and link to a landing page.

Next example comes from nano-influencer @curvyandcurls . . .

This Instagram nano-influencer shares her personal brand name “Curvy&Curls” and location. She also lets her audience know exactly what type of content she focuses on. There is a contact email, as well as a link to her blog posts. This is how to get money from Instagram when it comes to exceptional profile pages.

Lastly, here’s an example from an Instagram mega-influencer . . .

Mega-influencer @yoga_girl showcases what an optimized influencer profile looks like. She has her real life name, website URL, and Instagram handles for all her other profiles, from healthy eating to podcast. Her profile is also verified, giving users more confidence to follow.

Get Brands To Repost Your Content To Get More Followers On Instagram

Want to get more followers on Instagram? Try to get brands to repost your content. You also kill two birds with one stone, because when a brand reposts your content, you get on their radar for future sponsorships and affiliate programs. And this is how to get paid for Instagram posts.

Getting brands to repost your Instagram content is actually easier than you may think. Influencers large and small can leverage hashtag events brands put on to get user-generated content.

Gap had #GapFromHome . . .

This is how Instagram lifestyle and fashion micro-influencer @dani_girlsofto had her content reposted by Gap . . .

Here’s the original Instagram post . . .

You can see how many more views the Gap repost received in comparison with the micro-influencers original post. 3,000 more views to be exact.

To get more followers on Instagram, research brand hashtag events and tag your posts with the designated hashtag. This can boost your follower count and grow your influence big time.

Tap Into Followers Of Other Instagram Influencers

Another way to get more followers on Instagram and become a full-time social media influencer is to partner with other Instagram influencers. Tapping into the influence and target audience of other influencers can be done within your niche, or even in an entirely different niche.

It may seem counterintuitive at first, since you are also introducing another influencer in your niche to your followers. But you certainly don’t need to worry about losing followers. You only gain, because Instagram users follow more than one follower in multiple industries and/or niches.

Here’s a great collaboration example from Instagram influencers @dommazzetti and @bradleymartyn . . .

This duo has been using collaboration Instagram and YouTube posts for quite awhile, growing their social media influence by unprecedented numbers. They even created the collaboration Instagram page @broversus . . .

Knowing how to get money from Instagram is all about building that influence. And collaborating with other influencers can make a serious impact. Find influencers you want to collaborate with, connect, and make content together.

Plan Content in Advance

Part of being a successful online content creator is scheduling your posts on all social media platforms. Not only does this save you time, but it makes it easier to pay attention to content metrics and content insights.

If you have future content ideas, you can implement a posting schedule in advance using popular platforms like Hootsuite or Content Studio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On average, a Social Media Influencer in the US earns roughly $57,262 per year.

Most influencers with 1,000-10,000 followers make no more than $100 from their sponsored posts. However, an influencer’s earning potential increases significantly when they reach the 1 million follower mark and beyond, most of whom make well over $1,000 for each post.

Influencers should be knowledgeable about the workings of social media networks, be aware of the best platform for their influencer target audience, and keep up with emerging platforms and trends in their domain. Furthermore, they need to understand how to optimize and market their presence on social media.

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