How the Gods of Social Media Use Instagram Stories to Entertain Followers

Published: November 7, 2021 Updated: November 21, 2021


Instagram Stories is a place for users to share photos and short videos to their “story” for just 24 hours. Stories are stored separately from main feed posts, at the top of the home screen. Originally mocked for being a Snapchat copycat, Instagram stories have quickly become one of the most used features of the platform. With the ability to quickly turn on the camera and share a snapshot of whatever you are up to in that moment, or alternatively access your camera roll and share more refined content, Insta stories are a super easy and fun way of sharing content with just a few clicks.


When sharing Instagram stories, keep in mind these tips for ensuring your story is an eye-catcher:

  • Make a point: Plan what you are going to say before posting. Even if it is a spur of the moment post, keep the quality of your posts high.
  • Make it attention-grabbing: Users will often click through stories without watching them fully, so make sure to grab their attention in the first few seconds.
  • Provide value: Make sure to include useful information or links to valuable resources.
  • Call to action: Make sure to tell users to interact with any links on your stories, including the “swipe up” feature or shared posts.
  • Stay true to your brand: Keep your Insta stories on-brand and consistent with the types of things you regularly post on your main feed.


Here are some great ideas for making the most of your Instagram stories, inspired by one of my favorite accounts:


  1. Create a Story storm
  2. story storm
  3. If you have a lot of information to share at once, instead of writing a long-form post on your main feed, why not turn it into a story storm? This is where a stream of shorter stories all focused on the same content are posted at the same time to tell a longer story. A story storm means each slide or story is still captivating, but gives you much more space to get your point across. If the information you are sharing is highly relevant to your brand, consider saving it all to a highlight so that it lives at the top of your profile for people to view anytime.
    1. Go Live

    Holding an Instagram live session is a fantastic way to boost engagement with followers, getting their input and feedback in real time. It is a great service to use for events such as a product launch or to announce a new exciting project, or simply for more down to earth Q&A sessions. Instagram lives can be a fun and fresh way of delivering content, without the need for picture-perfect refinement. This format will also let your audience feel much closer to you and give a feeling of authenticity to your brand.

    Instagram will notify your followers every time you go live, for maximum engagement, but it is also a good idea to upload your live session to your stories once it is over, so that users who couldn’t make it can still catch up later on.

    1. Link to your content

    Make good use of the “share to your story” feature, and share your main posts to your story every time you post. This ensures that your content is reached by everyone, even those who may have missed out due to the ever-changing Instagram algorithm. If you want to increase the chances of your followers clicking on the link and interacting with your actual post, make sure to add some text prompting them to check it out and like/comment/share with their friends. Alternatively, add an expertly-placed sticker hiding the main feature of the photo, so that your audience are intrigued and have to click through to see the final image.

    1. Offer a sneak peek 

sneak peak

Sharing a sneak peek of upcoming content or projects to your stories can be a fun way of creating hype and intrigue amongst your followers. Hinting at exciting new content can be a great way to get a conversation started – try integrating stickers or polls asking users to guess what you have in store!

  1. Countdown to something exciting

Another way to get people excited about an upcoming project or event is by trying out the countdown sticker. Add it to any story, set the date and time of the event and viola, you and your audience have a to-the-second countdown to whatever it is you have planned. Seeing the time tick down can be a great way for audiences to feel involved and get excited together. Encourage them to share with their friends to spread the hype!

  1. Incorporate user-generated content

user-generated content

Sharing user-generated content can really increase engagement. Encourage your followers to send you artwork or designs inspired by your brand and share your favourites each week, or start a hashtag where your followers can share their works themselves. Make sure to remind people to tag you, and be engaging with your followers by responding and commenting on their submissions and encourage them to do the same. Incorporating user-generated content is an opportunity for you to share fresh content, while also involving your follower base. (It will help if you’re friends with Chris Pratt)

  1. Make use of instagram highlights

Take advantage of the Instagram highlights feature. Unlike regular stories which disappear after 24 hours, highlights are a permanent fixture on your page. Use this to store some of your best bits, important information, or even just some of your favourite memories. Even better if you can create cute covers for each highlight, new followers may use these to get an idea of you and your brand voice.


  1. Use stories to boost your bio

This is an expansion of the last point, but turning your highlights into a part of your bio where users can access important brand-related information at a click is a great use of the feature. Consider adding cohesive cover images to each of your highlights, and grouping similar content together to keep things neat and tidy.

  1. Use stickers

Brighten up any Instagram Stories post with stickers. Either try out funny, colourful ones to add a splash of creativity to your posts, or add a location sticker or hashtag to let your followers know what you’re up to. 

  1. Get your followers involved

instagram star

A lot of the stickers offered by Instagram involve polls, question boxes, yes/no options. These can be a really fun way to keep your engagement high and involve your audience. Whether it is asking for opinions on recent or upcoming content, or used as a fun game, interactive stories are a hit with audiences and can have a really positive effect on user engagement.

11.Schedule your stories in advance

If time is an issue for you, consider scheduling your Instagram stories in advance. This saves time, as well as ensures your posts are going out at the best times without having to interrupt your busy day. Try using apps such as Hootsuite or Facebook Business Suite to make this an even easier process.

  1. Invite your audience to share similar content

Whether it’s a fancy new outfit or a new recipe, when you share something new try inviting your followers to share their attempts at the same thing. This gets followers excited to try out your content, as well as increases your potential audience every time you’re tagged in a new post or story.

  1. Ask questions

Asking your followers questions and encouraging them to interact with your Instagram stories is a great way to boost engagement on your social media profile. Making use of the question box feature in the Instagram stories stickers is an easy way for your followers to interact and have their say. Ask for your follower’s opinions on trending topics, to help pick your outfits or to contribute to a discussion. As a bonus, post the answers anonymously to let everyone feel involved in both the question and answer process!

  1. Try out polls

Similar to the last point, using polls can be a fun interactive way of getting to know your audience better. Ask your followers to pick between two things, either related to your brand such as the type of content they would like to see next or else as a fun activity, such as their favourite pizza topping. Your followers will be able to vote for their favourite and see the results from the rest of your community in real time, with updates every time they re-watch your story.

  1. Construct a “takeover”

instagram star

Consider working with a brand or other influencers to host a takeover. An Instagram takeover involves a celebrity, an influencer or a team member taking temporary control over another account to share content. Combining two well-known channels or brands like this provides an opportunity for both parties to grow in audience size as well as engagement,  as well as providing space for fresh new content.


  1. Run a competition involving people posting/tagging you in their stories

Try collaborating with other accounts to host a giveaway or competition of some sort. Competitions can be a fantastic way to boost both engagement and follower reach. If you’re doing this through stories, make sure to ask people to repost the competition to their stories and to follow and tag all accounts involved as well as their friends.


  1. Go behind the scenes

Let your followers feel even more involved in your brand by taking them behind the scenes. Whether it’s snapshots of your creation process, or a day in the life, letting your followers into the inner workings of your brand will make them feel like they’re a part of the process. Sharing this usually unseen element of your brand will be an exciting way to add a human, personable element to your Instagram profile.


  1. Hold an “AMA” (ask me anything)

instagram star

Either through an Instagram live session or through the question box feature in story stickers, holding an Ask Me Anything is a great chance for your followers to get to know you better and ask any questions they may have. You can use it as an opportunity to connect to your followers, and is an easy way of creating an afternoon’s worth of content for your platform. Simply ask your followers to submit any questions they may have, and answer any and all you are comfortable with – you don’t have to answer everything. An AMA can also be a fantastic opportunity to share news or thought leadership related to your brand, all while you build engagement.


You may have noticed that I’m a huge Marvel fan. Yep, and they are social media masters. If you want great ideas about how to make money on Instagram, Marvel is a great account to follow.



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