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How To Use Influencer Platforms To Maximize Your Social Influence

Influencer marketing has become a big time business for influencers across all social media networks. You may be one such influencer turning a profit from your creativity. But as most business goes, you probably want to scale your influence and make more money. If this is part of your influencer strategy, partnering with an influencer platform is a must for 2020.

What is an influencer platform? Good question. And if you don’t know, you are definitely missing out on some serious cash.

Influencer platforms are essentially hubs for brands, agencies, and influencers to connect.

For instance, Scalefluence is an influencer platform for all of the above. When an influencer signs up, they get access to a number of top brands and agencies looking for influencers in their specific niches.

However, as an influencer, it may not be easy to start down the path of influencer platforms. There are some ins and outs influencers need to know. Once you know how to use influencer platforms, you can definitely maximize your social influence. Let’s take a closer look at how you can get started.

Define exactly what you want as an influencer first

This is a very important aspect of maximizing your social influence. Before you begin your journey via influencer platforms, you need to have an honest talk with yourself. What do you want as an influencer?

This is a tough question, because it can set the tone for everything to come. What you want could be fame. It may be money. Or you may simply want to support a certain lifestyle.

For example, many travel influencers on Instagram simply want to get paid for traveling. They aren’t necessarily worried about making millions and millions of dollars. Here’s a good example of this via Instagram micro-influencer @tysontravel . . .

Think about what exactly you want to get out of becoming a more popular Instagram influencer. You may have 20,000 followers right now, but when you utilize the power of influencer platforms, success and popularity may come fast.

Be ready and know what you want.

Create a list of must-haves when partnering with an influencer platform

Knowing what you want out of the influencer platform relationship is critical. To maximize your revenue and boost social influence, you need to keep your personal brand and business at the forefront.

That’s right, your business. Make no mistake, as an influencer, you are very much a business. You sell a much-needed service. This means you need to approach any relationship as a business relationship.

Great example — Kourtney Kardashian. She is all business . . .

Here are some important questions to consider prior to partnering with an influencer platform:

  • How large is the influencer platform network?
  • Does the platform have big brands?
  • Does the platform have a need for my Instagram niche?
  • Are there data-driven results the influencer platform can provide?
  • How does the platform’s pricing structure work?
  • Will I have creative control over content?
  • How does the influencer platform pay their influencers?
  • Are there collaboration opportunities within the influencer network?

These questions are a great place to start. Remember, you are a brand and a business. If you do not get the answers to these questions, it may be best to move on.

Clearly define your industry and niche, but consider sub-niches too

Before working with an influencer platform, you will need to really solidify your niche. But you should also have a number of sub-niches at the ready. Why does this matter when using an influencer platform to maximize your social influence? More opportunities.

Having a primary niche is valuable and essential. Having a few sub-niches can make you even more marketable, thus increasing your overall influencer value.

Let’s say your primary niche is travel, and you mainly earn money through influencer posts for hotels and airlines. But to maximize your influence, you can have sub-niches in travel gear like luggage, clothing, and accessories.


Here’s an example of this via Instagram micro-influencer @goforthewest . . .

Another sub-niche could be travel technology in the form of travel apps. The possibilities for sub-niches are endless across all primary niches. It also opens the door for more collaborations with influencers partnered with the same influencer platform.


Understand how the money works for sponsored posts

Maximizing your social influence using influencer platforms is great. However, if you are not getting paid what you are worth, what’s the point? This makes it absolutely imperative to understand how the money works for sponsored posts.

If you have already made some cash via sponsored posts without an influencer platform, you have a better gauge of what you should be getting. If you don’t have any solid data on this, here’s a rough breakdown:

  • $50 to $150 per post for 5k to 10k followers
  • $100 to $250 per post for 10k to 15k followers
  • $150 to $350 per post for 15k to 20k followers

Keep in mind that these are just estimates. Your niche, engagement rate, location of followers, gender and age all factor in when determining how much you will get paid per each sponsored post.

The above is for micro-influencers. If you are a mega-influencer with 250k to 500k followers on Instagram, your per post rate could be in excess of $1,000. Many reputable influencer platforms have algorithmic pricing. This gets you paid a premium for each sponsored post.


Never sacrifice your personal brand and creativity for an influencer platform

Let’s say it all checks out and you decide to partner with an influencer platform to maximize your social influence. You begin doing a few sponsored posts with brands and agencies in the influencer network. But suddenly you are finding ongoing creative collaboration issues.

If this happens, or is happening to you right now, you need to run like hell. You can not sacrifice your creativity, because your creativity is what helped you achieve your influencer goals.

That being said, influencer platforms have expertise when it comes to working with brands, so keep an open mind to constructive creative criticism. However, if you believe your personal brand is in jeopardy, find a new influencer platform.

An influencer platform that keeps your personal brand a priority, like Scalefluence.


Scalefluence is a premiere influencer platform that puts influencers first

Partnering with an influencer platform doesn’t need to be stressful or challenging. At Scalefluence, we make maximizing your social influence easy. And we have the brand and agency network to make it happen.

We get you paid, and you never need to sacrifice your creativity or personal brand. This is because we get it. We know that you know your audience better than anyone else. And that’s why they are so loyal, hanging on your every recommendation.

This is the loyalty our brands and agencies want in an influencer. Our influencer benefits include:

  • Creative control, allowing you to keep your personal brand intact, your followers happy, and your sponsored posts ROI positive.
  • Algorithmic pricing on sponsored posts within our brand and agency network, ensuring you get exactly what your creativity and following is worth.
  • Streamlined payment, getting you paid faster, and in a more simplified way.
  • Ability to collaborate at will with other top influencers in your niche and sub-niche.

Are you ready to partner with one of the top influencer platforms and maximize your social influence and monthly earnings? Sign up to be a Scalefluence influencer and take your influence to the next level.


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