How to Find Influencers Using Scalefluence

It’s no secret that there are plenty of influencer marketplaces out there. A quick Google search reveals dozens of different platforms, each with their own pros and cons. Here at Scalefluence, we leveraged our extensive experience working with agencies, bloggers, and business owners to build a great product that differentiates itself from other influencer networks out there.

We listened to feedback about our initial product—a massive linking platform and marketplace—to build out something much bigger. We perfected blogging and natural linking first and have transitioned that commitment towards several new products here at Scalefluence.

1-2-3 Discovery Method: How to Find Influencers

We’ve developed a no-frills approach to influencer marketing that we know you’ll love. As you know, influencers can help you grow your business in a better, faster, and more authentic way than some of those other mainstream marketing tactics.

Whether you’re looking for macro social media influencers or local micro influencers in a specific niche, understanding how to find influencers using Scalefluence is as easy as 1-2-3. Here’s how it works:

  • Influencers opt into the service
  • Each influencer is authenticated, vetted, and added to the platform
  • Agencies browse the marketplace where they can view all data in an influencer listing before contacting them

Authentication & Data

Our authentication process is important because we understand how much it means to you. As a business owner, you want to know that the individual you’re working with has the foundation to help you achieve your goals. We vet each influencer against their brand metrics, and make that data readily available to you, front and center. Each data point is pulled directly from their social dashboards. For instance, here’s some of the data you’ll be able to see as you sort through influencer listings:

  • How many followers they have across the four major social channels: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter
  • What categories they tend to write in (ideal for sponsored content)
  • The topics they’re posting about on social networks

Sponsored postings—including blog posts and social content—are a new product here at Scalefluence. Opting for sponsored content allows influencers to talk freely about your brand in a promotional manner.

According to a survey from Collective Bias, one-third of millenials make a purchase after seeing a sponsored post. Native advertising doesn’t come across as “sales-y” like paid ads, making them more attractive to viewers. Furthermore, sponsored posts generally perform better and have higher engagement rates than display ads.

Traditionally, sponsored ad campaigns involve a long and pricey process. Producing great promotional posts isn’t always as straightforward as it should be, and working with contractors and top-notch content creators can be arduous. With our influencer network, you’ll eliminate the guesswork to make it easier than ever to identify top-producing content generators with strong influence in their community and industry. You get all the benefits of sponsored content without the fuss.

We manage all influencer communication and work submission through the Scalefluence platform. When work is submitted to you through the dashboard, trackable links are already appended to the content. For instance, let’s say a blogger submits a sponsored post—the content reaches your Scalefluence inbox with pre-linked tracking URLs.

These trackable URLs help you better understand the quantifiable value of working with each influencer and how different types of content align with your business goals. You’ll have access to real engagement reports throughout the lifetime of your campaign for a high-level performance overview of every piece of paid content.

Scalefluence Use Case

To help you better understand how to find influencers with Scalefluence, and how the platform can benefit your overall marketing strategy, we’ve created a Scalefluence use case. A typical campaign would go as follows:

Let’s say you’re a CBD oil manufacturer. You have medical grade technology that ensures patients are getting exact CBD / THC ratios in their edibles.

1) Create a campaign. This takes 30 seconds.

2) Search for influencers and bloggers using words like:

  1. Health
  2. CBD oil
  3. Medical
  4. Cancer

3) Scalefluence generates a results page featuring hundreds of influencers in your niche. You’ll quickly be able to determine if the influencer is a blogger, YouTuber, Instagrammer, operates a Fan Page, and so forth. To learn more, you can read a short description about what their page or channel is about, giving you deeper insight into their personal brand. You can also filter and sort your results to home in on a more qualified pool of influencers.

4) Scalefluence has pre-vetted each influencer organically through outreach and API (application programming interface) technology. We have been approved by Facebook and Google to grab proprietary data, allowing us to authenticate influencer data directly from the source.

Overall, the Scalefluence search results page displays user-generated details about each influencer brand, as well as hard data on their profiles.

5) Create a quick pitch including all “@ mentions” and hyperlinks you want. Add relevant #hashtags and branded images.

6) The pitch is sent to the influencers and bloggers of your choice. After they agree to the work, they produce and submit the final content through Scalefluence.

From here, Scalefluence automatically gets to work. Through proprietary data sets delivered from the social networks themselves, Scalefluence will deliver beautiful (and true) engagement reports for each post, as well as cumulatively over time for the entire lifecycle of the campaign.  This clearly defines KPIs for the money spent. Not only across social media, but the blogosphere as well.

Find Influencers the Easy Way with Scalefluence

As you can see, understanding how to find influencers on the Scalefluence influencer network is simple and straightforward. It’s not just an influencer database that collects social data from thousands of influencers: it’s an influencer campaign management platform that allows you to make the most of each dollar spent. Each influencer has opted in, understands the premise, and is ready to get to work creating amazing content for agencies like yours.

Let’s get started.

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