How to Choose The Right Influencer for Your Brand

Published: May 24, 2022 Updated: April 16, 2020

So you’ve got your product or service and now you want to make it viral? You need an influencer! But how do you know who’s the right one for your brand? There are plenty of options out there, but that doesn’t mean they’re all good options.

If you want to make sure your campaign really pays off, you need to choose carefully. Here are some ways to help you find the right influencer for your brand and get the most out of that relationship.

Influencer marketing has become a staple for agencies and marketers. It is a sure-fire way to get a brand and its products and/or services in front of the right customers. Did you know that nearly half of consumers rely on influencer recommendations to make buying decisions?

And if you are a marketer who knows the power of an influencer marketing campaign, you are certainly not alone. Over 70 percent of marketers believe that influencer partnerships are great for business growth.

tonyrobbins collaboration

The statistics are pretty compelling for agencies and marketers. However, finding the RIGHT influencers for clients can be challenging. This is especially true when you are hunting down Instagram influencers. 

Instagram boasts a plethora of influencers, and not all are real. You always need to be aware of fake influencers. But that being said, you will need to have a strong influencer plan in place to land influencers your clients will love, and see ROI from. 

The good news is that we are here to help with navigating the influencer waters. This is why we compiled a list of ways marketers and agencies can find the RIGHT influencers for clients. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Have specific influencer marketing goals before you start your search
  • Think industry and niche, not Instagram follower count
  • Choose the right Instagram influencer campaign for your client
  • Find Instagram influencers that promote your clients’ competitors
  • Partner with a premiere influencer marketing platform like Scalefluence

Let’s get to it!

Have specific influencer marketing goals before you start your search for influencer campaign

With so many influencers to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down your search. One of the most common issues marketers and agencies have is simply choosing a lot of influencers and seeing what works best after the fact. This is not the best path, because you are wasting time and money. 

Instead, begin with specific goals and build out your influencer search from there. You really want to find the RIGHT influencers for your brand rather than influencers in general. To do this, outline the outcome your client wants from the marketing campaign. These outcomes include:

  • Growing an audience
  • Engagement
  • Brand awareness
  • Product and/or services sales
  • Brand visibility
  • Lead generation
  • And more

Once you have specific goals (outcomes) in place, the search can begin. Here’s an example of a brand awareness influencer campaign:

mynameismama brand awareness influencer campaign

It is a subtle mention of the brand, but with a great story behind it. This Instagram influencer’s audience is not only introduced to this brand, they are given away to recall it later.

Think industry and niche, not Instagram follower count

It can be pretty easy to get tunnel vision when it comes to influencers and follower count. When influencer marketing was in its infancy, follower count was the main metric when it came to choosing an influencer for your client. 

But as it became more prominent, research showed that that was not always the best metric. 

For example, if Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted about your business, you will probably see a significant uptick in traffic to your site.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson inflluence

Unfortunately, if your goal is to increase sales, you may not see the ROI from a celebrity influencer. This makes finding influencers in the same industry and niche far more ROI positive.

Instead of The Rock promoting your product, go with a micro-influencer that has audience demographics in your product niche. Here’s a great example of how even top brands use micro-influencers in a dedicated niche.

example of brands using micro-influencers

Marketers and agencies should not get follower count tunnel vision, even if they have top celebrity influencers. Niche down and get greater ROI.

Choose the right Instagram influencer campaign for your brand

Choose The Right Influencer campaign for Your Brand

The biggest difference between relationship-building and selling products is your target audience. If you’re promoting a health food brand, it’s probably not a good idea to approach a fitness influencer with an offer; they might be using that food as fuel. On the other hand, if you have a luxury purse or high-end watch line, you can probably partner with that fitness influencer without scaring away potential customers. You should always consider your brand identity when deciding which type of influencers are right for your product.

Pairing an influencer with your client’s niche is a must. But even if you get that right, you need to know which campaign will work best. This is part of your campaign plan, and collaborating with influencers is best practice when it comes to the type of campaign you should launch on behalf of your client.

Why? In most cases, influencers know what their audience will respond best to. For example, an influencer may know from experience that a certain product will work best via a contest or giveaway campaign. For a service, like SEO, a simple promotional post with a story may work better than a contest or giveaway.

Here’s a great giveaway example that is simple and to the point.

giveaway example

The aim here is to give your influencer a bit of autonomy. He or she has probably been influencing on Instagram for some time, so let them guide you. That being said, marketers and agencies still need to meet client requests, so you will need to be tactful. 

Find Instagram influencers that promote your clients’ competitors

Another way marketers and agencies can find Instagram influencers for clients is to do a bit of digging into their competitors. Chances are, a client has a competitor very active with influencer marketing.

For instance, let’s say that your client is in the fashion e-commerce space and one of their top competitors is Revolved. You can begin your search by entering #revolve in the Instagram search bar. 

find influencers promoting your competitor

This will return a number of Instagram posts with that hashtag, as well as the influencers using it to promote Revolve products. Here’s a good example you can draw from:

revolve promotion example

With a bit of due diligence on Instagram, you can compile a robust list of potential influencers for your client. 

Partner with a premier influencer marketing platform like Scalefluence


This is by far one of the easiest ways marketers and agencies can find the RIGHT influencers on Instagram. Why? Influencer marketing platforms already have built strong relationships with influencers across multiple niches. And they have already qualified them as real and ROI positive.

This is where Scalefluence comes in. Scalefluence has a large influencer network marketers and agencies can draw from. Sure, you may be thinking that selling your clients on these marketing platforms is difficult. But when you partner with one that has proven ROI positive results, it is really quite easy.

What about managing multiple clients? Scalefluence for agencies and marketers streamlines that too. We have developed a user-friendly dashboard that allows marketers and agencies to create standalone influencer campaigns for each client. You can manage, track, export reporting, and get valuable insight that your clients will appreciate.

Bringing influencer marketing altogether

Social media influencers are people who use their following to promote products and services, so they should be engaging with followers on a regular basis (daily at least). When looking at potential candidates, don’t focus too much on follower count but look more at engagement rates (likes and comments) as well as how often they post.

Finding the RIGHT Instagram influencers for your clients no longer needs to be a time-consuming hassle. Do your research, have a plan, and partner with an influencer marketing platform that simply delivers results. Access our marketplace today and give your clients greater brand awareness, sales, leads, or whatever else they need to grow their business. 

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