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How to Find YouTube Influencers to Boost Brand Awareness

The Power of YouTube Influencers

Influencer marketing is becoming a hot topic among businesses looking for ways to connect with consumers. While it used to mean big celebrities promoting products, now anyone with a passion for a certain brand or product can become a social media influencer. And with more than 2 billion monthly active users watching over a billion hours of video each day, YouTube is the perfect place for brands to find influential voices.

While many traditional celebrities and celebrity influencers make great ambassadors for brands, some of today’s most popular YouTubers aren’t household names. They don’t have millions of Twitter followers or Instagram followers. But they’re still very powerful.

As a matter of fact, according to eMarketer, YouTube is the most popular social channel for non-TV video content. In 2021, it was reported that 65% of short-form video viewers preferred YouTube to any other non-TV video service, such as social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter.

And while the term “influencer” might seem like an oxymoron, you’ll see that there’s actually a lot of overlap. For example, Instagram influencers don’t need millions of followers to be considered an influencer. Some influencers only have a few thousand followers.

But regardless of how many followers or subscribers someone has, they can influence others because of their unique voice and style. As such, they’re able to build trust with their fans. So whether you want to promote your latest campaign or sell your next product, YouTube influencers could be exactly what you need. Below we have shared a few effective ways how to find YouTube influencers. Let’s find out.

The Best Ways to Find YouTube Influencers

Now that you’ve been convinced influencer marketing is the way to go, and you’re on the hunt for a YouTube influencer, you’re probably wondering, “How do I find one?”

Finding the right YouTube influencers can be great for your brand, although an influencer search can be quite tricky.

The world of influencers can seem large and daunting for those who aren’t sure how to navigate it, but that’s why we’re here! We know the best ways to find influencers perfect for your brand – just keep reading.


A great way to find relevant influencers for your brand is through hashtags. Hashtags are used abundantly in YouTube videos. They help promote and expedite peoples’ searches to find what they’re looking for easily. Searching for related hashtags and industries will help find influencers discussing similar topics. These influencers will lead to authentic conversations and engagements. Connecting with influencers already discussing things relevant to your brand creates authenticity within your content. Those influencers will lead you to real engagement and conversions!


find youtubers via hashtags

This is a really simple way of finding the best YouTube content creators.

You simply go to your YouTube account, “Explore,” and then click on the “Trending” button at the top of the screen.

trending tab


It automatically shows you what people are watching right now.

Type keywords based on your business, brand, or niche into the search bar. Influencers who pop up are trending and reach a large audience. Working with them will ensure interest in your business.

Remember that YouTube works on an algorithmic basis and that influencers who trend today may disappear tomorrow. This is why selecting the right influencer is so important. You want to look for successful influencers with the best performance metrics, subscriber count, high engagement rates, and other key audience metrics that indicate better levels of viewer loyalty and long-term relationships with potential consumers.

A single trending video doesn’t make someone an influencer. Consistent content and consistent engagement from the influencer’s audience do.

youtube trending window


YouTube influencers often collaborate and feature each other in the same video. This type of collaboration is known as “influencer marketing,” where brands pay influencers to promote products within their videos. Influencer marketing has become a large part of digital marketing. It is becoming increasingly popular because it’s cost-effective and authentic.

As well as collaborating with other influencers, some influencers operate in affiliate niches and markets. These influencers usually work closely with brands and sell products alongside their videos. They tend to focus on a specific niche like beauty, fashion, lifestyle, health, fitness, food, travel, pets, etc.

If you have found a suitable influencer, you should review their YouTube videos to find featured influencer partners. You can also view their main YouTube channel. Some influencers have several channels, and you might find another influencer featured in the additional channels. Alternatively, you can contact the influencer directly for recommendations.

Look on Influencer Platforms and Marketplaces

One of the places where you can find the best YouTube influencers is through some of the many well-known platforms built specifically for this kind of thing.

YouTube BrandConnect, once known as FameBit, provides an excellent service to its users.

It lets businesses easily search for YouTube creators in their niche, open to collaborations, and reach out to them using the platform.

youtube brandconnect

YouTube influencer platforms help you find relevant influencers, whether they’re micro-influencers in your niche or big names in the business.

A great tool in recent times is Fiverr. Everyone knows Fiverr as a good place to find freelancers, but recent development­s at Fiverr have also made it a good place to look for influencers.

You can do a few things on Fiverr. For example, you can search for influencers directly in the influencer marketers section and see the various influencer offers for cooperation.

A great way to find YouTube Influencers is perhaps the simplest and easiest one. All you have to do is type something like “Your Niche + YouTuber.” For example, let’s say you’re a beauty brand, and we’re looking for people who talk about beauty products. After typing it into Google, we’ll see tons of results. But what if we want to narrow down our search even further? Let’s try searching again, but this time, we’ll add the word “beauty.” Now, we’ve narrowed down our search even more because now we’re just searching for our niche audiences. I recommend adding the keyword “YouTube” to the end of your search to make things easier. So, if we wanted to look for people who upload videos on beauty, we could type “Beauty Products + YouTube.”

youtube search

Now, depending on how many beauty product videos appear, you might want to read some of them. If you notice someone who seems popular, you can send them a DM asking if they want to work together. They might accept, or they might decline. Either way, you’ll know whether or not you found someone worth working with.

Look at Previously Sponsored Content

Not everyone on YouTube wants to collaborate.

It would be best if you searched out people who have previously worked with different brands or are currently working with them.

To increase your chances of collaboration with YouTube influencers, search for the hashtags ‘sponsored’ or ‘ad’ + your brand’s niche.

Below is a sponsored video from gamer and video game writer Alanah Pierce, who frequently does sponsored content for gaming products.


You’re sure to find many paid advertisements and content. These YouTube videos are designed for marketing and advertising a specific product or service for a company like yours!

You don’t need to lift heavy weights yourself. Someone else has already done it for you. They’ve proven effective for other brands, making it easy to see their engagements on their posts.

So, searching for paid posts can help you get some great talent for your business without too much effort on your part!

It’s also worth noting that affiliate programs are a great way to get content creators on board with your brand—anything to incentivize the YouTuber. Creative freedom or monetization will only increase your chances of finding an amazing influencer and reaching a larger audience.

Hire an Agency

You can reach out to a dedicated marketing agency or influencer marketing platform to help you find YouTube influencers. Hiring an agency for your influencer marketing campaign takes much of the stress and work off your back, so you can concentrate on other aspects of building your brand.

The best thing about hiring an agency is that they take care of everything for you. From researching influencers to reaching out to them, they handle every aspect of the project.

They also track all the data and analytics related to each influencer campaign, making it super easy for you to analyze the results later on.

How do I Find an Influencer?

So, how do you go about finding the perfect influencer for your campaign? Now that we’ve discussed the best tools for reaching out to YouTube influencers, here are some basic steps to take before creating an offer.

How to find a youtube influencer for your brand:

Research Your Audience

First, you’ll need to research your target market. What are their interests? How old are they? Where do they live? What kind of products do they use?

Create a List of Potential Influencers

Once you’ve figured out your target market, you’ll want to create a list of potential influencers based on what you know about them.

Start Building Relationships

Now that you have a list of influencers start building relationships with them by sending them messages through social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

How do I Get in Touch With YouTube Influencers?

Once you’ve found influencers you’d like to work with, it’s time for you to contact them. But what exactly should you say? Should you send them a cold email? Or maybe even a warm one?

The most common methods of influencer contact are through social media or a business email. Simply commenting on one of their videos will not cut it.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when contacting influencers:

Be Specific. When you first approach influencers, be as specific as possible. For example, if you’re looking for a fashion blogger, mention that you’re working on a new clothing line. This helps influencers understand why they should engage with you.

Ask for Help. If you’re not sure how to write a good message, ask someone who does. A lot of people make the mistake of writing generic emails. Instead, try asking someone who knows what works well.

Be Honest. Don’t lie about your product or company. It’ll come across as fake and could damage your relationship with the influencer.

Keep It Short & Sweet. The average length of an email is around 250 words. So don’t overdo it! And remember, less is more.

Follow Up. After you’ve sent your initial email, follow up within 24 hours. This shows that you’re serious about engaging with them.


How We Can Help You Find YouTube Influencers

We at Scalefluence understand the struggle of deep diving for relevant YouTube influencers and stressing over collaboration efforts. But we want to take the hassle off your shoulders! We are an experienced influencer marketing agency that can take your brand to the next level by brokering deals between you and influencers, thus speeding boosting your brand awareness and reaching your target audience!

Our team will act as an influencer discovery engine by researching your industry, identifying potential influencers in your niche, and then contacting influencers directly via email to discuss collaborations.

We also provide ongoing support throughout the entire process, from influencer outreach to managing your influencer marketing relationships once they’re live. Most importantly, we provide both brands and influencers with creative freedom. Just let us handle the marketing strategy.

Looking to scale your brand and enhance your marketing strategy? Click here to learn more about Scalefluence and what we can do for you!

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