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Top 17 YouTube Niche Ideas For Your Channel: An Ultimate Guide for 2023

YouTube is one of the most important and profitable platforms for content creators and influencers. It offers a variety of monetization options and reaches one of the largest audiences of users on the web. 

If you are looking to dive in as a YouTuber, spend some time preparing your success strategy. The number one and most crucial thing you can do is come up with the best YouTube niche ideas for you and your audience before you get started. Here’s how.

How to Choose The Best Niche Idea for Your YouTube Channel

Your niche becomes the foundation of your YouTube channel. In other words, your niche can make or break your success.

When choosing YouTube niche ideas, the less competition, the better. You will have a better chance of building an audience if you focus on a topic that other channels aren’t already covering.

Of course, you are the deciding factor when it comes to selecting your niche. It should be something you have a passion for, are skilled at, or want to learn more about

With Google

youtube niche ideas google search

A simple Google search can help you find profitable niches that will attract more organic traffic. Just type in related keywords to your topic and see what comes up, specifically YouTube video blocks. Then click over to the videos tab for more examples of popular content.

Google Trends

using google trend to research niche

Google Trends is a handy tool you can use to “explore what the world is searching” for. You can use it to get general overviews of trending topics or explore changes over time. You can type in a keyword for a niche like “makeup” or “newest games” to see which queries related to that topic are the hottest right now and even geographical data about who is searching for that type of content. 

With YouTube

trending youtube niche ideas

YouTube is not shy about directing you to trending videos. Just visiting the homepage will immediately show you a mix of popular content. You can also click the Explore tab to see recommended content from the following categories:

  • Movies & Shows
  • Gaming
  • Live
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Learning
  • Sports

You can also check out YouTube’s Trending Feed to see what users are most interested in right now. Use these insights to see what type of content is popular right now and get inspiration for your own channel. 

Why Choosing the Right Niche is Important

Over 500 hours of content get uploaded to YouTube every minute. That’s a lot of competition if you want to stand out to your target audience. 

You can make yourself unique by focusing on the right niche for your YouTube channel. A specific channel idea will decrease the amount of competition you have to contend with and should be something you are passionate about, experienced with, or interested in.

Choosing a niche that matches your strengths improves your chances of creating better content than your competition. In general, your content will also be of higher quality if you are an expert in the field or passionate about learning and teaching about it.

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Below are 17 popular niche ideas for YouTube that you can use for inspiration to brand your channel.

1. Home or DIY Channel

YouTube is the #1 source for DIY videos on all sorts of topics. Popular examples are:

  • Home improvement
  • Auto repair
  • Arts & crafts
  • Fashion
  • Makeup
  • Sports & hobbies

The best way to learn can be by watching someone else do something via video. Since YouTube is the most popular website in the world and one of the largest repositories of information, chances are you can find help on your next DIY project here. 

If you are an expert in a particular DIY category or know some hacks that can help others with a DIY project, creating videos showing how can be a great niche to pursue. The more helpful your videos are, the more views and followers you can acquire. 

2. Performance or Magic Channel

Do you fancy yourself a magician or perform other entertaining feats? People love getting lost on YouTube channels showing off impressive skills or talents. Maybe you have a beautiful singing voice, ride a unicycle, or are a talented painter. Maybe you’re all three! If you can captivate an audience with your skills, that’s a perfect niche for YouTube.

3. Planting and Gardening

planting and gardening niche idea

If you have a green thumb, planting and gardening may be a good niche. Whether you are teaching planting tips or showing off your beautiful garden, there are those who will tune in to learn or relax. 

4. Spirituality and Personal Coaching

For those feeling a bit lost in life, there are churches, temples, life coaches, self-help books, therapists, and… YouTube. Whether it be yoga, personal experiences, or religious lessons, YouTube is a great platform for disseminating information that can improve others’ lives. If you have an experience that could be helpful to others, consider using that as a niche on your YouTube channel.

5. Parenting Channel

We all have parents, which you think would make us more prepared for when the torch gets passed to us. Whether your first-time parenting experiences went smoothly or not-so-smooth, you learned valuable lessons you can share with the next wave of child-raisers. A YouTube channel sharing your tips and knowledge can be a great niche to appeal to new parents, even if you still have a lot to learn!

6. Comedy, Humor, Prank Channel

Comedy is one of the best genres for going viral on YouTube. There are many different types of comedy, but finding a specific niche that makes people laugh is a surefire way to gain likes, channel subscribers, and shares (especially through social media channels). Try to focus on a specific niche for your comedy channel, like Ryze Hendricks’ Weird Bars series.

7. Animal Loving Videos

The internet has a long-standing obsession with cat videos. 70% of U.S. households own a pet, making animals a relatable and shared interest of most. If you work with animals or have an adorable pet of your own, these could make great niche ideas for YouTube. 

8. Reenactment or LARPing

Hobbies make an excellent niche for YouTube content, especially those that translate well to video. Historical reenactments can be quite an interesting performance attracting crowds of onlookers. Live-action roleplaying is another hobby that can include elaborate costumes and impressive groups of participants. If you are involved in either of these hobbies, consider creating a channel to share your experiences with others. 

9. Travel YouTube channel

travel youtube niche idea

We could all use a vacation right now, which is part of the reason why travel is such a captivating niche for YouTube. Whether your viewers are planning their next trip or just want a taste of your adventures, traveling is a good choice for a channel topic for those who travel often.

10. Educational Channel

Are you an expert in a field of study, activity, or aspect of life? Your expertise can make a great niche, especially if there aren’t many other people on your level creating that type of content. Maybe you worked for NASA, are a historian of a specific topic, or are a psychologist specializing in relationships. Turn that knowledge into content for your YouTube channel!

11. Technology Channel

With our connected world and the internet of things, technology is a common topic. If you can find a niche for a tech channel that isn’t overdone, this can be a great angle for YouTube. Consider lesser-known products to explore, like smart refrigerators, versus the newest iPhone, which will have tons of tech videos made for it.

12. Gaming channel

Gaming is one of the most popular categories on YouTube, giving rise to celebrities like PewDiePie, Ninja, and MrBeast. There are countless streamers and gaming content creators out there, so you should focus on a more specific niche to set yourself apart. This could be focusing on a specific subgenre of game, doing specific gaming challenges, or even creating your own game. 

13. Conspiracy channel

Like it or not, people love a good conspiracy. Maybe you’re an expert on a certain myth, have had a personal experience with a famous conspiracy, or are simply a seeker of knowledge. Any of these angles can make good niche ideas for a YouTube channel.

14. Animation channel

animation youtube niche idea

Finding a good medium for sharing short films and animation can be difficult without commercial success in the film industry. YouTube offers unparalleled reach for those with animation skills looking to grow their target audience and make a name for themselves. You can use this niche to gain a following and hopefully serve as a portfolio if you want your animation abilities to become more than just a hobby. 

15. Beauty Blogger Channel

The beauty industry is one of the most popular and most profitable on YouTube. The visual nature of makeup tutorials, beauty product recommendations, and fashion translate well to video content. If your friends have a habit of complimenting your skin or makeup and asking for advice, turn that talent into content for your own beauty channel.

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16. Fashion channel

Similarly, if your friends are always complimenting your outfits or asking where you got a new piece, you may have an eye for fashion worth sharing. Your unique style could be the perfect niche for YouTube content.

17. Cooking channel

While there are many recipes and cooking channels online, are any of your recipes on YouTube? If you have some mouthwatering family recipes or custom creations, that can be the start of your niche for creating a cooking channel. 

How to Make Your Niche More Profitable

It is tempting to just want to dive into content creation and start making videos for our channel, but there are other tactics you can use to amplify your success.

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Social Media

YouTube content is great for posting on social media. This content is easy to embed in Facebook posts or share via links just about anywhere. Video content is very shareable, meaning a single post can easily spread like wildfire and reach a large audience.


Understanding YouTube SEO will make your content easier to find. Using the right keywords and maintaining a high level of quality and engagement on your videos will earn you more views and interactions.


Advertising is a great way to grow your reach and monetize your content. Paid ads can get your content in front of more people, while activating ads on your YouTube videos is an effective monetization strategy.


Once you have a healthy following, sponsorships are one of the most profitable opportunities for content creators. There are many ways to represent sponsors, such as wearing their merch in your videos, giving them a shoutout, or creating sponsored content on your channel. If you receive a sponsorship deal, consider how well it will fit your channel and if it is worth the offer.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way for influencers to monetize their content. Simply promote affiliate products related to your niche and earn a commission when you motivate viewers to make a purchase. There are many different affiliate programs and strategies, so do some research to find the best offers for your channel. 

Useful Resources:


While the current trending content is always changing, some mainstay categories are:

  • Gaming (specifically new releases and Minecraft)
  • Music videos
  • Movie trailer
  • YouTube challenges
  • How-to/DIY
  • Product review videos
  • Shorts

The YouTube channels with the most views generally cover:

  • Music
  • Children’s content
  • Gaming
  • TV/Film

The channels with the most views tend not to be your average content creator but massive corporations or music labels producing content. For everyday content creators, gaming, how-to, and challenge videos tend to get a lot of views.

The most searched queries on YouTube tend to be about music or specific music artists, popular games and gaming streamers, or broad categories like ASMR, funny videos, and sports.

How We Can Help You Find the Right Niche

At Scalefluence, we helped content creators and influencers take their video ideas and turn them into a business. We have the best tools to help you on your journey of creating a successful YouTube channel where you can make money from your content. We can help coach your strategy, including identifying and leveraging your YouTube niche ideas. Sign up today to learn more!

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