instagram content ideas for business

50 Instagram Content Ideas for Business

Whether business owners like it or not, social media is becoming one of the best advertising platforms for product and brand awareness. Building a presence on platforms like Instagram may seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help!

Instagram has over two billion users, and 90% of those users follow at least one business. If you aren’t one of them, you’re missing out on an easy opportunity to expand your reach and engage with new markets.

In this article, we will talk more about the importance of Instagram for online businesses. We will also offer 50 Instagram content ideas for business to help you get started and stay consistent.

Why Businesses Should Post on Instagram

Instagram has the fourth-highest user count of all mobile apps. With over two billion monthly users, the platform has enormous potential for reach.

In fact, 79% of marketers use Instagram in their campaigns, making it the second most preferred platform after Facebook. In addition to its popularity, Instagram’s visual nature makes it the ideal platform for brand and product promotion. Advanced features like Instagram Shopping are making it easier than ever before to integrate sales funnels with the platform using shoppable posts.

It may seem like a large undertaking to build a presence on Instagram for your business, but the payoff can be massive. If you want to connect with your target audience and attract new leads to your conversion funnel, the benefits of Instagram are difficult to ignore.

Small Business Content Ideas for Instagram

To make things easier, here are 50 business content ideas for Instagram that you can use to get the ball rolling. Be sure to post at least weekly, though, in the beginning, you can post as often as daily to fill out your page.

1. Quote of the Day

quote of the day

An inspirational quote is a nice post to wake up to and is easy to share. These quotes could come from a calendar, website, or your daily life.

2. Share Some Ideas or Action Steps

As a content creator, you probably have ideas and inspiration coming out of your ears. For the business ideas you don’t plan to pursue or don’t mind sharing, make a post about it or your process to inspire others. You can break down steps in a combination of images in a carousel post.

3. Reels

instagram reel

Like TikTok, Instagram Reels are a hit, scoring billions of views every single day. If you have an idea for short video content, it can be a great way to get more views and fans. If you need some inspiration, scroll through some Reels to see what’s trending.

4. How-to Post or Video

how to post

Got a hack or expert technique that not everyone knows about? Share it in a regular post or short-form video (even a Reel). Carousel posts also work well for multiple-step processes with a series of images.

5. Project Concepts

Maybe you have a project in the works that isn’t quite ready yet, but you’re excited about your progress. You can share a current status update or concept to build hype for the final product while making an engaging post.

6. Sneak Peek

instagram sneak peek

You might be keeping a dramatic reveal under wraps before launching it publicly, but your fans deserve a first look. This could be a cryptic tease or early access reveal, just don’t spoil the real deal! Early access is a valid strategy for rewarding loyal fans!

7. Recent Project

If you’re at a loss for what to post next, you can always look back at your favorite past work. You might share a favorite post or Reel or talk about a business achievement outside of Instagram.

8. Past Project

A throwback to an old project can be fun content too. You might talk about one of your first business ventures or an early post as an influencer, comparing things then to things now.

9. “Caption This” Competition

caption competition

Fans love interacting with the people they follow in contests and engagement posts. Sharing a picture and asking fans to add a funny caption can be a lot of fun for everyone while boosting your performance metrics.

10. Daily Routine

For a more personal post idea, consider sharing your daily routine with your followers. You could focus on your work day, wake-up rituals, or any unusual preferences you might have.

11. Post Photos of Your Product

If you sell products of your own or promote products for other brands as an affiliate, a simple post about why you think your fans will love a single product kills two birds with one stone. Quality product photos are a powerful content marketing tool.

12. Inspiration Board

inspiration board

Inspiration boards are a great way to collect ideas and stay consistent with a project. If you make inspiration boards or have a clear inspiration for a piece of content, fans will be interested to learn about it.

13. Encouragement “Feel-Good” Post

When something goes your way, or you’re in a positive mood, post about it to share with your fans. They’ll be happy for the blessings you are experiencing, and we could all use a dose of positivity in our day!

14. Quick Tip

If you can add value for your followers in the span of a simple post, do it. This gives them a reason to check your page on a regular basis when they are looking for more than just a pretty picture or a quick laugh. A post on tips and tricks related to your niche shows you are more than just an internet personality.

15. Ask for Feedback

Any chance to interact with your followers is beneficial, and feedback is a win-win situation. You can learn what your followers like and dislike about different types of content while also getting a chance to engage with them.

16. FAQ

Do you often have to field questions from fans about your page or niche? If so, collect them into an FAQ for an easy post idea and a way to answer questions for fans.

17. Countdown to an Event or Launch

instagram countdown content idea

A countdown to an event is an easy post idea that also reminds your fans about an important launch they won’t want to miss!

18. Behind-The-Scenes

behind the scenes

Especially for video creators, recycling excess footage for behind-the-scenes clips is a fun way to give your followers a glimpse of your process without any extra filming. You could also take pictures of your studio or work area.

If you have your own blog or blogs that you follow, share a high-quality post that you particularly liked and talk about why. Your fans will probably want to check it out!

20. Podcast Episode

Similarly, you can share a podcast episode you created or one you enjoyed listening to with your fans. You can talk about why you liked it or ask fans what they think to promote a listen.

21. Inside Look at Your Workspace

inside look

A tour of your studio or workshop will probably get a lot of attention from your fans. Aspiring business influencers and those who love your content will enjoy seeing where the magic happens.

22. Share an Upcoming Event

upcoming event post idea

Is there an event coming up that you are excited about attending? Let your fans know about it, and you might even meet some of them there!

23. Daily To-Do List

Similar to sharing your daily routine, you can show your followers what you have on the docket in your professional or personal life to give them an inside look at your process or real life.

24. Challenge

instagram challenge

There is no shortage of trends and challenges taking over every social media platform. If you need an idea for your next post, choose a challenge.

25. Share What Tools You Use

Depending on your niche and content, your favorite tools will be interesting to fans and fellow influencers alike. Talk about a piece of equipment or give a quick video overview of your process.

26. Introduce Yourself

instagram intro

As you gain new followers who may not be very familiar with you and your content, it never hurts to take a step back from creating to make a personal post. You can introduce yourself, your work, and your channel to connect with new fans.

27. Announcement

instagram announcement

Your followers are with you on your journey as an influencer. Don’t miss opportunities to announce new milestones in your personal or professional life.

28. Give an Update on a Project

Posting updates about a project in the works is an excellent way to build hype while also providing an easy content idea. Get your audience excited!

29. Introduce the Team

Do you have a team who helps you with your content? Share about them and their contributions to your followers!

30. Show Followers Your Process

As a creator, your fans are surely interested in your process. Giving tips or video how-to content can be a great way to show off your skills and help aspiring influencers.

31. Share a Piece of Your Story

Sometimes, taking a step back and injecting your content with some personality is important. Getting personal about your business, creativity, or just personal life can be a good way to connect with fans on a deeper level.

32. Story Post

Instagram Stories are another format you can use to share with your followers. These posts only stay up for 24 hours but are pinned to the top of your page. Including them in your content strategy encourages your followers to check back on a regular basis.

33. Flashback

instagram flashback

Sharing or critiquing your old content can be a fun way to remember your journey and see how far you’ve come. Re-posting such content for new followers who haven’t seen it before and old fans who might remember the original is easy.

34. Timeline of Your Business

A timeline can be helpful for seeing your progress over the year and plotting your path forward. Fans will be interested to see the milestones, and you might also learn a thing or two.

35. Map of Your Store Locations or Customer Reach

Everybody loves a good map. If you’ve made one for your business locations already, share it as a post. If not, you can create one to share on social media platforms, your website, and elsewhere to let potential customers know where to find you.

36. Anniversary Post

anniversary post

An anniversary post is an opportunity to thank your fans and followers for their support. It also helps as a milestone for how long you’ve been in business and what you’ve accomplished in that time. Don’t miss out on other special occasions like birthdays and holidays!

37. “Work in the wild”

It is always exciting to see your work in the wild. Maybe another influencer is sharing or referencing your content, or you run into someone using one of your products. This is a great opportunity to connect with a current customer and share social proof.

38. Before and After “Transformation” Post

transformation post

If you or your brand have undergone significant changes, share that transformation with your fans. This can show a more personal side of your online business and highlights your growth and commitment over time.

39. Share a Goal You’re Trying to Reach

Maybe you’re working toward a business goal or transformation but not quite there yet. Open up to your followers about it, especially if they can help you get there.

40. Share Mistakes

instagram mistake post

We all learn from our mistakes, but we can also learn from each others’. Sharing valuable lessons you’ve learned on your business journey can help your followers avoid the same pitfalls.

41. Post About an Experience

Whether or not it’s directly related to your business, sharing a meaningful experience with your followers is a great way to connect on a personal level or just share a cool story.

42. Share One of Your Favorite Accounts

Many creators get tunnel vision when it comes to their social media presence. Social media networks encourage networking! Get out there and connect with other creators and share content you enjoy on your own page.

43. Roundup Your Favorites

Everybody loves a good roundup post. This can be related to your business, favorite products, or other influencers you enjoy. Make a list and see what your fans have to say about it!

44. Screenshot

Are you having trouble thinking of an idea for your next post? Consider taking a screenshot of whatever it is you’re working on and sharing it with some commentary.

45. Meme

Creating or sharing a meme is one of the easiest ways to make fun and engaging content. You could even modify an existing meme to suit your business.

46. Hack

instagram hack

Got a life hack you use to save time or effort? Share it in an Instagram post to see what your followers think about it!

47. Customer Review

Sharing a nice review or customer testimonial is a win-win for an easy post idea and a way to build social proof for your brand. Take advantage of user-generated content.

48. “Where’s Waldo?” Interactive Post

Simple visual puzzles are a fun way to get your audience to interact with your page and earn you a lot of comments.

49. Freebie or Content Upgrade

freebie post idea

Everyone loves a tempting giveaway post! If you want to give back to your fans and get a nice engagement boost at the same time, consider offering a freebie or upgrade to your loyal fans.

50. Outtake

instagram outtake

For video creators, don’t delete those cuts! Especially if you have scrapped recordings with a funny side, keep them to compile into a blooper or outtake video. Your fans will love seeing a different side of you, and everyone enjoys a good laugh.

Want More Advice on Instagram Marketing?

If you need some more help getting started or want more tips for strengthening your social presence, Scalefluence is here to help. We live and breathe social media, so we have the expertise to help you with whatever obstacles stand in your way., from your bio to your future content strategy.

We manage a network of businesses and influencers, promoting their success and creating mutually beneficial partnerships. Instagram is home to a huge percentage of influencers, and it is one of the main focuses here at Scalefluence.

Sign up today to learn more, or check out more tips and tricks for succeeding on Instagram. You’re missing opportunities the longer you wait!


Instagram focuses on quick, engaging, visual content. An effective post needs all of these factors. Many Instagram users are going to come across your content in a feed surrounded by other content, so if you have less eye-catching posts, content that takes too long to digest (too much text, for example), or isn’t interesting or engaging, users are just going to keep on scrolling.

The trick with business content on Instagram is to post in a non-salesy way. If all you do is post sales ads and business offers, you aren’t giving people much reason to tune in. Your posts should provide value in addition to business information to attract fans and make them enjoy seeing your content.

While Instagram is still dominated by simple photos as the main form of media, Reels and other videos have also proven very engaging. At the end of the day, your niche and brand will determine which type of content will resonate best with your target audience. Some universal factors are content that is unique and entertaining.

Instagram is quickly expanding the ways people and businesses can share on the social network. Instagram began as a way to share single images before expanding to additional image types like carousels, videos, Reels, and Stories.

Diversifying your posts can help with content visibility, allowing you to attract different types of users by making your content accessible from different areas of Instagram. Above, you will find an assortment of Instagram content ideas for business to inspire you.

While Instagram is still dominated by simple photos as the main form of media, Reels and other videos have also proven very engaging. At the end of the day, your niche and brand will determine which type of content will resonate best with your target audience. Some universal factors are content that is unique and entertaining.

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