How to Get More Followers and Make Money with Scalefluence

If you have strong influence in your industry, chances are you’re looking for ways to turn your digital presence into a profitable business. Now is a better time than ever to get started. Today, brands are leveraging the power of public persuasion, and working with influencers to expand their reach and connect with their target markets. After all, studies have shown that non-celebrity influencers are 10x more likely to drive purchases than A-listers. Plenty of other influencer marketing statistics corroborate with this, too.

The Scalefluence dashboard makes it easier than ever to grow followers and monetize your brand influence. Our influencer marketplace helps you connect with relevant businesses and generate an additional stream of revenue. Getting started is a simple 3-step process:

1) Sign up

2) Create a profile

3) Authenticate your influence

People across every industry want to know how to make money as an influencer and how to get more followers. With Scalefluence, you can maintain your creativity, collaborate in real-time,

get paid quicker, and retain access to creative assets. We’ve created an intuitive, user-friendly influencer marketing dashboard that social media mavens will love.

Getting Started

Signing up and creating a profile is a synch. After you’ve fleshed out your personal details, you’ll have to authenticate your influence. If you’re a blogger, this means authenticating your blog analytics; if you’re a social influencer, you’d submit your account details for just the networks you’re pushing to. Upon submitting your website and/or social media details, Scalefluence will offer a suggested per-post price based on your followers and data. You can use this number to increase your chances of scoring a deal, or create your own.

Working With Brands on Scalefluence

Collaborating with brands in real-time is seamless. Here’s how it works: a business creates a user profile within the platform and uses it to connect with Scalefluence influencers. For example, a healthy food brand would search for health foodie influencers or mommy bloggers to help build awareness around their nutritious product line. Their goal might be to identify the best influencer whose image is in line with their company vision for branded campaigns on Instagram. As an influencer, your profile will appear in Scalefluence results when brands search for relevant people like you who fit their criteria.

When a brand is interested in you, they already understand and accept your costs. From here, they’ll reach out with details about their project. After you’ve discussed what the brand is looking for, you can go ahead and get started on creating content. When the content is ready, submit it directly through Scalefluence for approval.

Getting Paid With Scalefluence

Scalefluence streamlines the payment process. Unlike other influencer marketing platforms, your price per post is clearly displayed on your profile. This eliminates the lengthy, back-and-forth negotiation process. All the most important details about your services and influence are clear-cut, allowing you to focus on building a creative partnership without the financial haggle. Furthermore, before a brand can hire you, they’re required to submit the funds for your content. Scalefluence holds the funds in escrow on your behalf until the work is complete. Upon completion, you’ll receive the funds in your account within 2-3 business days.

Full Creative Control

As an influencer, it’s important for you to maintain creative control of your influencer marketing campaigns. After all, you’ve built your brand based on your own personal style, aesthetics, and persona. Ideally, you want to work with brands who trust you to continue making smart and unique creative decisions. With creative control, you’re also able to preserve your authenticity and integrity. Although the post is promotional, it will still be relevant to your audience and will ultimately help you continue to build upon the social trust you’ve cultivated.

Using Scalefluence: How to Get More Followers

Influencer marketing isn’t just about getting paid for posts. Brand collaboration is beneficial for your own sphere of influence, too. When you work with another brand, they are equally invested in your success and can quickly become an ambassador for you. Although brands use influencer marketing to capitalize on social reach from people like you, it works both ways: you’ll also be discovered by their audiences, too.

It’s not uncommon to establish a long-term partnership with the companies that invest in your influencer marketing services. The brand you work with will also provide you with hashtags they’ve researched and are confident in, allowing you to connect with new followers you may not have reached otherwise.

Bloggers Are Influencers, Too

While many influencer marketplaces focus only on social media, Scalefluence focuses on bloggers, too. After all, there are plenty of influencers whose primary focus is editorial content—we don’t leave you out. For example, while renowned marketers like Neil Patel or travel bloggers like Matt Kepnes have strong social followings, their blogs are the bread and butter of their brands. If you have a popular blog with a solid following in your industry, Scalefluence is for you.

The process for blogger content is similar to social content. Your price per blog post is displayed on your profile, and brands seeking blog content will be able to easily locate and choose your services. You maintain all creative control and assets, and are paid upon final approval.

At Scalefluence, we built an influencer marketing tool that neutralizes the complex and clunky features of today’s marketplace platforms. We stick to the easy-to-understand basics so you can focus on creating great, valuable content. Sign up today to get started!

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