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7 Creative And Fun YouTube Intro Video Ideas

As the amount of content on social media grows, and attention spans shrink, it is more important than ever to hook viewers and get your message across right off the bat. Successful channels often have strong YouTube intro video ideas that are memorable, even after the next video spools up.

It is easy to overlook the effectiveness of a solid intro as a viewer. Still, subliminally, the familiarity of an attractive opening improves brand recognition and even impacts audience retention rate. With some simple editing, you can create an effective intro for each video. 

This article will go further into detail about the importance of YouTube introduction segments, cover some key components, and even give seven different methods for creating your own. If you run a growing YouTube channel, you’ll want to read this!

What Is a YouTube Intro?

A YouTube intro is a lot like the opening credits of a TV show. It should be brief, recognizable, and set the tone for what is to follow in the video. Even if you are just starting, a consistent intro can be a big help down the road.

Depending on your channel’s niche, there are many ways to approach a YouTube intro. And while an opening isn’t strictly necessary for every video you post, there are some advantages to including one if you plan to have a consistent YouTube presence with lots of content. 

Think of some popular TV shows like The Office, Law & Order, or Batman: The Animated Series. These intros are as famous as the shows themselves. An integral part of each series is setting the tone for each episode. You want your introduction to do the same, invoking positive emotions alongside a catchy tune and the name of your channel. 

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How to Make a YouTube Intro

As an aspiring influencer, you probably have experience making and editing videos, so creating an intro shouldn’t be too difficult. The toughest part will be coming up with the concept. 

Some music or a jingle is often a good idea, as it will become synonymous with your channel and branding, making them easier to remember and instantly recognizable. You should also be sure to prominently display the name of your brand/channel during the intro, preferably in bright and eye-catching typography.

As for how to make it, you can take some clips from past videos, film new clips, or animate something to go with your logo, branding, and music. Then just drop this intro clip into the beginning of all relevant videos, ideally after a short intro clip to that video (as is common on TV programs).

Key Components of an Amazing Intro

Aside from music and your brand/logo, here are other tips to remember when creating your YouTube channel intro.

Be Consistent With Your Brand

Since your intro will play at the beginning of most of your videos, it should reflect your brand and tone. Consistency of video content is important since it would be jarring to have a somber intro for a beauty channel or a bright and cheerful one for a true crime podcast. Pick fitting music, colors, and pacing, and include your logo and brand name. 

Use Quality Editing Equipment

Whatever editing equipment you use for your video content should be sufficient for your intro. However, if you usually just post raw videos and YouTube Shorts, you’ll at least want software that you can use to cut and stitch a compilation of videos together. You’ll also need to be able to add text, music, and possibly animation effects for a high-quality intro. This software will also be necessary for adding the opening to your videos.

Keep It Snappy

Have you ever watched a TV show where the intros are so long that you have to sit through it and then go straight to the commercial? What a drag! You’re much better off having an intro that is too short than too long, especially on YouTube and other social media platforms. TV shows might do this to stretch out their episode length, but on YouTube, all that will get you is a higher bounce rate and fewer followers. Keep it short, like five to ten seconds, unless you have a good reason to do otherwise. 

Make It Eye-Catching

With YouTube being such a visual platform, an eye-catching intro is important. You’re competing with lots of other content and thumbnail previews, so grabbing the attention of scrollers and hooking those who land on your video in the first minute is vitally important. Use high-quality video, bright colors, and mesmerizing transitions to grab users’ attention. 

Creative YouTube Intro Ideas

If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are seven popular YouTube intro styles to consider. You could even try creating one from each category to see which you like best. Every viewer will see these intros, so it is a worthwhile investment to make a good one.

1. Animated Intro

animated intro

For certain topics, like retro gaming channels or tech talks, animated intros are the perfect fit. In reality, quality animation can work well for virtually any content matter. Animation techniques can give a very unique and memorable style to your videos, and you could easily find animators on Fiverr or elsewhere to create something for you!

2. Slideshow

A slideshow video is a low-tech solution for creating a YouTube intro. These can work well for some channels, especially episodic ones like product reviews and interviews. Just throw together a quick series of your most relevant or high-profile stills and add some music and text for an easy intro.

3. Make a Collage

You can craft a simple collage video and add some text for a very rapid introduction splash page. These intros can be only a second or two long to get right to the video with minimal distraction. You might not even need music, but consider a sound effect or chime similar to what brands like Netflix or Sony do.

4. Use Special Effects

special effects

A little aftereffects editing can go a long way for regular YouTube content and intros. Simple things like highlights, firework effects, or bold color changes can make video content more visually engaging. It can be as easy as grabbing a few clips, stitching them together, and adding some text and graphic overlays for a professional, catchy intro.

5. Use Kinetic Typography

You might not know what kinetic typography is, but you’ve probably seen it before. Essentially, kinetic typography is an animated text that artistically portrays dialogue or is just a more interactive way to read. Here is an example:

Kinetic typography can be a fun way to create a distinctive video intro.

6. Use Color Effects

A splash of color is all you really need for a simple animated video intro. Most video editing software allows you to play with colors or animate highlighting and color splash effects. If you want to do something more than string a few video clips or images together, play with color effects.

7. Title Card

title card

A title card is a still screen that usually includes the channel’s name, video title, and maybe other information like the date, company slogan, or contributor credits. These often come at the end of an intro clip or animation but can be used by themselves or as a transparent overlay for a simple and non-invasive introduction.

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Ready to Start Making Your YouTube Intros?

Now that you understand the importance of an opening for your content, and have some YouTube intro video ideas to inspire you, you’re ready to add a layer of professionalism and brand recognition to your channel!

For more help getting your influencer career off the ground and monetizing your content, the experts at Scalefluence have the knowledge and experience to guide you. An effective intro is just one small aspect of an effective YouTube channel.

Contact us today to learn more about the opportunities and partnerships we offer, or just read up on more tips for becoming a famous YouTuber!


Good video intros should be quick, catchy, and include music. The last thing you want is an overly-long or boring interruption that some viewers will simply click away from.

Virtually any video editing software can be used to splice and stitch short video clips together to create a simple intro. However, tools like InVideo will allow you to easily add music and eye-catching visuals for a more professional, engaging segment you can easily drop into all your videos.

YouTube itself includes some editing tools you can use, though standalone options include InVideo, Adobe Premier, and Apple Final Cut.

At a minimum, your intro needs to prominently display the name of your channel and brand. Depending on the length of the clip, you might also include your name, contributors, sponsors, and the name or subject matter of the episode.

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