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40 Instagram Video Ideas to Boost Engagement and Followers in 2023

If you are looking for a way to grow your Instagram audience, you need Instagram video ideas. Some videos on Instagram have racked up hundreds of millions of views, thanks to their sharability as discoverability on the platform. No matter what the focus of your Instagram page is, videos are a powerful marketing tool that will expand your reach and improve your chances of going viral.

Benefits of Instagram Videos

Instagram is still growing in popularity, and video content is a big part of that. Videos allow you to portray much more than you can in images, and newer features like Instagram Reels and Stories offer even more ways to share video content.

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40 Video Ideas for Instagram

Below are 40 video ideas for Instagram you can use as inspiration for creating content on your page. There are funny Instagram video ideas, Instagram Story video ideas, and more!

1. Do a Travel Video

travel instagram video

Do you love to use those frequent flyer miles or take road trips? Record your journey for fun and compelling channel content!

2. Don’t Overlook Instagram Live

Instagram Live is something every influencer should try as it gives users a new way to find you and experience your content. You can also take advantage of monetization options like Super Chat when live.

3. Do a Current Events Talk

Things have been pretty eventful these last few years, maybe more than we would like. There is plenty of breaking news about global politics, breaking science, and significant business shake-ups that you could cover.

4. Try Out a Stop-Motion Video

stop motion instagram video

Stop-motion videos are a low-tech, high-patience form of film/animated videos. If you have the skill and endurance to try it, you can create some really cool motion graphics.

5. Take Your Viewers Behind the Scenes

Depending on what kind of content you usually make, recording a behind-the-scenes clip would give your fans an authentic glimpse behind the camera at your studio, living space, and process as a content creator. Instagram-exclusive content is a huge draw for fans.

6. Show Off Your Amazing Team

For Instagram influencers, you might have a team of professionals, coworkers, or just your family who are regulars in your photos and videos. If you need a topic for your next video post, consider introducing your team, whoever that may be.

7. Explain the Value of Your Product

Do you use Instagram to promote a product or service? Don’t underestimate the value of being direct and explaining/reviewing your product in action. You may think it speaks for itself, but it doesn’t hurt to be crystal clear and talk up the benefits of your hard work.

8. Do a Recap Video

Recap videos are a great way to sum up the year, recycle old content for new fans, or share some of your favorite work in a concentrated form. Depending on the type of content you create, recap videos are an easy kind of video to slap together.

9. Get some Face Time In

You probably know you can use Instagram for video calls through direct messaging, but did you know you can record these calls for video content? If you have an interesting call relevant to your niche, consider turning it into a post.

10. Display Collaborations

Collaborations are an effective way to mix things up and inject fresh creativity into your page with the help of someone else. If you’ve been working on a project or content with someone else, share a video about the process or your progress.

11. Don’t Forget About Music

Have you found a song or dance you love? Use it to create a fun video, Reel, or Story for your page.

12. Do a Countdown

Can you not wait for a particular holiday, product release, or upcoming event? Create countdown videos as you get closer, then compile them together for the big day!

13. Celebrate Fun Holiday Dates

Holidays are a fun and straightforward excuse to make a video on Instagram. Celebrate with fans and show them how you are spending a special day.

14. Use the Time-Lapse Feature

Time-lapse videos are super compelling. There are many opportunities to use them, such as long projects like a painting or garden, or for long-term challenges like weight loss or marathon training.

15. Try Your Hand at Animation

animation instagram video

If you have an interest or talent in animation, this can be a captivating skill for making videos. Even simple, short animated videos are fun to watch on social platforms.

16. Announce a Product Launch

Are you excited about a product you have worked on or a new release from a sponsor or favorite brand? Make a product video before and after the release to hype it up!

17. Look to Other Campaigns for Inspiration

Video content is becoming increasingly popular on Instagram, thanks partly to Reels and Stories. If you’re short on video content ideas, see what your favorite influencers are filming.

trend instagram video

Social media is home to a never-ending rotation of trends and challenges. For new Instagram video ideas, just jump on the latest bandwagon of video content.

19. Do an Account Takeover

If you have a sponsor or fellow influencers you trust, consider letting them take over your account for a day or more. This is a fun way to mix up your content, especially if you plan to be away during that time.

20. Reach Out to Influencers

Partnering with other influencers is an easy way to create new content and reach a new audience. Consider inviting a guest to one of your videos or collaborating on a project.

21. Play Around With Text

text instagram video

Kinetic typography and calligraphy are just two examples of visually intriguing text you can use to create video content on Instagram. Get creative with signs, art, or even autographed merch!

22. Create User-Generated Content (UGC)

Do you have creative fans sending your letters, fan art, or custom memes? Take advantage of user-generated content by sharing them in compilation or reaction videos!

23. Create a Slideshow

If your Instagram page is more about photos or still images than video, you can still target video-watchers by turning pictures into simple slideshow videos.

24. Show Off Some Customer Success Stories

Are you a business owner with a product or service that has transformed the lives of your customers? Share customer success stories from reviews or testimonials in short-form videos!

25. Have Fun With Boomerangs

Boomerang videos are a mesmerizing way to loop your video content. Many apps allow you to create these captivating, auto-looping videos, so have fun with them!

26. Make a Teaser Video

If you’re impatiently awaiting a new product release, product developments, or upcoming content, consider making a teaser video to build hype and awareness before the launch.

27. Ask Your Followers to Have a Debate

Hosting a debate is another way to interact with fans and create engrossing content. Connect with your followers to discuss a hot-button issue or ask a question worth exploring.

28. Host a Q&A

Q&A’s are a classic type of video where fans ask questions and you answer them in video format.

29. Do a Hashtag Video Series

Popular hashtags like #PhotoOfTheDay present easy opportunities to talk about your own content or explore other posts from Instagrammers.

30. Share Tips With Your Followers

Niche tips, explainer videos, and life hacks are all excellent ways to provide value to your fans through your channel.

31. Do a Tutorial

Are you skilled at a particular task, chore, or hobby? Teach your followers what you know in an educational video tutorial.

32. Host a Competition and Giveaway

competition instagram video

Contests and giveaways are a simple and effective way to grow your audience and improve engagement. Create a video announcing the competition and rules for receiving prizes.

33. Offer Some Exclusive Deals for Followers

exclusive deal instagram video

Another way to add value and exclusivity to your page is by offering a discount or coupon for your followers only. Create a short video thanking your loyal fans and telling them how to redeem an exclusive deal provided by you.

34. Create a Fun Trivia

trivia instagram video

Trivia is a fun way to interact with and engage your followers. You can create a video with questions, or go a step above and run live trivia!

35. Try Out Rewind Mode

The rewind feature on Instagram Live Stories presents some creative opportunities. Consider recording a video clip backward or hiding secret messages in clips you only see in reverse!

36. Explore Different Kinds of Recording Equipment

recording equipment instagram video

As an influencer who produces amazing video content, you can share with fans and other aspiring influencers the equipment you use to create your content and how to use it.

37. Invite People to Use Your Product in an Innovative Way

If you or your sponsor has a product you are intimately familiar with, create a video about why it is the perfect tool, including intended features and creative hacks.

38. Create Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories presents new opportunities to share awesome video content on your page. They keep fans checking in regularly not to miss anything, and allow you to save and pin Highlights.

39. Interview Customers or Team Members

interview instagram video

Conducting interviews with fans, coworkers, and collaborators is an easy way to create engaging video content and educate viewers simultaneously.

40. Do a Funny Talking Head Video

Talking head videos are simple to make and a direct way to speak with your target audience. You can talk about your niche, page content, or just have a heart-to-heart with your loyal followers.

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Feeling Inspired With These Video Ideas for Instagram?

Now that you have many new Instagram video ideas for your page, it’s time to start filming! For more guidance, or help growing and monetizing your Instagram influence, create an account with Scalefluence to unlock new opportunities for success on social media. 


Investing in high-quality recording equipment and editing software can both significantly impact the quality of your Instagram video footage. Research what will work best for your type of content and spend some time learning how to use it.

Instagram has a strong focus on visual content, making categories like makeup, fashion, and travel very popular. Comedy and gaming videos are also extremely popular.

Entertaining and visually engaging content is best for Instagram. No type of content will be best for every channel, so whatever your focus is, try to create videos that are high-quality and fun to watch.

Creating high-quality content that provides value to your audience and focuses on a specific niche is the best strategy for gaining views, likes, and shares. Beyond that, your page popularity and sheer luck of going viral play a role in video popularity.

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