Next Level Content Ideas To Maximize Your Blog’s Online Visibility

Coming up with great content ideas can be challenging, even for the most seasoned bloggers. And as you know, your blog content needs to be next level if you want to increase your online visibility, blog site traffic, and affiliate sales. This makes content a top priority for influencer bloggers.

Here’s a next level content idea from Mr. Money Mustache, a fairly popular finance blogger . . . 

Not only does the above article example narrow in on a pretty trending keyword — Tesla, it also takes a very new approach to a pretty mainstream topic. This blog idea focuses on the emotions that come with purchasing a vehicle. Even the URL is pretty clever, “tesla-procrastination.”

Needless to say, next level content ideas can make a pretty significant impact on your blog. But that’s the problem, isn’t it? How do you come up with new content that will grow your audience, and at the same time, entice them to engage?

The above Mr. Money Mustache article has 447 comments at the moment. And the comments are not the run-of-the-mill two to three words plus emoji. They are thoughtful and in paragraph form . . . 

And this one too . . . 

Some of this blog’s comments are a page long!

This is worth aiming for when it comes to your own next level blogger content ideas. And if you’re hitting a wall, or banging your head against the keyboard, we’re here to help. The following content ideas for your blog may spark a bit of creativity.

Roundup Blog Posts, But With A Twist

You’re probably thinking that roundup blogs have been done and there is nothing about them that says “next level content”. This is true. But what about taking the traditional roundup blog and making it engaging at the highest level possible. How? With video!

Instead of sending out your questions for experts to answer, have them answer the questions via video. Once you have videos in hand, transcribe them and create next level roundup content by inserting the video into your blog with the expert quoted in text underneath. This gives you maximum optimization via search engines with maximum engagement. 

You can also utilize that video content on your YouTube channel. If you’re a blogger without YouTube, we will cover that later in the article. It’s a next level roundup blog that keeps giving.

Get Interviews With Hard To Nail Down People

Next level content ideas to maximize your blog’s online visibility come in different forms. And in the age of podcasts, you need to think out of the box when it comes to developing content your audience will love. This makes interview style blogs great for entertaining the masses, as well as building your network.

A pretty strong interview example is this one with Edward Norton . . . 

He’s pretty hard to pin down. This is what you should shoot for. You want to find interesting people that are not already plastering their thoughts all over social media or online. This gives your blog interview a uniqueness that will attract plenty of engagement and shares.

A good interview blog also asks interesting questions, like this . . . 

You may not land Edward Norton right out of the gate, but you should not limit yourself. There will be a lot of outreach and groundwork to do when trying to line up interviewees, but know it will be worthwhile for your audience and really maximize your blog’s visibility.

Find “Soon To Launch” Products And Blog About Them

People always want to be in the know when it comes to new innovative technology or products that may disrupt an industry – so give the people what they crave. This can be done by being a bit forward-thinking and putting your product research hat on.

To push out next level content for your audience to consume, you can hunt down soon to be launched products and get the scoop. Most companies ready to release something new will be more than happy for the jumpstart in marketing, and consumer anticipation may help drive traffic to your site and maximize your blog’s online visibility.

Once you find an upcoming product that fits your blogger niche, contact the business releasing the product and ask for an exclusive. Be ready to give website views and other metrics to seal the deal.

Hold A Fan Meet Up — Yes You Have Fans!

As an influencer blogger, you have probably built up a sizable fan base. If you are one of the lucky bloggers, you may even have a down right cult following. This is usually good, and it can and should be leveraged for next level content.

First, build up the hype a bit by posting blogs about the event. Next, develop a content plan while at the fan meet up. One content idea for a fan meet up is to implement a user generated content strategy. You can pose a question to your fans and have them write a short page. 

For instance, if you are a tech blogger, you can ask your fans to whip up a few paragraphs about the top tech they use daily, whether at work or at home. This can be used in a long blog post that will be shared by everyone involved.

Another content idea for a fan meet up is to hold a fan based Q&A that puts you in the hot seat. Gary Vaynerchuk does this well, but it is usually in video form. 

For influencer bloggers, you can post the Q&A as a video blog on your site, and also transcribe the video Q&A for another piece of next level content that will boost your online visibility.

Redefine Your Written Word With Video

Video has become a major part of growing online visibility, even for bloggers. And audiences prefer video as a source of content for consumption. In fact, online videos will account for 82 percent of all consumer traffic, according to Cisco research

With YouTube the second largest search engine, behind Google of course, bloggers need to take video content more seriously.

But how do you shift blog content to video content? This question is a profitable one, and it is actually easier than you may think. As an influencer blogger, you can turn any blog into video content. This can be done by shooting a video touching on the main points of a blog, or it can be a unique animation that covers the blog content.

The aim is to simply turn your blogs into videos, or as pointed out in above points, turn video content into text. The video content can also be distributed on your social media channels for an even greater impact to your blog’s online visibility

Taking Your Content To The Next Level

Bloggers creating next level content can maximize profits as well. And Scalefluence can help connect your blog with top brands. Influencer marketing isn’t simply about social media, it goes much deeper, since bloggers can attract a far more loyal following. 

Instead of quick posts with a few hashtags, influencer bloggers serve up actionable next level content that can drive qualified traffic to brands’ products and/or services.

That’s where Scalefluence plays a pivotal role. Not only can we help you collaborate with brands, we have the know-how to manage your multi-channel network. We also serve up content assets like pre-developed social content, featured articles in authoritative publications, visual content, and much more. 

Scalefluence takes the guesswork out of the influencer equation, giving you more time to focus on creating next level content ideas to maximize your blog’s online visibility. Sign up today

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