6 Benefits Of Influencer Platforms For Brands

The rise of influencer marketing has reshaped how brands leverage social media to reach more customers. For instance, 75 percent of U.S. businesses are on instagram.

And 70 percent of consumers turn to Instagram to find new products and/or services. This is just one social media channel that influencer marketing is utilized on. YouTube, Facebook, and even LinkedIn are viable influencer marketing pathways for brands.

There are a variety of ways for brands like yours to find and qualify social media influencers, connect with him or her, and negotiate contracts for sponsored posts on a specific social media channel.

This doesn’t include developing the campaign and tracking ROI.

It can be a ton of work. Most enterprise companies will have a two to three person team to manage affiliate marketing efforts. And that can be pretty expensive for a business.

So how can your brand make influencer marketing easy while maximizing ROI on each influencer campaign, from Instagram to YouTube?

Influencer platforms!

Influencer platforms are essential to social media influencer marketing success. Why? They have the expertise and network brands want and need to make influencer marketing easy.

For instance, Scalefluence is a premiere influencer platform with an extensive network of influencers across every industry and niche. Scalefluence also utilizes data-driven analytics to match brands with the RIGHT influencers.

There are lots of benefits of influencer platforms for brands. The following benefits can help you decide influencer platforms are the way to go when it comes to taking your influencer marketing efforts to the next level.

Let’s get to it!

Benefit #1: Influencer platforms add credibility to your influencer marketing campaigns

When you work with an influencer platform, you are taking the risk out of partnering with unqualified influencers, or even fake influencers. Partnering with the wrong influencers is one of the biggest issues brands face when entering the influencer marketing arena.

However, when you work with an influencer platform like ours, every influencer is qualified and matched to your brand based on key analytics.

For instance, if a yoga brand wants to launch an Instagram video campaign with an influencer that has a young, wellness-minded, mom-centric target audience, we crunch the data to find the perfect influencer for the job.

Instagram influencer @chelseasyoga would be perfect for the above brand campaign data . . .

This influencer’s video posts netted an engagement rate of 6.7 percent. That is insanely good engagement, considering the average for Instagram influencers is 2 to 3 percent.

Utilizing data-driven analytics ensures each campaign gets maximum ROI. The wrong influencer, the wrong form of content, and the wrong audience, can all waste your influencer marketing budget fast.

Benefit #2: Brands really niche down using influencer platforms

Reaching your target audience is critical to the success of your brand’s upcoming influencer marketing campaigns. This can prove challenging. Unless you partner with an influencer platform that has the influencers with loyal target audiences in your niche.

The nano-influencers and micro-influencers in an influencer platforms network, like Scalefluence’s network, can help brands like yours niche down and reach the target audience your brand needs to achieve influencer marketing goals.

Here’s a breakdown of influencer tiers . . .

  • Nano-influencers = 1,000 – 10,000 followers
  • Micro-influencers = 10,000 – 50,000 followers
  • Mid-tier influencers = 50,000 – 500,000 followers
  • Macro-influencers = 500,000 – 1M followers
  • Mega-influencers = 1M+ followers

Many brands are finding more success when utilizing the influence of nano-influencers and micro-influencers compared to mid-tier influencers and above. How is this possible? Nano-influencers and micro-influencers have smaller, more loyal followers.

A nano-influencer like @hxrrietday can serve up the loyal followers to help your brand niche down and really connect with that ideal target audience . . .

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For example, the below nano-influencer’s Instagram post netted an amazing engagement rate of 8.85 percent . . .

This type of engagement is stellar. And it speaks to the power of utilizing nano-influencers to reach your brand’s target audience in a meaningful way.

Benefit #3: Influencer platforms know how to drive quality leads

Since influencer strategy is indeed part of a wider marketing strategy, influencer platforms have teams specialized in different areas of marketing. One of those areas is lead generation.

Why do most brands like yours turn to influencer marketing? It drives leads to product pages, home pages, and other places your brand lives online.

When using an influencer platform, you get access to influencers and influencer marketing experts that know how to maximize those leads. And the leads generated are quality leads, impacting conversion rates.

Benefit #4: Influencer platforms increase conversion rates

Generating leads is only one part of the equation. Turning those leads into customers is the other important part. This goes for any marketing campaign.

When working with reputable influencer platforms like Scalefluence, your team gets professional support that turns leads into customers. For example, if your campaign is promoting a new product, you need to direct social media users to the right page.

And that page needs to be ready to convert. A powerful influencer strategy via an influencer marketplace with expertise in conversions can be valuable to your brand’s overall influencer marketing ROI.

Benefit #5: Influencer strategy compliments your brand’s content strategy

Coming up with fresh content that engages your brand’s target audience can be difficult. It involves a team, time, and creativity. Those are all significant resources many brands can’t spare monthly when it comes to developing new and timely content.

This highlights another benefit of influencer platforms for brands. When you partner with an influencer platform, your brand gets connected to influencers and influencer marketing pros that understand the value of fresh content that engages audiences.

Here’s a great example of engaging content from fitness and health Instagram influencer @sweatandtell . . .

The text content is engaging to this influencer’s audience, and the image content is top notch when it comes to branding.

And one more example from fashion and lifestyle influencer @anishavig . . .

You can see that these Instagram influencers tell a story, thus connecting with their target audience for maximum engagement, leads, and ultimately conversions.

Benefit #6: Influencer platform Scalefluence takes brands to the next level

If you have been researching influencer platforms that can take your influencer strategy to the next level, Scalefluence can help. Scalefluence gives brands access to an influencer marketplace, unmatched by the competition.

Utilizing data-driven analytics from previously successful influencer campaigns, brands are matched with the RIGHT influencers for campaign growth and success.

And brands get the expertise they need to ensure influencer marketing continues to produce results. Our team of professional influencer marketers can support you in nurturing influencer relationships for increased customer lifetime value.

Wrapping Up . . .

Influencer marketing is no longer a trend, it is a viable marketing strategy that delivers powerful results for brands. Within every successful influencer strategy is an influencer platform supported by a robust network of influencers and expert marketers.

The above 6 benefits of influencer platforms are enticing to brands across multiple industries and niches. If your brand is ready to tap into unmatched influence, it is time to sign up for Scalefluence.

Let our team help you create an influencer strategy that is data-driven, sure to get the ROI your brand expects. Make your next influencer campaign a success with Scalefluence.

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