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How To Earn Money From Instagram Brand Sponsorships

When it comes to IG fame and fortune, you need to understand how to earn money from Instagram brand sponsorships first. This is the jumping off point to greater influence and success for most Instagram influencers.

Why? Brand sponsorships are the top way to make money as a social media influencer, whether you’re a YouTube star or Instagram sensation. Instagram influencers can make in excess of $2,085 per regular post, and up to $3,100 per video post.

And you definitely don’t need a ton of followers to learn how to start making money on Instagram. If you want to get more followers on Instagram, that is always a great plan. But you can make $100 per post with as little as 500 followers.

And if you’re a micro-influencer, you may find it easier to land more profitable brand sponsorships, since brands want access to your very loyal target audience.

The top three reasons why brands and marketing agencies want to work with micro-influencers are cost effectiveness, target audience connection, and highly authentic content.

Want to know how to earn money from Instagram brand sponsorships? The following tips for Insta-success with brands and marketing agencies may prove valuable.

Get More Followers On Instagram To Maximize Influence

Do you need tens of thousands of followers to make money as a social media influencer. Absolutely not. There are nano-influencers out there that make money on Instagram with under 2,000 followers.

However, having more followers won’t hurt your earning potential. That is, as long as you grow your followers the right way. For instance, you want engaged, loyal, and real followers at all times.

Do not post follower bait in hopes of increasing your follower count quickly. It will only hurt your overall engagement rate per post down the road (we’ll get into that later).

To get more followers on Instagram to maximize influence, you need to push out quality content that is actionable, and that resonates with your target audience. Here’s an example from Instagram influencer @itslivb . . .

She connects with her target audience in a very meaningful way with this video post. First, the fact that it’s a video post will generate more views and more potential new followers. The influencer is also normal, and speaking from the heart.

This is how you net more new followers. Take notes and produce quality content that will increase your follower count while also increasing your engagement rate.

Keep It Real When It Comes To Your Niche

It is always important to remember that you are building a personal brand in a specific niche. This will help define your content and entice brands interested in your niche to partner with you for their next influencer marketing campaigns.

Ideally, the closer the brand’s target audience is to your niche, the better. This is a must if you want to make serious money as a social media influencer via brand sponsorships. Here’s another good example from influencer @itslivbe . . .

This post netted an engagement rate of 2.37 percent. This is right on average for Instagram posts. This post is also niche specific. In fact, everything this influencer does is within her niche of vegan food and lifestyle.

She even has her own vegan cookbook . . .

This all helps her solidify her authority in her niche, as well as attract brands who want to reach that specific target audience. Create your personal brand, become an authority, and the brand sponsorships will come.

Engagement Is Extremely Important To Land Paid Brand Sponsorships

Engagement is probably the most important metric for any influencer. Before influencer marketing became a serious marketing strategy, follower count was used to measure the influence of a social media influencer.

However, brands and marketing agencies quickly found that having hundreds of thousands of followers didn’t mean much. In fact, there are too many social media influencers who are fake, wth fake followers.

That’s right, it is pretty easy to buy followers. You can buy 500 followers for just over $6 online.

But the engagement just might not be there. And followers who are not engaged with your content can destroy your ability to get paid by brands for your influence. Why? Because if you buy followers, you have no influence. This is why you should never buy followers.

Instead, focus on building followers that will love and engage with your content regularly. This will boost your engagement rate. And the higher the engagement rate per post, the more enticing you will be to brands.

Here’s an example from fitness and lifestyle micro-influencers @sweatandtell . . .

This post had 3,032 likes and 3,336 comments. THis gives the post an engagement rate of 12.4 percent. That is insane engagement. This is because these savvy influencers know what their audience wants and delivers to gain real, loyal followers on Instagram.

Hashtags Are Still Essential For Building Influencer Power

Hashtags may seem outdated in some aspects of digital marketing. However, hashtags are very much essential when it comes to social media, influencer marketing, and brand sponsorships.

For instance, social media influencers who want to net more views, likes, comments, and get more followers on Instagram can leverage hashtags. This is because hashtags are the keywords of Instagram. It is how Instagram users find new information, and new influencers to follow.

Here’s an example of how to utilize the power of hashtags in a promotional post via yoga and health influencer @yogawithadriana . . .

Hashtags like #yoga, #yogini #skincare, and others help users find posts that they are interested in. In fact, if done right, influencers can use hashtags to attract followers when they search specific hashtags to follow.

If an Instagram user wanted to find more content about yoga for beginners, he or she could search for that in the Instagram search bar . . .

And the user would find themselves on this hashtag page specific to yoga for beginners . . .

This is the power of hashtags, especially for social media influencers interested in growing their followers, attracting more attention from brands, and boosting engagement rate per post.

Partner With An Influencer Marketing Platform Like Scalefluence

This is possibly one of the best ways to land profitable brand sponsorships as a social media influencer. And it is the top way if you are an Instagram influencer ready to grow your monthly revenue and influence.

Partnering with an influencer marketing platform like Scalefluence can make a massive change when it comes to every aspect of your social media influencer game. How? Influencer marketing platforms already have a network of brands and agencies you want to work with.

And influencer marketing platforms make it easy to connect with those brands and agencies looking for an influencer like you to promote their businesses, products, and/or services.

Ready To learn How To Earn Money From Instagram Brand Sponsorships?

This is the time you take your influence to the next level as a social media influencer on Instagram. There are tons of brands turning to influencer marketing. In fact, many brands are allocating most of their budgets to influencer marketing campaigns.

Be the influencer your niche needs. The time has never been better for influencers. Contact Scalefluence today and unlock your earning potential.

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