How to Become a Micro Influencer

How to Become a Micro Influencer With 6 Simple Tips

To get more followers on Instagram as a micro-influencer, you need to understand how to get money from Instagram. The good news is that you’re in the right place to start your influencer career. Having more followers means more likes and more comments every time you post.

This is important because having more likes and comments per post can increase your engagement rate. And engagement rate is the top metric for brands when looking at potential micro-influencers for paid post sponsorships.

More brand sponsorships equal more zeros on your monthly revenue! Generally, micro-influencers have better engagement rates than most other influencers.

instagram micro influencers engagement rates

This is why brands want to partner with micro-influencers on Instagram. You simply have a more loyal and engaged following.

But how do you get more followers on Instagram? Do you know how to get paid for Instagram posts? The following may prove useful.

Here are our expert tips on how to become a micro-influencer.

Let’s dive in!

What is a Micro-Influencer?

A micro-influencer is a content creator with a smaller follower count on social media platforms that has really high engagement. To be classified as a micro-influencer, your account should have between 1,000 to 25,000 social media followers. The follower volume is not set in stone, however. If you have an influence over your audience and can affect their buying decisions, then you’re an effective micro-influencer.

The Different Levels of Influencer Status

The highest level of influence is a mega-influencer. They are typically celebrity influencers that have millions of followers.

After that, there are macro-influencers. These influencers have at least 100k followers and their own popular brands.

When it comes to influencer marketing, working with micro-influencers is often recommended due to their narrow niche and affordability. Micro-influencers can expose brands to real people that engage with their type of content every day.

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably what’s called a nano-influencer. Nano-influencers can have anywhere from 100-10,000 followers. It all depends on how much engagement you have and how much you can influence your followers’ buying decisions.

Let’s jump into some key steps you can take to reach micro-influencer status!

1. Get More Followers On Instagram By Focusing On Your Target Audience

Your target audience is extremely important. To get more followers on Instagram, you need to understand how your niche audience thinks, and what type of content they want to consume.

The type of content they want also includes the images and videos they want to see and watch. This is how you attract more followers, get your current followers to share your Instagram, and part of learning how to get paid from Instagram.

instagram influencer
get paid to work with brands

For instance, Instagram style influencer and blogger @thisisjessicatorres create quality content that resonates with her plus-size target audience. You can see how she appeals to her audience via her profile.

jessica torres bio

You can definitely see how this influencer has grown her following to over 140,000. And not to mention that her engagement rate is exceptional, the true hallmark of a social media influencer.

2. Create A Compelling Instagram Profile To Get More Followers

Many new influencers don’t realize just how important their Instagram profile is when it comes to getting more followers. A micro-influencer needs to have a powerful profile because it is essentially your social media influencer landing page.

There are a few core elements to a powerful Instagram profile for social media influencers looking to get more followers on Instagram. These core elements of an Instagram profile include:

  • Your real name
  • What your interests are
  • Where you are located
  • Instagram Highlights section
  • Contact information for fans and brands
  • Link to other online resources

Having the above in place can be impactful when growing your followers. Here’s an example from a social media influencer doing it right on Instagram.

Robin Arzon profile bio screenshot

This influencer covers nearly all the bases when it comes to growing her follower count with a powerful profile/bio. She even includes a phone number for fans and brands to text her. This is absolutely a great idea, just be ready for a ton of incoming messages.

Having a strong social media influencer profile is a must-do tip to get more followers on Instagram. When was the last time you took a hard look at your profile?

3. Always Engage With Your Audience To Increase Instagram Followers

Having an engaged audience and engaged followers is the name of the game. This is because you can increase your engagement rate as you increase your follower count. And having the highest engagement possible can land very lucrative brand sponsorships.

But it is critical to know and understand that engagement goes both ways as an influencer. If you fail to engage with your target audience and your followers, they will move on to an influencer that will share the love. This will cause your engagement rate to plummet drastically.

If your followers and target audience feel a personal connection to you via communication on Instagram, you will have a very loyal following that hangs on your every word. This is because every social media audience wants to have meaningful connections. It is simply human nature.

Here’s an example of what great communication looks like from an influencer on Instagram.

intheglamroom engaging with her audience example

Thoughtful replies to someone’s comment and genuine content can go a long way. Just like in life. If you want to grow your followers and take your influence to the next level, you absolutely need to engage back with your audience.

This may feel time-consuming. But if you are serious about making serious revenue as an influencer, you need to engage with your followers and audience. It is just part of the gig.

4. Be Consistent As An Instagram Micro-Influencer For More Followers

There is a lot to be said when it comes to being consistent as an Instagram micro-influencer. If you want to grow your follower count and know how to make money from Instagram, you need to hit a homerun with consistent content.

Research has shown that influencers that post more often, have a higher follower count and generally have more influence over their audience. Why? Well, most people won’t follow an influencer on social media if they aren’t getting fresh content often.

This means you need to post daily, if not daily, then every other day. This gives your followers more to share online, which leads to more followers for you.

That being said, it is important to ensure your content is always valuable and has meaning to your audience. You will only get more followers if your content has value. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how much you post per week, and how consistent you are.

5. Videos Are Follower-Food And How To Make Money From Instagram Posts

It is true that YouTube is the home of video content. It is also true that YouTube is the second largest search engine. Why is this? People online want to watch more videos than ever before.

As an Instagram micro-influencer looking to get more followers on Instagram, creating video content is a must-do tip. And creating videos for your Instagram posts can have serious revenue potential.

influencer rates

A study published by Influencer Marketing Hub found that social media influencers can make between $100 and $1M+ per video post on Instagram. Micro-influencers can average around $100-$500 per post.

If you post daily and start landing those lucrative, money-making brand sponsorships, the revenue potential is limitless when it comes to videos on Instagram. Not bad right? Here are a few convincing stats on video content that micro-influencers need to know:

  • Instagram Live content generates the most video views
  • Instagram video posts have a ton of engagement (more than any other post)
  • Brands want micro-influencers that know how to create powerful video content
  • Videos lead to greater connection with your audience

Want more followers and want to know how to get paid for Instagram posts? Videos are the key. The key to maximized revenue as an Instagram micro-influencer.

6. Hashtags Are Still Very Important For Every Post

This is one get more followers on Instagram tip more micro-influencers need to employ with every single post. Hashtags are essentially the keywords of social media. Even YouTube videos have hashtag terms now.

Why are hashtags still a must when it comes to social media content, especially for micro-influencers looking to grow their follower count? It is because hashtags are the way users find content on Instagram and follow the influencers that post that content.

For example, a yoga niche hashtag, like #yogaforbeginners or #yogabeginner can help someone interested in yoga as a beginner find content on Instagram.

hashtag example

This could help you find micro-influencers that utilize this yoga-centric hashtag . . .

yogawithmarina hashtag example

This is why hashtags are a must-do tip to get more followers and learn more about how to make money on Instagram. Grow your followers with niche specific hashtags starting now.

Take Your Influence to the Next Level

The above six tips for becoming a micro-influencer are just the tip of the iceberg. There are definitely many ways to get more followers as a social media influencer. Especially on Instagram.

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