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About Our Service

No More Searching

Stop spending hours looking up Instagram influencers, making spreadsheets of potential matches and sending countless introductory DMs. There’s a much better way to get in the Instagram game.

So Easy

Scalefluence gives you deep insights into the audience of our Instagrammers. Age, gender, audience sentiments—it’s all right there and ready for you!

Perfectly Targeted

Because you’ll get to easily analyze our Instagram influencers’ data, you’ll make sure to find collaborators who can talk to your customers. And what does that mean? More money for you.

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Instagram marketing

Find Better Matches

Instagram marketing is not easy. At Scalefluence, we know firsthand that making an actual profit from Instagram posts and stories is about soooo much more than finding someone pretty who can smile at the camera in their outfit of the day. To grow your business, you need well-known influencers who can be great brand ambassadors. People you’ll be proud to have associated your brand with. People whose image reflects what you’re about. And most of all? People who can really get you the numbers you’re hoping to see. Your brand is awesome and you work so hard, but your Instagram marketing strategies could probably use a facelift. But don’t worry. It’s easy.

Stop the Madness

Haggling with influencers needs to be a thing of the past. You know you could be spending more time working on what really matters. So just let them create content that’ll drive sales while they grow your Instagram following. With Scalefluence, you pay a fair price and get matched with internet stars who can really make a difference in your bottom line. No, you’re not dreaming. That’s just the power of Scalefluence.

Obviously, you care who reps your brand. We know you only want high-quality content to be associated with your brand’s name. That’s why we send influencers creative assets. Just like that, Instagram stars are happy with what their feed looks like and you’re delighted when you see the huge increase in traffic. To be fair, we did warn you a couple paragraphs up that this would be super easy.

Always FTC-Compliant, Don’t Worry

It’s required by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that all Instagram posts and stories published as part of a brand partnership display a disclosure that is easy to see. If that sounds hard to remember or to implement, don’t worry! We’ll do that for you. As an Instagram marketer, working with an influencer shouldn’t penalize you, it should simply be growing your following and helping you sell more. Great exposure, more time to fry bigger fish and more money is what we’re after here. Bye-bye, headaches.

So if you’re here, we bet you’re an Instagram marketer who’s looking for a better way to leverage Instagram. If you want to collaborate with the right influencers, take back some of your incredibly valuable time and (of course!) make more money, we’re excited to show you what the future of influencer marketing looks like.

Get started today. You’ll see the incredible difference our easy and convenient services make for any business in no time.

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