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Must Do Critical Steps To YouTube Fame And Fortune

YouTube is one of the hottest social channels for influencers to make money. Becoming a YouTube star can bring in serious revenue every month. In fact, YouTube videos net the most money per video for influencers when compared to Facebook and Instagram.

Making money on YouTube is more profitable for social media influencers of all sizes. But understanding how to make money on YouTube to reach fame and fortune status is not as easy as it sounds.

YouTube influencers need to be dedicated, motivated, and very creative. Why? The competition is fierce in nearly every niche on youTube.

For instance, a quick YouTube search for “fitness videos” highlights just how competitive some niches are.

You can see that the fitness niche has tons of influencers, many netting tens of millions of views.

In order to become a YouTube star, you first need to know how to get paid for YouTube videos, and understand how YouTubers get paid. To help, we gathered our influencer marketing experts here at Scalefluence to compile a few must-do critical steps.

Let’s jump right in!

YouTube Star Step #1: Post Videos To YouTube Consistently

When it comes to YouTube, or any other social media channel, posting content consistently increases subscribers and boosts YouTube SEO. This is a must-do critical step for how to make money on YouTube.

You can see how YouTube fitness influencer Pamela Reif posts consistently every month:

This has helped her achieve mega-influencer status on YouTube, growing her subscriber count to over 5.7 million.

If you want to maximize your YouTube fame and fortune, you absolutely need to post videos consistently. How do YouTubers get paid? They make a schedule and stick to it, ensuring viewers tap subscribe and keep coming back for more amazing video content.

YouTube Star Step #2: Streamline Video Production

This must-do critical step to YouTube fame and fortune aligns with the previous step. To post several videos per month consistently, you need a streamlined video production strategy.

Why? Video production (editing, fine-tuning audio, etc.) takes much longer than actually shooting the video. Most YouTubers spend countless hours in the video production stage for just 10-20 minutes of footage.

If you can streamline video production, you can crank out more videos!

Having a streamlined video production strategy also allows you to be consistent in how every video looks. This is important if you want to build subscribers and make cash on your creative video content.

Here’s an example of consistent video look and feel from YouTube fashion and lifestyle influencer Amanda John:

How do you streamline YouTube video production? Here are a few tips:

  • Create a storyboard and/or script for each video
  • List B-roll footage you want
  • Employ the rule of thirds to every frame
  • Set white balance correctly
  • Do a sound check before shooting
  • Edit single clips before arranging them
  • Have a rough cut prior to integrating timing
  • Keep transitions and effects to a minimum
  • Let your creativity be your guide

If you are a budding YouTube influencer, it may take you some time to streamline videos, as well as get the look and feel your target audience loves. Be patient and keep looking for ways to maximize post-production time.

YouTube Star Step #3: Longer Is Better For YouTube Watch Time

Watch time is a very important metric. It is in many ways how YouTubers get paid, since watch time equals cash, and other benefits. For example, new YouTubers can’t get approval for the YouTube Partner Program unless they reach 4,000 hours of public watch time in a 12 month period.

How do you increase watch time? Make longer videos. Studies have suggested that YouTube videos between 7-15 minutes perform best when it comes to watch time and engagement.

However, it simply depends on your niche. For example, Yoga With Adriene is one of the top yoga YouTube channels. But her videos range between 10 minutes and 40 minutes.

To find out what the best length of video for your target audience is, you will need to experiment a bit. Make a few videos at different lengths, track watch time and other metrics, and adjust accordingly for best results.

YouTube Star Step #4: Live Stream For Powerful Engagement

One of the top how to make money on YouTube must-dos is to employ live streaming. YouTube viewers want to have a meaningful connection with influencers, and what better way than to live stream.

Live streaming allows influencers and viewers to connect in real-time. And as a YouTube influencer, you can make some serious money during your live stream sessions via Super Chat.

Super Chat allows YouTube viewers to donate money during a live stream. It looks like this:

If your subscribers and new viewers love your content, they will definitely send you a Super Chat message with money support.

YouTube Star Step #5: Partner With Brands For Maximum Cash

With your video production streamlined, you are pumping out plenty of content. You have your watch time figured out, and live streaming is netting you decent revenue and more subscribers. What’s next?

With the above steps in place, it is time to partner with brands and get paid serious cash for sponsored videos and/or mentions. If you want to know how to make money on YouTube and how YouTubers get paid more for videos, this is it.

Brands know the power of YouTube. They understand that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and consumers turn to YouTube to find new products and/or services via their favorite influencers.

As a YouTube star, you can capitalize on this. You don’t even need to have that many subscribers. In fact, you can make money on YouTube with under 2,000 subscribers.

Brands also want to work with YouTubers that have smaller followings. Why? They have a more loyal following. This equates to more sales for brands. Here’s an example of a sponsorship from YouTube influencer Merideth Marsh:

This influencer did an unboxing video for GoPro and left a link in the video description for viewers and subscribers to tap through and make a purchase.

Of course, the influencer gets a cut for every product sold. Paid sponsorships and affiliate programs via brands can add up to serious profits for YouTube influencers. It can also help you reach your YouTube fame and fortune goal.

YouTube Star Step #6: Make Everything Easier With Scalefluence

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