How To Get Paid On YouTube With Under 2,000 Subscribers

Do you have 2,000 subscribers? Want to know how to get paid on YouTube? You’ve landed on the right online spot. YouTube is definitely one of the top ways to earn cash money, even with a little amount of influence.

Having under 2,000 subscribers on YouTube can equal profits for YouTube influencers, but you need to have a few “how to make money with a YouTube channel” basics in place.

Here’s one example from YouTubers BitBranding (hovering around 2,000 subscribers) . . .

These YouTube influencers are leveraging their business knowledge to help business owners and entrepreneurs tackle common challenges. They use YouTube to drive traffic to their website to make money . . .

This is just one way of earning online revenue when it comes to how to get paid on YouTube.

Let’s take a look at how to get paid for YouTube views and key tactics to earn money from your YouTube videos with under 2,000 subscribers.

How To Make Money With A YouTube Channel Basics

With under 2,000 subscribers, it is essential to focus on how to make money with a YouTube channel basics. Subscribers and views are not the only metrics that matter when it comes to getting paid for YouTube influence.

Enter video engagement!

Engagement is a far better metric for brands and marketing agencies looking for YouTube stars like you. Yes, it is all about engagement, your YouTube channel niche, and the different channels of revenue you want to capitalize on.

Getting more subscribers and views is of course important. But by focusing on greater engagement within your niche, subscribers and views will naturally follow.

What does this all mean exactly?

You need to understand your target audience inside and out in order to take your YouTube influence to the next level. Next level meaning money earning potential.

Do You Know Your YouTube Channel Target Audience?

Understanding your target audience is a must if you want to know how to get paid on YouTube. Building the right audience around your video content will better position you to monetize that content, even with under 2,000 subscribers.

But in order to create content that users will engage with, you need to get to know them. Think of it like a dinner party. If you are cooking steak for your vegan dinner guests, you will find an empty table.

Same goes for YouTube videos if you want to have strong engagement per video and increase your influencer earnings.

Here’s a great example of engagement from healthy living YouTuber Valentina Zakaria . . .

This video netted over 2,300 views and 6 comments. Not bad for a YouTuber with only 300 plus subscribers.

How did this video drive in high engagement? The YouTuber really knows her target audience and creates content she knows will be a homerun. Just check out her videos list . . .

Here are a few target audience tips to get you started:

  • Know the type of content your target audience wants or needs
  • Have an age range for your audience
  • Know where your audience lives using analytics
  • Identify your top five videos and understand why those videos did the best
  • Find out how long users are watching your videos
  • Check comments to see what your viewers are saying

The above tips will help you define your target audience for greater engagement. With the how to make money with a YouTube channel basics out of the way, let’s get down to money making YouTube tactics.

Join The YouTube Partner Program ASAP!

One of the best ways to start earning money from YouTube with under 2,000 subscribers is to join the YouTube partner program. This allows you to make money on ads that play before and during your videos.

There are a few requirements to set up your partner program account:

  • Have over 1,000 subscribers
  • Have over 4,000 watch hours in 12 months
  • Be over 18 and have channel location in eligible area
  • Adhere to YouTube’s video content guidelines

If you meet all these requirements, you will be quickly approved as a YouTube partner. Once approved, you can have ads played on your YouTube videos like these:

Here’s an overview via YouTube Creator Academy . . .

How To Get Paid For YouTube Views Via The Partner Program

You do not necessarily get paid per video view as a YouTube partner. To get paid for ads, viewers will need to click on the ads before and during your videos. This is how to get paid for YouTube views via partner program monetization.

There is also another part of the advertisement puzzle YouTubers with under 2,000 subscribers should know. Ad watch time can make a difference in how much you get paid for an ad click as well.

This could be 10 to 30 seconds, depending on the ads requirements for engagement and payment. And don’t forget, YouTube will take a cut of the ad revenue earned.

Sell Products And/Or Services On YouTube

This how to get paid on YouTube with under 2,000 subscribers tactic can be very profitable. There is no doubt that you will make a bit of ad money as a YouTube partner.

But in order to start making a decent income from videos, you will need to set up another revenue stream.

Did you know that if you have 1,000 or more subscribers, you are a personal brand? That’s right, you have enough influence to be a brand, and this means you can start selling your personally branded merchandise and/or services.

From coffee mugs and t-shirts to consulting services, you can sell your brand easily on YouTube, even if you have a small subscriber count.

Here’s how Rebecca Gill sells her SEO and marketing services via this YouTube video with only 1,500 subscribers . . .

She first delivers actionable content that a business owner or entrepreneur can use to learn and work SEMrush effectively. Then in the video description, she has a few unique links that drive traffic to her website, where viewers can become customers.

That’s how easy it is to drive profitable traffic via YouTube videos by pushing your own products and/or services.

Land Lucrative Brand Sponsorships With Scalefluence

Brands know the value of influencers and influencer marketing, especially when it comes to video content on YouTube. This is why more brands are betting on influencers to drive sales.

And don’t get hung up on the fact that you have under 2,000 subscribers. The truth is, brands are more willing to work with social media influencers with smaller followings these days.

Why? Loyalty!

Nano-influencers like you have a small, tight community of followers that hang on your every recommendation. They give you loyalty in exchange for your quality content and personalized engagement.

This can equal big time profits for brands, as well as the influencers that partner with brands via influencer marketing.

Want to know how to make money on YouTube working with brands? Partner with a reputable influencer marketing platform like Scalefluence. Scale fluence has a robust list of brands and agencies looking for nano-influencers to promote products and services.

Our team of influencer marketing experts can also get you moving on the above tactics for getting paid on YouTube too. We deliver fast payments for your influence, and you never need to sacrifice your creative process.

Learn more about Scale fluence today and maximize your YouTube influence for more zeros in your bank account.

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