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What is a Social Media Influencer?

The days of hollow celebrity endorsement are (almost) over. Consumers are more likely to trust individuals who put out high-quality, engaging content that relates to their specific interests — people who wield social media influence with a dedicated audience. That audience could be large or small, but the key is that it is built-in and enthusiastic.

Every online influencer has cultivated a reputation for being knowledgable about a particular subject, anything from beauty to board games or business and beyond.
It is possible for online influencers to be celebrities or big-name industry leaders. However, a content creator or blogger influencer is just as likely to have an impact on commerce. There are also micro-influencers out there, regular people who blow up on social media because of their views, voice or videos. All of these influencers have direct relationships with their followers, making stronger connections and thereby commanding more influence on media within niche markets.

This is where real chances for marketing emerge. If a brand aligns itself with the right online influencer, the opportunities are endless. But just like the relationships between influencers and their followers, the connection between a brand and an influencer must be a natural fit to have a real impact.

Well, it’s not quite that simple. Since most influencers had to work hard to earn the support of their followers, they’re hesitant to harm that relationship by promoting a product or service they don’t trust — even if you wave a huge wad of cash at them. For content creators to wield their social media influence for business purposes, the partnership needs to benefit both parties. They need to see the value that your brand can bring to their audience. As such, influencer marketing should be part of a long-term strategy, targeting specific online influencers who produce content that is relevant to your brand and intended audience.

Where is The Best Place to Start?

When you’re looking for an online influencer to promote your brand, it’s often best to start with micro-influencers on social media. You’ll also want to pinpoint the platform that is most relevant to your audience. Are they looking for quick, attention-grabbing content? Facebook might be the answer. Do they prefer long-form, high-quality videos? YouTube is the place for that. Or, does your audience crave a combination of photos and short videos with a highly personal touch? Instagram might be the best bet. In fact, according to Forbes, Instagram was involved in over 90 percent of influencer marketing plans in 2018 alone, a trend that is likely to continue.

Reaching out to a blogger influencer is worthwhile too, especially on far-reaching blogs that can offer opportunities for guest posts or sponsored content. These posts can spread across all forms of social media, getting shared again and again by the blog’s followers. But again, it’s all about building a relationship with an online influencer, and that doesn’t happen overnight.

Trying to Find The Right Online Influencer for Your Brand?

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