6 Ways Influencer Platforms Make Working With Social Media Influencers Easy

Social media serves up unique opportunities for brands. Leveraging social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok to reach target audiences is a must for competitive growth.

This goes for any business — In any industry.

But finding social media influencers to achieve your brand’s influencer marketing goals can be tricky. Your influencer strategy may involve multiple angles across a variety of social networks.

This is why more brands are leaning on influencer platforms to get the social job done.

Mainly because 75 percent of marketers found it pretty challenging to find the right social media influencers . . .

Influencer platforms make accessing the influencer marketplace easy. From finding the RIGHT influencers to maximizing influencer strategy ROI via data-driven analytics, influencer platforms like influencer amrketing platform Scalefluence simplify the entire process.

And simple is the aim right?

You don’t want to spend more on influencer marketing than you need to. Influencer platforms bring expertise to the table, letting you run your business and not a social media agency on the side.

Pop Quiz: How many ways can influencer platforms make working with social media influencers easy?

Answer: Our team of influencer marketing pros have come up with 6 pretty convincing ways. Let’s get to it!

1. Influencer Platforms Live By The “3 Rs” Of Influence

When it comes to successful influencer marketing campaigns, you need to encompass the 3 Rs of influence. This is what influencer platforms live by, because they know how important success is to brands like yours.

What are the 3 Rs of influence? Relevance, Reach, and Resonance (engagement potential). Let’s take a deeper look at each:

  • Relevance. The relevance of an influencer is simply the content he or she puts out in relation to your brand’s industry and/or niche. For example, a training smartwatch and app brand would find health and fitness influencers of high relevance.
  • Reach. The reach an influencer has is all about his or her follower count, or the potential reach a promoted post for your brand may have. If an influencer has 10,000 followers, the reach can be 1k to 5k ready to buy customers.
  • Resonance. Resonance is the engagement potential the influencer serves up. This combines follower count with views, shares, comments, and other key engagement metrics. Resonance is important, because it can help you spot fake influencers.

When working with a reputable influencer platform, you can be sure that all 3 Rs of influence are accounted for. A successful influencer strategy depends on these essential markers.

Here’s an example from fitness micro-influencer @nicoleloher . . .

The relevance of this influencer is certainly present for any brand that wants to get in front of a health and fitness audience. Her potential reach and Stories are also great for a micro-influencer in her industry.

The resonance is also present with over 200 views and plenty of follower comments.

Influencer platforms qualify influencers based on the 3 Rs, as well as many other metrics. This eliminates a lot of leg work for brands when it comes to finding a good influencer fit.

2. Influencer Platforms Help You Define Audience Personas

Finding the right influencer for your brand is all about reaching the right audience. In some cases, you may have a decent idea of your target audience. But having detailed audience personas is a must to maximize influencer marketing ROI.

To define audience personas, you need to dig deep on demographics, interests, tech usage, and more. Influencer platforms help with this, because they already have developed audience personas for other brands. Maybe even brands in your industry.

With audience personas ready to go, an influencer marketing platform expert will begin matching your brand’s audience personas with those of influencers. Sometimes influencer audiences can be outside your industry and/or niche.

3. Tether Trust Factors To The Influencer Marketplace

Trust is very important when it comes to successful influencer marketing campaigns. If you choose an influencer that doesn’t have the trust of his or her audience, your influencer marketing dollars will simply be wasted.

How do you know if an influencer has a captive audience that trusts his or her recommendations? This is a tough question to answer on your own. When vetting influencers online by yourself, it can be hard to gauge the trust level of the audience.

Let’s take a look at this example from YouTube micro-influencer Dan Flying Solo . . .

Dan has a pretty small subscriber count for YouTube influencer status with just over 2,000 subscribers. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t smashing it.

You can see that his views are off the chart for the above YouTube video, double his subscriber count. Does this mean Dan Flying Solo has the trust of his audience? Enough trust to follow his recommendations? You wouldn’t know.

But you know who does know these kind of influencer trust metrics? The influencer platform that the influencer works with. This is because influencer platforms track conversions and other critical trust data to ensure ROI is being met per campaign.

4. Influencer Platforms Get The Right Message Across

Creating social media posts that are concise and get the right message across can prove challenging. Influencer platforms also help with this, ensuring look, feel, and tone of each influencer post is on point for your brand, as well as the audience of the influencer.

This is where influencer marketing platforms employ expertise and creativity. With a network of influencer at the ready, they assist in the collaboration efforts between the brand and the influencer.

You can also pair your brand’s social media look and feel with an influencer that has a similar look and feel. This is all about industry knowledge. Having an influencer platform mediating in the creative process can be a recipe for campaign success.

How does this look on social media? Let’s say your brand is a travel company and you want to promote a few of your top destinations. You see that your previous posts are similar to ariel travel influencer Tobias Hagg @airpixels . . .

Knowing this, you can partner with the artist/influencer to get the look, feel, and tone for your upcoming campaigns via Instagram.

5. Influencer Platforms Help Maximize Your Marketing Budget

Did you know that marketers spend between $25k to $50k on influencer marketing annually? That is a lot of marketing spend dedicated to one strategy. And getting the most out of each dollar is essential to brands and marketers.

One major way influencer platforms make working with social media influencers easy is they negotiate price and help you maximize your budget. With data-driven analytics on hand, influencer platforms know the right avenues to achieve positive ROI.

In fact, you may never need to discuss price with an influencer, since everything is done through a secure platform. This is one of the biggest downsides to doing influencer marketing on your own.

There are many influencers that price to high, and many brands that want a deal. Influencer platforms ensure common ground is found and the campaign goes according to plan.

6. Partner With Scalefluence And Let Us Find Influencers For Your Brand

Hunting down influencers that are the perfect fit for your brand and influencer marketing efforts can be the biggest challeng. The good news is that influencer campaigns like Scalefluence make finding the RIGHT influencers easy.

How do we do it? Scalefluence already has a network of influencers across multiple industries. And we have qualified each influencer to ensure they match up with your brand’s overall marketing goals.

This is what makes influencer platforms so enticing to brands. You can sign up to join our influencer marketplace and let our skilled team get to work.

Make Working With Social Media Influencers Easy

The above ways influencer platforms can make an impact on your social media marketing paint a pretty clear picture. It is easy to work with platforms, and you get the added bonus of campaign success. What are you waiting for, tap into our influencer marketplace and get the influence your brand needs to achieve social powerhouse status.

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