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100 YouTube Video Ideas to Help You Go Viral

If you want popular YouTube video ideas for your channel, you’ve come to the right place. YouTube is a lucrative space for influencers, with over two billion monthly active YouTube users and five billion videos watched daily. That’s a huge opportunity for influencers to leverage for-profit and audience growth!

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  • Other important YouTube statistics include:
  • 95 Percent of internet users worldwide watch YouTube
  • 73 percent of adults in the United States us YouTube
  • 62 percent of businesses use YouTube
  • 37 percent of 18 to 34-year-olds binge-watch videos on YouTube
  • Millennials prefer YouTube over T.V.
  • YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the YouTube demographics that provides some insight into what it takes for YouTube influencer success . . .

YouTube demographics

Did you know around 500 hours of videos are uploaded every minute to YouTube? What does this mean for you? If you’re hoping for success as a YouTube influencer, you have a lot of competition, regardless of your niche or the types of YouTube channel ideas you come up with.

And if you don’t stand out via viral YouTube video content, you may have a more challenging time convincing brands to hire you as their YouTube influencer.

Sure, ad money via your YouTube following is good, but getting paid by a brand for introducing products or services can be far more lucrative for an influencer, especially on YouTube.

For instance, if you net around 25,000 views per day on YouTube, you can expect monthly earnings between $1,000 and $1,500. However, by adding sponsored posts from brands, you can increase your monthly earnings by thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars (depending on your niche).

Here’s a breakdown of sponsored post pay for YouTube influencers:

  • $500-$1,000 per video post for 50,000 to 100,000 subscribers
  • $1,000-$3,000 per video post for 100,000 to 500,000 subscribers
  • $3,000-$5,000 per video post for 500,000+ subscribers

Here’s how one influencer does it . . .

This is why partnering with a brand is critical to growth and success as a YouTube influencer. To attract brands, you need to be pretty good at your craft. Your YouTube video content needs to have plenty of views, shares, and, most importantly, engagement.

100 YouTube Video Ideas to Inspire Content Creators

Engaging YouTube video content is the hallmark most brands go by these days since they know views are not as accurate of a metric as previously thought.

To grab the attention of YouTube users and get them to interact, you’ll need to create engaging YouTube videos. There are many genres, from funny videos, challenge videos, and prank videos, to opinion videos – the sky’s the limit. Here are 100 popular YouTube video ideas you may find worthwhile for this year. Let’s dive in!

Compilation Videos

Compilation videos are easy to create by editing together clips from other videos. Just find some related content and stitch them together to form a compilation. These can be funny videos, highlights from your own channel, or a list of your favorite clips from just about anything!

If you are having trouble thinking of a new YouTube video idea, lean on your old ones by creating a compilation! Here are some great examples:

Document Your Interesting Experiences

Every influencer has a trump card up their sleeve: themself! You don’t have any competition when making a video about your life or personal story. This is a great way to connect with fans and share your unique story. You can design it like a Q&A or just share some interesting facts about yourself.

Create a Fail Compilation

Everyone loves a good fail compilation. These don’t have to be of people getting hurt. Social and workplace “fails” can also make for great entertainment!

Create Skits of Relatable Situations

TikTok and Instagram Reels have made us all addicted to short skits. Compiling relatable slice-of-life skits is a great way to turn this type of content into YouTube-worthy videos.

Bloopers Reel

Who doesn’t love a good blooper? Especially if you have some of your own from recent videos, compiling them into a blooper real is a great way to use that cut content! These clips are also a great way to highlight your personality, giving fans a peek behind the scenes.

Prank Video Compilation

Are you a prankster? Or do you follow any content creators who share funny pranks? Compiling content from sources like Facebook Reels is an easy way to create YouTube-length prank videos. Just be sure you get permission when using others’ content!

Challenge Videos

There are countless challenge videos on the internet. From the ice bucket challenge to the ghost pepper challenge, compiling these fun Youtube videos, or a collection of you taking on multiple challenges, is sure to garner some views!

Movie Clips

A compilation of movie clips, whether favorite clips from a series or related clips from different movies, is another easy video idea. Just be sure to follow fair use guidelines by adding commentary, keeping the clips short (around 5 seconds), and giving credit to the source.

Short Video Compilation

Do you have a bunch of short videos you created for TikTok and Instagram Reels? Recycle that content into YouTube Shorts or turn them into compilation videos!

“Like a Boss” Videos

“Like a boss” compilations usually revolve around impressive physical feats, though they can include social scenarios too. Compiling cool videos into a “like a boss” collection has proven popular on YouTube.

Oddly Satisfying

Something deep in the human psyche enjoys seeing a job well done. Oddly satisfying videos often revolve around completing a task, such as a skilled craft, knocking over a domino arrangement, or even destroying something. Compiling satisfying clips into a single video is a good way to deliver so serotonin to fans.

Funny Clips

There is no end to funny content online. Compiling related content or some of your favorite comedy clips is sure to give your followers a chuckle.

Facts Compilation

From fun facts to unbelievable truths, YouTube is a great resource for fun and learning. A simple list of facts translated to video form can be an entertaining distraction. If you pick an interesting topic, you could attract a lot of views.

There are many popular types of videos on YouTube that you can create to attract new viewers and subscribers. Here are some examples:

Do a Live Stream

Live streaming has become its own genre of content thanks to Twitch, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live. Youtube Live is another popular option. If you are doing something interesting or have a time-sensitive update your fans should know about, start a live stream on your channel!

Create a Short Film

YouTube is the best platform for sharing short films. There are billions of potential viewers and many other filmmakers on the platform. Networking can be a great way to learn more and enjoy short films made by your peers!

Time-Lapse Videos

Time-lapse videos offer fun perspectives on everyday things. Whether it be your garden, the weather, or a series of images tracking progress, time-lapse videos are a captivating type of video.

Invite a Guest

Bringing a guest onto your channel creates all sorts of opportunities. This can be a fellow influencer, an expert in your niche, or just a friend. You could host an interview or just have them add a twist to your regular content.

Your Path to Success

There are few things as inspiring as a success story. If you are YouTube famous, your fans will enjoy hearing about your journey, and you may even attract new followers who relate to you.

Make a Haul Video

If you love to shop, or are a collector of something specific, fans with similar interests will respond well to a haul video. Just share what you picked up during your latest shopping spree, or show off a particularly impressive item you are adding to your collection.

Parody a Different Video

Is there a video living rent-free inside your head? Maybe you love it, maybe you hate it, either way, you can parody it! You could poke fun at one of your first videos or show love for another creator by taking an existing video and putting your own spin on it. If viewers recognize the reference, you can expect some likes and shares!

Perform a Song Cover

Are you musically inclined? If so, song covers have given micro-influencers on YouTube their big break. Just choose a popular song that plays to your strengths and record your performance. Fans of the song and possibly even labels could end up giving it a listen!

Create a Myth-Busting Video

Is there an old wives tale that irks you? Have you discovered a secret to a common myth? If so, a video debunking that myth will likely attract the curiosity of others who have wondered about it.

Record an Unboxing

Unboxing videos will attract two types of viewers: those looking for some retail therapy and those legitimately interested in buying the product. Unboxings are a useful type of product review and it’s also just fun to share the experience of buying something new!

Explainer Videos

Are you an expert on a certain topic or someone with inside information in a particular field? Explaining some not-so-common knowledge is an interesting way to gain followers. Maybe it is related to your job, a hobby, or a talent you have. In any case, give an explanation that piques curiosity.

ASMR Videos

ASMR stands for an autonomic sensory meridian response. This phenomenon is often described as a tingling sensation along the back of the neck, head, and spine. It can be triggered by soothing voices, rhythmic sounds, or even music. Creating a video that triggers an ASMR response in viewers or listeners is a surefire way to gain new fans.

Do a Weird Experiment

Whether you just want to see what happens or already know the outcome, a weird experiment will leave viewers wondering about the result. Will it catch on fire? Make you sick? Save you time? Only one way to find out!

Record Your Reaction

Reaction videos are hugely popular. Whether you’re watching a movie trailer, playing a video game, or reading a conversation, just add a video of your reaction to the content to make it your own.

What’s in My Bag?

What IS in your bag? Also, what bag? This could be showing fans how you pack your bag before going on an adventure or finding out for yourself all the odd things you’ve collected in your daily handbag.

What’s on My Phone?

As phones get more complex, we collect more tools and junk on them throughout our day-to-day. You might talk about your favorite apps and why you love them or scroll through your bloated photo gallery uncovering strange pictures you don’t remember taking…

Q&A Videos

YouTube Live lets users live stream whenever they want. This is a great feature that many YouTube influencers have not leveraged to boost their subscribers and engagement. If you have yet to live stream, the time is now. It’s also a great way to stand out from the sea of other influencers in your niche or do a creative response video.

What can you live stream? There are a lot of different topics for live streaming, but none have the viral video content potential of Q&A. Having a direct line to an influencer to ask any question is enticing, even for your non-subscribers.

It looks like this . . .

Youtube live

How does it work? Users simply ask questions via the live feed, and you answer them on the fly. Having a YouTube Live video also allows your subscribers to communicate with one another in real-time during the stream. This helps build more community around your channel, which is essential to YouTube influencer success. Live streaming is also great for gameplay videos. Many content creators will do Q&As and play a video game live simultaneously for ultimate engagement.

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Do a 30-Day Challenge

For better or worse, a 30-day challenge is always an interesting thing to watch. You could be trying to eat healthily or only eating fast food. Working out every day or not leaving bed. Either way, share your experience!

Do Something Outrageous

Are you a daredevil? There are untold amounts of outrageous videos on the internet. Generally, the more outrageous, the better. If you have an opportunity to do something outrageous, like eat exotic food or do a crazy dare, be sure to record it!

Create a Comedy Skit

Do you have a strong funny bone? If you’re good at making people laugh, use that talent to make comedy skits. A good laugh is sure to earn likes, shares, and follows.

Current News

BREAKING NEWS: YouTubers love to learn new things about their interests or what’s happening in the world.

Useless Skills

Do you have an odd skill or talent? Maybe it hasn’t helped you much in your daily life, but it can definitely help your YouTube channel!

Remake Old Videos

Reboots are all the rage these days in Hollywood. They can work well on your page too! Whether you are recreating your earliest videos or doing a “then and now,” sometimes you can look to the past to create future content.

Get Your Viewers to Challenge You

Want to do a challenge but running out of ideas? You have an entire fanbase full of them! You can frame this like truth or dare, or just ask for challenge suggestions and pick some lucky winners to try theirs!

Attempt to Follow Instructional Videos

YouTube is chock-full of how-to videos. Some are good, and some are… not so good. If you come across an instructional video helpful to your audience, share your experience with it. If you find one that’s a bit strange, give it a go and see what happens!

Audience Participation

Guests make for easy content on your channel. If you aren’t sure to invite on, give an open invitation to guests! You can invite them to physically join you, do a video chat, or take suggestions for future content. Your fans will love contributing to your channel!

Trying Things for the First Time

There’s a first time for everything, and the results are often amusing. If you are planning on trying something new for the first time, share your experience!

Tutorial Videos

Are you a pro at making, fixing, or doing something? Lean on that talent to create helpful and captivating content!

DIY YouTube Videos

YouTube is the place for DIY videos. Countless people have saved money by going to YouTube to learn a new skill. Whether it be fixing your car, building something for your house, or a simple craft, DIY videos can add value to your channel.

Makeup Tutorials

Are you a makeup artist? Do your friends always compliment your look? If so, record your routine and share it on your channel! Makeup products are one of the most lucrative categories to monetize as an influencer.

Exercise Routine Video

Do you have a regular exercise routine that helps you stay healthy and happy? Many people don’t! If you think others can benefit from your workout routines, share them on your channel!

Yoga Tutorial

Are you a yoga zen master? Yoga is a great form of exercise for many. Guiding them through sessions is a great way to get new subs and keep them coming back. If you’re brand new to yoga, record that too! It might be funny!

Music Lesson

Another great skill to learn on YouTube is music. Why pay for expensive lessons when you can learn for free in the comfort of your home? If you are talented at a particular instrument, share your tips on your channel!

Do Magic Tricks

Everyone loves magic! Whether you are practicing or showing off, recording some magic tricks can be fun content for your channel. You can use them to teach or just entertain.

Cooking tutorial

Are you a chef or foodie? If you love to cook, share some of your favorite recipes on YouTube! Sometimes it can help to see the steps in action, and it can also get your fans’ mouths watering!

Home Remedies

Sometimes when you’re under the weather, you don’t want to make a trip to get some medicine. If you know some helpful home remedies, share them on your channel. Even better if you need to post some content while you’re sick!

How-to Video

YouTube is home to countless how-to videos. If you’re an expert at something or know some handy tips, turn them into a video!

Software Tutorial

We all run into computer trouble now and then. Sometimes reading a guide just isn’t enough. Video walkthroughs for solving computer issues are a great resource. Adding them to your channel can help a lot of people (and get you lots of likes and views).

Sports Tutorial

While there is nothing like getting out to your favorite court, field, or rink, that’s not always possible. If you want to work on your golf swing in the winter or master your slapshot from home, YouTube tutorials are the place to go! Share your athletic prowess on your channel!

Teach a Professional Skill

There is such a wide variety of jobs and professional skills out there. Whether someone is thinking about a career change or just wants to learn something new, teaching them a skill you use at your job can be valuable content.

Math Tutorials

Not everyone loves mathematics. Luckily, there are many ways to approach math problems. Sometimes the ways we learn in formal education aren’t the easiest to grasp. If you are good at math, try creating an educational video teaching your methods to hungry minds on YouTube.

Nail Polish and Care Tutorial

Like makeup, nail products are an excellent category for influencers. If you like to wow your friends with your nail care and designs, share those tips on your channel. Product tutorials are also great sponsorship opportunities for influencers!

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Lifestyle Videos

One of the most important and fun things about being a YouTube influencer is sharing about yourself with your audience. This can be highly personal or related to your interests and hobbies. Either way, YOU are an important element of your content.

Do an Introduction

The old introduction YouTube video is a must when first creating videos. After you’ve had a bit of success and packed on the subscribers, it is easy to forget what users really want — a meaningful connection.

This is important for YouTube influencer success, so really pay attention to this viral YouTube video content idea. Research has found that seven out of ten people want more personalized ads. Personalization has become very important to people, and if you can break down a YouTube video every few months that really resonates with your audience, you can really max out engagement.

Here’s an example that netted 1,700+ comments and over 88,000 views . . .

This may seem basic, but you may be surprised by how many new subscribers you’ll get when you create a video showcasing who you are, plus the engagement this one meaningful video will drive home. Letting your audience know who you are will set you up for YouTube influencer success for this year and beyond.

make $$$ doing what you love

Discuss Your Hobbies

Whether your hobby is popular or niche, there are others interested in it. Sharing your experience or opinion on a hobby can help your fans learn about you and that hobby at the same time.

Give a Studio/Room Tour

Giving your fans a behind-the-scenes look at where you create most of your content is a great way to connect with them on a personal level. This is a great strategy if you need a new idea for your next post!

Travel Vlog

Whether or not you are a travel blogger, recording content while on vacation is an excellent opportunity. People love to see what others are doing while on vacation, and you might even inspire some trips!

Your Morning Routine

Showing your morning routine is another way great to connect with your fans on a personal level. This doesn’t have to be riveting content, just a peek into your life for your fans.

If you have an eye for fashion or are frequently complimented on your outfits, share those trends with your audience. They’ll appreciate the tips and see how you pull it off!

For more tips see our guide on video ideas for fashion and beauty.

Celebrity Lifestyle

A lot of people are interested in the influencer lifestyle, even if it’s not a career for them. Showing how your life is different from the normal 9-5 can be of surprising interest to some in your audience.

Discuss Your Career

Whether you make enough money on YouTube to be a full-time influencer or have a day job, opening up about your experience can be inspiring to others. They might be looking for a change or just interested in another perspective, so why not share yours?

Give a Tour of Your City

Giving a tour of your city allows others to experience a mini, virtual vacation from a local. This might inspire someone to travel there, or just be an interesting look at somewhere new.

Wardrobe Tour

Do you have a tour-worthy walk-in closet or go-to outfits for your channel videos? A wardrobe tour is a quick and easy way to give fans a peek behind the scenes and show off your favorite clothes!

Start a vlog

A vlog, or video blog, is a series of videos that form a greater whole. This can be about you, a pet, or a particular interest of yours. If there is something you would like to share with the world that won’t video into a single video, turn it into a vlog!

Show off a collection

Everyone collects something. Whether it is a common collection like baseball cards or something more unusual like fossils, showing off your collection makes great content for fans, especially those who share your interest!

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Talk About Favorite TV Shows

Everyone is looking for new recommendations to add to their watch list. If you have some favorites or a must-watch series, share it with your audience on your channel!

Skincare Routine

Creating a video about your skincare routine is great for personalized content and lets you promote your favorite products. This can be a great opportunity for brand partnership!

Outfit or Face of the Day

If you take pride in your daily outfit or makeup artistry, that is a great opportunity to create content. A simple video showing off your daily look is easy content and makes for a great compilation video down the road.

Quick Tips

Do you have some quick tips that can help your audience in their day-to-day? Maybe a trick to really clean that shower grout or a better way to make coffee? Simple tips can keep you in the minds of your fans and make for easy content on your channel!

Holiday Video

Do you have fun plans for the holidays?! Celebrating with your fans and sharing your traditions can be a fun and festive way to connect with your audience.

Daily Routine

Another fun way to connect with your audience is by sharing your daily routine. If you always visit the same cafe, hit the gym, then get to work, your fans will be interested to know!

Memory Videos

Whether sharing something from your past or revisiting old content on your channel, memory videos can add personal insight to your channel and show how far you’ve come on your journey as a person and YouTuber.

Share Your Playlist

People are always looking for new music recommendations. If you have a new band you’re into or some all-time favorite songs, share some music videos or recommendations on your channel!

Complete Your Bucket List

Bucket lists are a fascinating and very personal thing. If you have one or are preparing to check something off the list, share that experience on your channel!

Gaming Videos

Video games have become one of the largest entertainment industries in the world, worth more than the movie and music industries combined. Superstar influencers like PewDiePie have shown us just how successful you can be making video game content for YouTube.

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Live stream a game

Live-streaming video games was made famous by Twitch over the last decade, raking in over $2.5 billion in revenue last year alone. While Twitch has become synonymous with live-streaming gaming content, YouTube is another popular option.

Gaming news

As with most tech topics, gaming fans love keeping up on the latest news within their hobby. As large as the gaming industry is, it is easy to find news about new game releases, rumors, and acquisitions among popular developers. Your strategy can be as simple as keeping your ear to the ground and translating information from traditional news outlets and press releases into video form.

Game Hacks

The mods and homebrewing scenes are becoming more accessible every year. As new generations of games and hardware release, fans of older generations seek to keep them alive with unofficial hacks and support. Some attempt to modify new games as they release with the help of dev tools released alongside those games. These communities add more content to games with custom expansions, upgrades, and changes.

Interview Gamers

Interviews are a classic form of video content. Try to find interviewees with unique and interesting backgrounds. Maybe they are the high score holder for a game, the first to accomplish a challenge, or come from an unusual demographic like Gamer Grandma.

Gaming tutorials

Gaming tutorials are a massively popular form of content in the industry. Whether fans are looking for tips, want to see how a game works before buying it, or just enjoy seeing pros play a game, tutorial videos are well-liked.

Top 10 Games

Top 10’s are a favorite across all content mediums; games are no different. Simply select a genre, console, year, or other specification and make a list of the top 10 games for it. For example:

  • Top 10 Horror Games of All Time
  • Top 10 FromSoftware Games
  • Top 10 Shooters from 2010

You can just do a generic Top 10 for your favorite games, but having more of a focus can help attract viewers interested in that genre or niche.

Start a walkthrough

Like tutorials, walkthroughs are one of the most common types of video game content you will find on YouTube. Just type in the name of a game with the word walkthrough, and there will be results. Walkthroughs can be helpful for players who get stuck and need help, people considering buying a game, or some viewers who just want to watch a game be played rather than playing it themselves.

Do a Speedrun

While speedruns are nothing new, they have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. As the name implies, a speedrun is an attempt to beat a game as quickly as possible. There are different types with different rules, such as:

  • No glitches
  • 100% runs
  • Fastest time to the credits screen

If you are good at a specific game, look into its speedrun community and see if you think you can compete! There are some awe-inspiring speedrun videos on YouTube that attract a lot of viewers.

Anticipated Games List

One of the most popular types of gaming news is upcoming releases. Gamers love to hear about the new summer or holiday releases, so making videos with news, rumors, and previews of upcoming titles can gain a lot of attention.

Speculate About Future Updates and Releases

Along with new releases, new changes to existing games can be of interest too. Especially as the “games as a service” concept becomes more mainstream, games can change significantly over their lifespan. Fans of those games want to know what’s coming in future updates and releases.

Gaming Trivia

Video games attract some of the most passionate fans in any entertainment industry. For diehard fans of a series or individuals who have beaten their favorite game dozens of times, trivia can be a fun way to learn new things and test their knowledge. If you consider yourself an expert on a specific game or series, trivia videos are a fun and easy content idea.

Play worst-reviewed games

Sometimes it can be hard to compete with the flood of content that comes with popular new releases. A fun way to mix it up and avoid the competition is by playing bad games! These can be underappreciated gems that the mainstream crowd has missed or just truly terrible games where you talk about the humorous amount of flaws as you struggle through an unpopular game.

Game Commentary Video

Commentary is a great way to take existing video content and make it your own. If you have something interesting to say about an existing clip, trailer, or well-known video, consider adding some commentary to give your unique perspective.

Make A Machinima

Machinima is a video made within a gaming engine. To clarify, this is not a video about gaming but a story told using animation within a video game engine. One of the most famous examples is the Red vs. Blue series, which used clips from the Halo games and added voiceovers to create comedy skits.

Make a Game Real-Life Video

A game real-life video lets you apply the rules of gaming to your life. You could add a graphic overlay, share tips, or just show how a gaming mindset has helped you in real-life situations. +10 points for making a game real-life video!

Make Gameplay reaction videos

Like game commentary videos, gameplay reaction videos usually include a recording of yourself on top of a trailer or other video game clip. Here you can give your opinions about the video and film your reaction, whether that be excitement about an upcoming release or fear of a horror game.

Review Videos

Get your hands on the latest tech and products, then test them out for yourself to create high-quality YouTube videos! If you’re looking to establish yourself as a tech YouTube channel, then product review videos are a great YouTube video idea. Share your knowledge with potential buyers and help them with their purchase decisions.

Or, if tech isn’t your niche, some other YouTube channel ideas could include makeup or fashion reviews. If you’re into tutorial videos, record yourself using new fashion or beauty products, and make a video giving viewers your expert opinion!

Review a Book

Think of this as your own personal book club. If there is a book you really enjoyed, or if you often read new releases, giving a video review can help others decide if they want to read it. Some readers will also seek out reviews to see if others share their opinions about a book they read and had strong feelings about. Just be careful not to spoil too much!

Review a Movie

Are you a cinephile? If you are the type to watch movies on their opening night or seek out cult classics that escaped the mainstream, do some reviews for your channel. Even if it’s not your typical type of content, a list of your favorite movies makes for fun content.

Review a Product

Product reviews are a huge niche in the YouTube universe. Some influencers focus their entire career on doing product reviews and unboxing videos. Generally, you stick to a niche or product category you specialize in, such as tech or baby toys. It is helpful if the product benefits from video content to really see how it works. Appliances and sporting equipment are good examples.

Game review

Game reviews are a great way to help gamers decide on their next purchase. You could focus on video games, board games, or even outdoor games. The important thing is to show the game in action and discuss its pros and cons to help others make an informed decision.

Tech Review

Likewise, new tech is something a lot of people get excited about. Making a review showing off new features and how to use the latest and greatest gadget can be a great way to attract views and help others make their next tech purchase.

Compare Two Products

When it comes to helping viewers make a purchase, head-to-head product reviews can be really helpful. These can be the latest gaming consoles, smartphones, cars, or clothing brands. Just pick two rival competitors and give an honest review, usually with a winner you determine.

Review Beauty Products

Beauty products are a massive category for influencers. Since these products are so well-suited for visual content, makeup tutorials and reviews are very popular. If you have a favorite brand of beauty products, especially if you are skilled at applying them, video reviews can be a popular way to share your expertise.

Vehicle Review

Being such big-ticket items, many shoppers will do a lot of research before purchasing their next vehicle. If you love your car or have access to many makes and models, sharing your likes and dislikes can be very helpful to others trying to narrow down their options.

Food Review

While you tend to see more food selfies on other social media platforms, Youtube can be an excellent source for recipe tutorials and restaurant recommendations. If you have a favorite dish, doing a review about why you love it and how to get or make it is sure to make viewers’ mouths water.

Restaurant Review

Everybody loves good food. If you have an inside tip on the best plate from a far-reaching restaurant chain or know of a secret hole-in-the-wall that serves the best dish in town, foodies will love to devour your videos.

Useful Resources:

Share Your YouTube Videos With The World

YouTube is an excellent platform for becoming a successful influencer. If you are on the journey to becoming an influencer, Scalefluence can help with more tips, direct support, and even sponsorship partners.

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If you were looking for some new YouTube video ideas to add fresh content to your channel, you won’t be running out anytime soon. While not all of these creative video ideas will work well for every influencer, there are surely some you can use to inspire new content that your fans will love.

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