Finding Social Media Influencers To Gain Instagram Followers For Your Brand

Finding Social Media Influencers To Gain Instagram Followers For Your Brand

Attracting more consumers to your brand is the goal. But how can you diversify your brand’s marketing strategy to get the attention of your target audience?

This can prove challenging, since most consumers do not trust marketing messages served up by brands. Especially on social media? In fact, only 4 percent of consumers believe marketers and advertisers have integrity.

This is not good news for brands when it comes to Instagram social media marketing. Why? Instagram users are probably skeptical about those brand posts. Here’s an example from Harley Davidson . . .

The above Instagram post had an engagement rate of 1.1 percent. This is far below the average engagement rate brands need to have social media success on Instagram.

And this could be why this once dominating company continues to struggle to break into the next generation of riders.

So how can brands, large and small, gain Instagram followers and build their Instagram audiences? Enter influencer marketing.

Sure, you have heard about influencer marketing before. But how have you implemented it into your brand’s overall marketing strategy?

Did you partner with the RIGHT Instagram influencers? Was finding social media influencers challenging? Did you partner with a premiere social media influencer platform like Scalefluence?

The answer to these types of questions may be a bit difficult to answer.

That is not a problem, because we put our top social media influencer platform pros into a room to answer the potentially million dollar question, “How can my brand gain Instagram followers?”

Let’s dive in!

Who Are You Trying To Influence?

This is the first step toward finding social media influencers for your brand. So many brands fail to really identify with the target audience they want to influence. This can lead to a wasted marketing budget and very little results from influencer campaigns.

Why? If you do not know the audience your brand wants to influence, you will fail at partnering with the RIGHT influencer. An influencer that already has your target audience hanging on his or her recommendations.

Let’s say you have a yoga mat and accessories company and want to utilize the power of persuasion via an Instagram influencer. Do you find any random fitness, health, and/or wellness influencer?

Not so fast. First, you need to know the target audience via audience personas. This is what LIFORME did when partnering with yoga Instagram influencer @lottasebzdayoga . . .

You can see that this is a sponsored influencer campaign via LIFORME that aims to reach this Instagram influencers 218,000 followers . . .

It is all about partnering with Instagram influencers with the target audience you want and need to increase your brand’s bottom line. Start with identifying what that audience looks like. Then move on to the finding social media influencers step.

Finding Social Media Influencers Via Competitor Research

Finding social media influencers to gain Instagram followers for your brand can be pretty easy if you know where to look. The first, and easiest way to find influencers for your brand is to do a bit of competitor reconnaissance.

Major players in your industry and/or niche have most likely done serious research on the type of influencer they need to turn Instagram users into paying customers. Why not align your brand with that research?

First, hop on Instagram and begin searching for your competitors via the Instagram search bar. For example, if your brand is all about beauty products, and one of the big players in your industry is Sephora, you can begin with this search . . .

Then find non-celebrity influencers with products . . .

Lifestyle and beauty micro-influencer @kirbiejohnson would be a perfect fit for a brand in Sephora’s beauty products space . . .

This is one way to find influencers via Instagram and gain Instagram followers for your brand. Partnering with this influencer gives your brand access to her 44,000+ followers.

Use Google To Find Social Media Influencers In Your Industry

The next finding social media influencers tactic aligns with the previous tip. But instead of using Instagram search, you will leverage Google search. It is the same, only you may need to do a bit more digging.

Let’s stick with our Sephora industry example. To find influencers via Google search that influence on behalf of your top competitor, you can search for “Sephora Instagram influencers.”

The Google search results are pretty promising. Next, you will begin exploring the articles, like the #SephoraSquad link . . .

These #SephoraSquad influencers may be perfect for a beauty brand that wants to gain Instagram followers by targeting influencers that are already using their influence for major competitors. Influencer @maryamremias is a great example . . .

Turn To YouTube To Find Instagram Influencers For Your Brand

This may seem a bit counter-intuitive, but YouTube can be a great source for finding social media influencers to gain Instagram followers for your brand.

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet, and most YouTube influencers have some form of Instagram influence as well. How does this work exactly?

Let’s say you developed a new tech product and want to build brand awareness via Instagram. First, go to YouTube and search for, “top tech gear” to find a YouTube influencer . . .

Then scroll until you find a YouTube influencer that fits your brand, like this video highlighting top tech gear from YouTuber TechFlow . . .

In the description of the video, you can find the YouTubers Instagram profile link . . .

Once you click through to the YouTube influencers Instagram profile, you can decide if this influencer is a good fit.

This influencer could be a good choice for a tech company looking to gain Instagram followers, especially since the influencer is a micro-influencer. Micro-influencers generally have a more loyal following than mega-influencers.

Another benefit of utilizing this tactic for finding social media influencers is that you can get more bang for your marketing buck. The influencer can cross-post on YouTube and Instagram for even more influencer marketing power.

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Partner With Social Media Influencer Platform Scalefluence

Finding social media influencers can be made easy by partnering with Scalefluence, a reputable social media influencer platform. What does Scalefluence do for brands? Great question.

We have a robust network of Instagram influencers with influence ranging across multiple industries and/or niches. From tech to fashion, we have the right influencer for your brand.

And you never need to worry if it will be a good fit. Our social media influencer platform utilizes data-driven analytics to match your brand with the perfect influencer. This ensures maximum ROI on each influencer marketing campaign.

Creating a buzz around your brand is what we do best. If you have never worked with a social media influencer platform before, let us show you the benefits and results in real-time.

And Scalefluence is all about nurturing relationships between brands and influencers. This conveys more trust and confidence to buy, since your brand will gain Instagram followers through consistent recommendations from top influencers for your specific campaign.

Is it time for you to leverage influencers to build a stronger brand presence on social media? Has your influencer marketing campaigns been less than stellar in the past? It is time to tap into Scalefluence and take your brand to the next level.

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