How Nano Influencers Get More Followers On Instagram

Instagram is a top social media channel for influencers, especially nano-influencers taking their influence to the next level.

Instagram has become a top channel for brands and marketers to reach target audiences, raise brand awareness, and increase sales. In fact, 75.3 percent of marketers said they utilize Instagram to do just that.

And marketers are using influencer marketing to reach every generation demographic.

Understanding how to get paid for Instagram posts is on the top of the list for nano-influencers. This begins with the ability to get more followers on Instagram. More followers equals more money for social media influencers across all social channels like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and even LinkedIn.

Do you need a million followers to make money on Instagram? No. But you do need to have a decent amount of loyal followers consuming your content daily.

Nano-influencers generally have less than 5,000 followers. You are also not alone as a nano-influencer. Around 52 percent of social media influencers have less than 5,000 followers.

Having less followers can be a good thing. The smaller following of loyal fans means greater engagement rate. Nano-influencers actually have greater engagement than celebrity influencers.

This is good, because brands look at engagement rate more than any other influencer metric when deciding to partner with an influencer. But having more followers is always ideal, as long as they are dedicated to your influence.

How do you get more followers on Instagram? How do you get money from Instagram? These two questions go hand-in-hand when it comes to influencer marketing. To help you boost your follower count, we compiled a few expert tips to get more followers on Instagram.

Let’s dive in!

Get More Followers On Instagram Via Videos

This is one of the top ways to get more followers on Instagram. Videos are what social media users want, so why not give them what they want? And videos boost engagement, making this influencer tip a must-do.

Here’s a great example of video content from Instagram influencer @ellie.blakeney:

This influencer has grown her follower count from 2,000 to 13,000 in just a few months. And video content had a lot to do with it. The above video netted an engagement rate of 10.5 percent. This is what taking your influence to the next level is all about.

If you’re thinking that videos need to be massively produced, think again. The only factor that is important when creating videos is the value of the content you provide.

You can shoot a video with your smartphone as long as it serves up highly engaging, actionable, and informative content. Video content must-dos include:

  • Capture attention within the first few seconds of the video
  • Serve up a solution to a problem
  • If promoting a brand or product, make the video seem natural
  • Have a consistent theme throughout the video
  • Use text to compliment the video content
  • Leverage hashtags that increase Instagram search visibility

Here’s another example from Instagram nano-influencer @chelsss.rose:

This nano-influencer uses Instagram Stories to share her video content. Her Stories Highlights cover fitness, lifestyle, adventure, and more.

These are not only used for influencer marketing purposes, but also to connect with her followers on a more personal level. And getting more personal to connect with Instagram users is next up on the get more followers on Instagram tip list.

Get Personal To Get More Followers On Instagram

Instagram influencers that want to know how to get paid for Instagram posts need to think about making personal connections with users. This can be difficult for many social media influencers, simply because opening up can be difficult.

However, influencers that strive to get personal with their audience can increase followers exponentially. Here’s one example from Instagram micro-influencer @sweatandtell:

This very personal Instagram post netted a ton of views and comments. But the post wasn’t really about that. It was about being real and connecting with the influencer’s audience is a personal way.

This makes you human, approachable, and entices viewers to become followers. Being a bit vulnerable is a good thing. You are human, so be human. Just be sure it is still within the guidelines of Instagram.

Use Hashtags As Much As Possible To Get More Followers

Hashtags are valuable when it comes to getting more followers on Instagram. They are essentially the keywords of each post. For example, if you search for #beginneryoga, you get this via Instagram search:

Any user that follows this hashtag will see posts with #beginneryoga, like this one from yoga and health influencer @kaitlynpatrizia:

You can see that this influencer leveraged #beginneryoga, along with plenty more variations and other niche related hashtags. This increases the influencer’s visibility on Instagram, leading users interested in her niche toward her content.

How do you know what hashtags to use? This can be done by researching other influencers in your niche. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to leveraging hashtags to get more followers and engagement on Instagram.

Let’s say you are in the fitness niche as a trainer and you are in need of some hashtags. Use Instagram search to find like minded influencers:

From there you can start browsing posts for hashtags. This post from Instagram influencer @andreaeff has a great variety of hashtags that you could use for future posts as a fitness nano-influencer on Instagram:

Finding hashtags is really that easy. Use those hashtags to get more followers and engagement. The money will definitely follow.

Get Brands To Repost Your Content

This is another great way to get more followers on Instagram. And it’s actually easier than one would expect. Brands are savvy to influencer marketing, running user-generated content events for new products, or to simply raise brand awareness.

To capitalize on this to get more followers, you will need to find these user-generated content events. Here’s an example of how influencer @laurabeverlin used #WayfairAtHome to get her content reposted:

If you are partnering with brands on sponsored posts, have the brand repost your content to grow that follower count too. This can open your influence up to more users following the brand, as well as other brands.

Partner With An Influencer Marketing Platform

If you want to take your influence to the next level as a nano-influencer, it is essential to partner with an influencer marketing platform. Influencer marketing platforms have networks of brands and agencies looking for nano-influencers like you.

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