Influencer Platforms Unboxing Profits For Brands With These 4 YouTube Video Strategies

Influencer marketing continues to dominate across multiple social media platforms. From Instagram to YouTube, there is no shortage of opportunities for brands to reach more customers and increase sales via influencers. 

The earned media value of influencer campaigns is over $5 for every dollar spent. Brand and agencies certainly see the value of influencer strategy. And to maximize ROI, brands and agencies, both large and small, are partnering with influencer platforms.

Did you know that influencer strategy budgets nearly doubled from 2018 to 2019?

And brand and agency influencer marketing budgets in 2020 are set to rival that of last year due to influencer marketplace growth.

There is a lot of hype around Instagram influencer strategies. However, many brands are missing out on the power of YouTube video. According to SocialMediaToday, “three out of five of the most effective content types for influencer marketing are video.”

YouTube videos make up 56 percent.

So why are brands and agencies not investing more into YouTube video influencer strategies? This could be due to the relatively difficult task of finding the right YouTube influencer.

And the ability to choose the right influencer. Remember Logan Paul? The brands working with Paul quickly jumped ship after he published an insensitive video.

How can brands and agencies navigate the somewhat confusing and time-consuming influencer marketing waters?

Enter influencer platforms!

Influencer platforms help brands access YouTube influencers that are already vetted for quality. Say goodbye to fake influencer risk, or influencers with little engagement. This has a significant impact on your campaigns ROI.

Before we begin unboxing profits for brands with a few YouTube video strategies, let’s dive a bit deeper into the benefits of partnering with influencer platforms.

Benefits of partnering with influencer platforms for brands and agencies

One of the top questions brands ask is, “What is an influencer platform exactly?” This is a pretty valid question, since there is so much noise surrounding influencer marketing and influencer marketplaces.

Knowing what a REAL influencer platform is and does is also blurred, because there are so many bad news influencer platforms online with the so-called, “magic bullet” to influencer campaign success.

On Earth, an influencer marketing platform is an agency that specializes in helping brands reach their influencer marketing goals. It is really that simple. However, behind the scenes, it is very complex to actually serve up data-driven results.

Maximum ROI and successful campaigns set professional and knowledgeable influencer platforms apart from the rest. Professional influencer agencies also help brands and agencies grow and nurture relationships with their influencers.

Access to the RIGHT YouTube influencers

Finding the right influencers for your brand can be a bit challenging. Many well-known influencers get hundreds of messages a day from brands, and they often don’t respond. Influencer platforms solve this problem, since they have a direct line to all influencers in their network.

Professional influencer agencies also have the variety brands want and need. A premiere agency will have a few mega-influencers in their network. But they will also have micro-influencers across multiple industries and niches.

Travel YouTube micro-influencer Dan Flying Solo is a great example.

He gives viewers a tour of a travel destination and a link to his site, which promotes brands from those destinations.

Influencer marketplaces help you build long-term relationships for greater value

Another big time benefit of partnering with an influencer marketplace is the ability to build long-term influencer relationships. The one-off influencer post once worked, but things have changed. Instead, brands are finding more value when influencer relationships are nurtured.

For instance, a long-term influencer relationship strengthens brand association, credibility, and ROI. Brands can develop co-created product lines, as well as social cause sponsorships.

Data-driven results to maximize influencer strategies

Maximizing influencer strategies is the name of the game, and utilizing analytics makes this possible. A professional and knowledgeable influencer platform will pair a brand with the right influencers, help that brand nurture long-term influencer relationships, and use data-driven results to create high-performing campaigns.

This begins with setting up metrics that encompass a specific influencer marketing campaign. For example, if the goal of a campaign is to raise brand awareness via a social cause sponsorship, you would set up key metrics, like YouTube video engagement via comments.

Other data-driven results that can be measured in order to improve an influencer campaign include website traffic, sales numbers, or lead generation. Brands know the power of data, and influencer marketplaces that deliver this data are among the pros.

Unboxing profits for brands with these X YouTube video strategies

The benefits of partnering with an influencer marketing agency are pretty clear, as long as you are working with a professional one. With benefits out of the way, let’s take a closer look at how your brand or agency can increase profits working with Scalefluence’s YouTube influencers.

1. Unbox YouTube profits with influencer unboxing videos

Unboxing videos have become very popular for building brand awareness and driving customers to make purchases. Can you do an unboxing video via your branded YouTube channel? Yes. Will it give your brand the results you want and need? Probably not.

YouTube influencers are great for unboxing videos, because they are not associated with your brand, as far as the consumer watching the video sees. And did you know that 40 percent of consumers watch unboxing videos on YouTube from influencers they follow?

Here’s a good unboxing video example from YouTube influencer iJustine:

2. Influencer videos can increase product launch buzz and sales

Another must-do influencer video for brands is the product launch video. When brands bring a new product to market, the hype factor needs to be at the ultimate high, especially if the brand wants to maximize profits.

This makes influencers essential to product launches. Why? They have the audiences that are probably already interested in products similar to your brands’ new product. And when an influencer recommends a product, sales will most certainly follow.

Here’s how The Walking Dead used YouTube influencers to market a new TWD mobile app:

3. YouTube influencers will build brand awareness faster than your marketing team

Branding and communications is very important, because competition is fierce in the digital age businesses navigate in. This makes building greater brand awareness critical if you want your brand at the forefront of your demographics’ minds.

You can definitely double-down on your traditional marketing budget to get your brand in front of more eyes. However, the ROI may not be as good as it would be when using YouTube influencers.

How? Influencers have “ready to go” subscribers that are already within your demographic guidelines. Every dollar spent to reach this audience via influencer marketing has maximum ROI.

Here’s an example from Subaru’s #MeetAnOwner campaign, raising brand awareness via influencers:

4. Maximize profits by maximizing campaign deals and discounts

Running deals and discounts are pretty standard, especially when it comes to online selling and shopping. Every consumer knows that they can probably find a deal or discount for a product online.

Many times, consumers will turn to their favorite influencers on Instagram, Facebook, and especially YouTube to get deals and discount codes on the products they love. This is very good for your brand.

Use YouTube influencers to promote your next deal or discount campaign, and you will definitely see more profits coming in. Here’s a good example of a deal campaign with influencer Sophie Aris and GymShark:

Influencer platforms are unboxing profits for brands, is your brand ready to get in on the action?

The above paints a pretty clear picture of how influencer platforms and influencer marketing strategies can help your brand get the most out of that marketing budget. From benefits to clear YouTube influencer video examples, there is definitely no shortage of reasons to utilize the powerful network of an influencer platform like Scalefluence.

Scalefluence is a premiere influencer marketing agency with the influencer industry expertise your brand needs for success. We work with brands to connect them with their audiences in a meaningful way via influencers.

Scaefluence also utilizes analytics in order to make data-driven decisions to make each campaign ROI positive. This is valuable for brand marketers and agencies that need to show executive teams budget-minded success.

Get started today and start building your influencer strategy tomorrow.

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