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25 YouTube Video Ideas for Girls to Start Going Viral in 2023

When defining your brand, it is important to understand your channel and audience. As a YouTube personality, who you are is also a crucial detail when coming up with a successful strategy.

YouTube has a relatively balanced gender distribution and overturns many of the traditional barriers when it comes to content creation. You’ll find video game streams run by girls and makeup tutorial videos hosted by men. In fact, these unique angles often give YouTubers more intrigue than their more typical counterparts. 

For girls looking to grow their YouTube channel, there are categories like makeup and fashion that are always popular choices for female viewers, or you can try your hand at more unique hobby or lifestyle content. This article will give some YouTube video ideas for girls that you can use to inspire new content for your channel.

Best YouTube Video Ideas for Teenage Girls

While some video categories are more popular than others among YouTube audiences, there is no “best” topic for every YouTuber. Popular topics are often a Catch-22, as the more popular a category is (for example, gaming channels), the more saturated the market is with that kind of content.

Your best bet is to find a niche that interests you. This could be something you have a particular interest or talent with, or just a unique perspective on a particular topic.

The trick is to find a topic where your content will stand out from the rest. If being a teenage girl can help with that, all the better!

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Lifestyle Videos

YouTube has become a go-to source for learning everyday tips. From how-to videos, to fitness, to self-care, there is no shortage of videos sharing life hacks and other tips to help each other out. Here are some examples:

1. Yoga Tutorial

yoga with adriene

Yoga is growing in popularity, especially among female audiences. If you are an avid yoga practitioner who can teach some moves or guide an entire session, this could be great content for your channel.

2. Gym Workout

Similarly, if you have nailed down a gym routine that works well for you, consider making videos of your gym sessions. You can share these guides on your channel to help others with their fitness routines!

3. Skincare Routine

Speaking of routines, do you have an easy and effective skincare routine that keeps your complexion looking healthy and vibrant? Consider making videos about the products you use and what your daily pampering looks like. Your audience might learn a thing or two!

4. Travel Vlog

Do you love to travel or have a job or lifestyle that takes you to many destinations? Share your experiences on your channel to inspire others to visit interesting new places! Talk about your favorite cities and destinations, as well as must-visit restaurants, shops, and experiences for anyone who finds themself there.

5. “A Day in The Life” Video

If you have built a following on YouTube or other social media platforms, your fans are surely interested in learning more about you. They might be aspiring YouTubers looking to do what you do, or just fans interested in the life of one of their favorite internet personalities. If you’re ever short on content ideas, just film a day in your life showing your studio, home, and city to your channel viewers.

6. Meal Prep Tutorial

meal prep tutorial

Everyone loves adding new recipes to their rotation. If you have some favorites and enjoy spending time in the kitchen, film yourself having fun cooking meals while teaching your viewers some awesome new recipes. Consider picking a niche like easy-to-cook meals, cheap meals, gourmet meals, vegan meals, etc.

7. How to Pack for a Trip

Especially if you are already posting travel content, a simple video about packing suitcases or other luggage can be a fun and helpful intro for your channel viewers. Teenage girls have a lot to include in their travel luggage, such as clothes, makeup, bathing suits, gadgets, and more, so fitting that all into a suitcase isn’t easy. Consider doing a video for a day trip with just a carry-on, and a longer trip with checked bags. You can also do different videos for hot and cold destinations.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are a surprisingly popular topic on YouTube. People often check reviews to decide whether or not to purchase a product, plus it’s just fun to see the excitement of an unboxing video. Below are some common types of product review videos to consider for your YouTube channel.

8. Makeup Review

Makeup and beauty products are some of the hottest affiliate products on social media. If you are a pro when it comes to putting on your face and the go-to resource for friends in need of a makeup collection, you should definitely be making cosmetic videos for your channel. Recommend your favorite products, review new releases, and show tips for applying your makeup recommendations.

9. Clothing Review

Are you a fashionista who is always rocking the latest fashion trends? Turn that hobby into valuable content on your YouTube channel! You can create videos showing off new styles, review new releases from popular brands and designers, or do fun challenge videos and hauls from your local outlet or thrift store!

10. Game Reviewgame review

Girl gamers are gaining popularity across all genres and platforms in the booming gaming space. If you are an expert at a particular game or are the first to pre-order new releases, you can throw your hat in the ring by creating video game content on your YouTube channel. Just be warned the market is competitive, so you’ll want a unique twist for your content to gain traction with gamers.

11. Hair Product Review

Like makeup and other beauty products, hair products and styling are popular topics from female influencers on social media. If you have favorite products that give you your signature look, or are trying something new, make a review video showing the product in action. This can help your fans with their styling or let them know if a new product is worth trying.

12. Book Review

book review

If you’re an avid reader of a particular genre or are the first to tear through new releases, consider making book review videos to share on your channel. A lot of people don’t have time to read all the books they want to, so getting reviews from people they trust can help them make their next selection.

Hobby Videos

YouTube is an excellent place for hobbyists to share and learn more about their interests. If you have an exciting hobby or want to dive into something new, consider cataloging your journey on your channel. Below are some examples for inspiration.

13. Nail Art

nail art video

Another entry in the beauty products category is nail art. Painting your nails can be a little more artistic than makeup or hair, making for captivating videos. You can give recommendations, create a how-to, or just show off your skills with extravagant nail art. Investing in a good light and camera mount can be helpful for these types of videos.

14. Photography Video

Photography and videography are popular hobbies that are becoming more accessible to anyone with a smartphone. As technology improves, anyone can take pictures or videos and edit them as a hobby or professional side business. If you have tips for creating gorgeous photos or engaging videos, share them on your channel to help other YouTubers and hobbyists.

15. Painting

painting video

Are you a painter? The visual media of painting can make for captivating video content. Many painters have found success creating content for the web, allowing them to monetize their hobby. Unique styles like chunky paints or paint pouring are particularly popular on social media.

16. Gardening

Gardening is another hobby growing in popularity and interest online. Trends of becoming green, veganism, and self-sufficiency have led many to seek knowledge about gardening on small or large scales. If you have a green thumb or know any helpful gardening hacks, create videos about them to share on your channel.

17. Crocheting

Crocheting is a popular hobby among women and may be a good topic for you whether you’re an expert or just learning. While most viewers aren’t going to want to watch you spend hours crocheting in real time, timelapse videos or tutorials can be engaging. Try teaching others basic, intermediate, and advanced crocheting techniques, or timelapse your next project for a fun crafts video.

18. Cooking Tips

Cooking is more than just a chore; many people enjoy it! Moreso, everyone enjoys a good meal. If you have a strong palate and some slapping recipes, share them with your audience in video format. Again, most people won’t want to watch you cook, but if you teach some cooking techniques and delicious recipes, speed up the boring parts for a digestible video (pun intended), your fans are likely to tune in. Baking videos are also quite popular.

Fashion Videos

Fashion is another popular category on YouTube, thanks to its visual nature. If you have a passion for fashion, consider some of the topics below.

19. Thrifting Haul

Thrift store hauls combine two fun video topics: thrift store scores and fashion. Some YouTubers have gained a strong following simply by sharing their thrift store finds from all product categories, while others stick to showing off clothes and styling tips. Combining the two means you can attract both types of audiences while having fun popping tags!

20. How to Style Basic Pieces

The secret to everyday fashion isn’t designer brands and fancy dresses, but rather knowing how to utilize staple pieces. If you know about capsule wardrobes and making basic tops and layering pieces look chic, share your tips in a series of videos on your channel. Your audience will benefit from these tips, and you’ll have fun showing off your fashion sense!

21. Favorite Outfits

In a similar vein, you can put together some of your favorite outfits for everyday wear or special events. Talk about why you love these outfits, where you wear them, and where you got each piece. Videos focusing on your favorite fashion items will tie in well with the topics above.

22. OOTD (Outfit of the Day)

OOTD Youtube video

For a more structured approach, consider doing a series of your daily outfits for an entire week or month. This challenge will keep your fans checking in to see what you wear on weekdays, weekends, to events, and how you reuse staple pieces in different ways. You can do a short video each day or edit all of the outfits into a single compilation video.

23. Celebrity Styles

Do you love keeping up with celebrity styles? Talking about the latest Hollywood fashion trends or sharing how to copy those styles are great topics for engaging and attracting viewers. There is no shortage of events to scour for wild get-ups and cutting-edge fashion, and you can establish yourself as an authority if you create a lot of new content about it.

24. Shopping Hacks

Along with shopping hauls and thrifting videos, shopping hacks can be fun and helpful channel content. This can be anything from the best stores, to the best deals, coupons, discounts, and more. Create fun fashion content while saving your viewers money on their next shopping trip!

25. Dress Your Friend

For a fun guest video that will also show off your fashion sense, invite a friend or fellow YouTuber onto your channel to style up in the latest trends. You could even consider doing a contest where you invite a guest to join you for a dressing video! Having others join your videos is a fun way to mix things up and breathe fresh life into your content.

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There are countless categories of YouTube videos, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

While categories like makeup and beauty products are popular among a female audience, there is no best topic for every woman on YouTube. Your best bet is to find a category that interests you, or that you are an expert in, and create unique content around that topic.

The most popular categories on YouTube are music videos, how-to guides, and top X lists. Beyond that, you have comedy, educational, and reaction videos.

The three trending categories on YouTube are music, gaming, and movies. Music videos and gamer streaming are two ever-popular topics on YouTube.

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