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30 Couple YouTube Video Ideas to Help Boost Views in 2023

Are you thinking about starting a YouTube channel with your significant other? Maybe one of you already has a channel, or perhaps you already share one but need some help with good couple YouTube video ideas to attract new followers and improve engagement. Scalefluence is here to help!

There are a lot of advantages to a couple’s content. Whether your channel is focused on your relationship or another topic entirely, people like seeing happy couples having fun together. Having two people also opens more opportunities for on-screen conversations you can’t really do alone.  

This article will give 30 ideas for content couples can create for their Youtube channel. Some of these can be used on any channel, while others are more suited for specific niches.

How to Make an Amazing Couple YouTube Video

Two heads are better than one when creating engaging videos for a YouTube channel. Having two channel owners allows you to make more and better content than solo YouTubers.

You should decide on the focus of your couples channel, whether it will revolve around your relationship or be about something more specific that you both happen to be interested in. It is usually recommended that your content ideas stay within one particular niche, so your entire channel isn’t just a random assortment of unrelated videos.

However, if you focus on yourselves as a couple and internet personalities, you might be able to branch out into different topics. At the end of the day, choose something you are both interested in, have unique perspectives on, and can create a lot of content about. 

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30 Creative Ideas to Try Out

Couples can create basically any type of content solo YouTubers can, and there are also Youtube couple video ideas that require more than one person. For those looking to start or grow their YouTube channel, here are 30 popular couples’ video ideas you can try for fresh content that will help you attract viewers. 

1. Make a Vlog about Your Daily Lives

Everyone loves a good love story. Your vlog could cover anything from how you met, to your first dates, to your daily lives now, and plans for the future. Catalog any fun trips or social events, or just give your followers a glimpse into your life and daily experiences. On less eventful days, throw in some commentary or relationship advice.

2. Prank Your S.O.

pranking video

Prank videos are some of the most popular content on YouTube, and a couple dynamic plays well into this. If you or your partner are the joking sort, don’t forget to hit record before pulling a prank. If you can get a good back-and-forth going, people will tune in to see who is one-upping who on your prank channel. At the end of your feud, turn the highlights into a prank compilation video!

3. Advice Video for Couples

If you are able to establish yourself as an internet personality couple, your fans would probably love to hear your advice about love and experience in relationships. Setting a good example as a healthy couple means you have some helpful tips about communication, boundaries, de-escalation, and romance. Share your insight!

4. Talk About Your Relationship

relationship video

Your fans will; probably love to learn more about your relationship–anything from how you met, your favorite dates, your favorite couple’s vacation, etc. You can also talk about future plans like marriage, parenthood, and so on. It would be easy to tie these ideas in with relationship advice or teach about things like love languages.

5. Give a Tour of Your Hometown

hometown tour video

Whether it’s where you live now, or you’re visiting your hometown for the holidays, or just for fun, your fans would probably love to learn about where you grew up. You can just record visiting some of your favorite spots, talk about what has changed, and how it was growing up there. This is probably also an excellent opportunity to introduce your family if they still live there!

6. Create Slideshows

A collection of old polaroids, yearbooks, or photos can be the perfect opportunity to create a simple slideshow video. For example, you could scan your old yearbooks and show side-by-side photos for each year. Or create a slideshow of pictures where you’re together. This can be a fun couple’s bonding exercise and a nice way to preserve old photos.

7. Do a Product Review

Doing product reviews together has a lot of advantages. You can speed up the unboxing and use of a product with an assistant, allowing one of you to talk while the other focuses on showing the item. You can also give different opinions from each perspective since you might have differing views on how much you like a product.

8. Video Parody

Two people can do a lot as far as simple acting and parody videos. There is no limit to the kind of content you can parody: famous movie scenes, tv shows, challenge videos, music videos, or YouTube Shorts are all fair game. You can even parody each other by swapping roles for a video!

9. Talk About Past Experiences

past experiences video

As a couple, or as separate individuals, talking about past experiences can open the door to all sorts of wisdom. You could talk about failings in past relationships, hard times as a couple, or share things with your significant other. This will let your audience and partner get to know you on a deeper level.

10. Make a Cooking Video

cooking video

Cooking as a couple can be a lot of fun, or a total nightmare. In either case, this could make for fantastic content on your channel! Whether you’re talking about your favorite food, sharing a family recipe, or trying something like HelloFresh or a new appliance, consider showing off your cooking skills in video format.

11. Do an Unboxing Video

Unboxing videos are really popular on social media, and filming them with a partner can be a big help. You can focus on talking while your SO hands you scissors or gets the packaging out of the way. Both of you can share your impressions about what it is you’re unboxing, too!

12. Demonstrate How You Care for Your Pets

For many couples, your pets are like your children. Pets are extremely popular with YouTube viewers, and your fans will love to meet your pets and learn about their care needs. You can also talk about when you got your pet, how you chose them, and your partner’s first impression when they met them.

13. Blooper Video

Blooper videos are a ton of fun, no matter the channel, but they can be especially endearing for couples. Couples often have something smart to say when a mess-up happens, which can be pretty funny. So before you delete any extra takes or edited-out clips, consider recycling them for a blooper real.

14. Perform a Comedy Sketch

Two people are all you need for many comedy bits. The best thing about comedy videos is that they work well on virtually any type of channel. Everyone likes to laugh, so inserting a random funny clip with your other content can be great for mixing up your videos and gaining popularity with your audience.

15. Take Your Viewers Behind the Scenes

Depending on what kind of content you usually make together, a behind-the-scenes video can be a fun and exciting way to mix things up. If your regular videos take place in your living space or around town, there might be little going on behind the scenes. For those who tackle projects or cover a specific niche, however, there can be lots to share about the process behind the scenes, including a look at your workshop or studio.

16. Conduct Some Interviews

Interviews can be conducted with experts on almost any topic. As a couple, you can co-host these interviews together in person or from your individual monitors. Having two people run an interview can be beneficial if you’re running a Q&A simultaneously or interviewing multiple guests. Pro tip: guests are a great way to get more views from other audiences!

17. Celebrate Milestones

Couples have a lot of different milestones and holidays they can use for easy content. Basic calendar stuff like birthdays, holidays, and weddings make for great content, as can graduations, promotions, and channel milestones. You also have bonus couple options like anniversaries, engagements, and pregnancy. You’ll celebrate anyway, so why not share that with your fans?

18. Do a Movie Review

Movie reviews are a fun channel topic with an endless amount of content matter. Adding another person can make for more compelling videos since you can discuss different opinions and favorite movies, rather than just be a floating head talking at the screen. Turn movie night into content for your channel!

19. Tutorials

tutorial video

If you or your partner is exceptionally skilled at anything, you can easily turn that into content for your channel. Educational videos and “how-to” style content is extremely popular and can be made for just about anything. This topic can be extra amusing if you share a hobby or skill and want to create tutorials together or teach each other about something new.

20. Give a Tour of Your House or Apartment

If you usually create content in your studio or outside the home, you could change it up by giving a tour of your home to your fans. They are probably interested in where you live, and your home might be very relevant depending on your type of content. For example, show off your closets if you do makeup or fashion videos!

21. Create an Art Channel

Are you or your SO a talented artist? Artistic ability can lead to all sorts of interesting YouTube content, especially as a couple. Collaborative projects, competing with each other, or doing live art videos are all very engaging. If one of you is not artistic, that could make for some hilarious competitions!

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22. Talk About Your Career

Your fans are probably interested in many aspects of your personal lives, including what you do for work. For some couples, their YouTube channel might be their job. For others, one or both might hold down an interesting day job that people would like to learn more about. Either way, career talk videos can be a fun way for your followers to get to know you better.

23. Host a Podcast

Podcasts are all the rage, and YouTube is a perfect home for them. Having two people makes for much more exciting talk shows because you can discuss and bounce ideas back and forth. Different perspectives and opinions can make for much more dynamic content. You can start a podcast about pretty much anything, including couples and relationships!

24. Lifestyle Videos

Do you and your boyfriend or girlfriend have fun athletic hobbies or healthy lifestyle choices? Some couples go vegetarian or vegan together, which can make for excellent lifestyle content. Or if you have any active hobbies you do together, like hiking, cycling, or surfing, this can be a great way to promote being active with your partner.

25. Share Your Fitness Secrets

Are you and your husband or wife gym regulars or marathon runners? If you both value staying fit and have a routine that works for you as a couple, talk about it on your channel to inspire others and share your secrets. Working out together can be a great bonding experience for couples and make for likable content.

26. Show Off Your Family

family video

Do you get along with your in-laws, or are family get-togethers more like a sitcom? Introducing your family through your channel is another way to help your fans get to know you. If you have a great relationship with your family, talk about that; if not, you probably have some good stories to tell. For example, what was their reaction to meeting your SO for the first time?

27. Do a Reaction Video

Reaction videos are some of the most popular on YouTube, and two reactions are better than one. It can also help to have two people so one person can set up whatever it is you’re reacting to without ruining the surprise. Reaction videos can cover just about anything, from other YouTube videos, to gifts, to sharing secrets with your spouse!

28. Share Some Tips & Tricks

YouTube contains a wealth of information on all sorts of topics. You can teach tips and tricks on just about anything, from relationship advice, to communication skills, to hobbies, to life hacks. This could be an excellent chance to teach your SO something while also creating educational videos for your channel viewers!

29. FAQs

FAQ video

FAQs are another popular type of content for any channel. These could be common questions people have about a topic you cover, FAQs about your relationship or YouTube career, or more of a viral Q&A video. You and your partner can provide different perspectives with your answers.

30. Do a Travel Vlog

Travel vlog

Do you and your partner love to travel? Be sure to catalog your adventures in fun content for your channel. You can talk about your favorite places to visit, stream your outings, and make recommendations to your viewers about what to do at those destinations.

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Now that you have some ideas and inspiration to get you started, it’s time to start filming! Don’t expect your very first video to pull in tons of viewers, but keep at it and try new things until you begin to gain traction. From there, persistence is the key to becoming YouTube famous!

If you want some more help growing your channel and pinpointing your niche, Scalefluence can help. We work with influencers and sponsors to strengthen content and create lucrative partnerships. If your goal is to make money on YouTube by becoming a brand ambassador or monetizing your content, you’ve come to the right place.

Get in touch to learn more, and learn more about becoming an influencer through our articles and training. No matter where you are with your channel, we have experts who can help you with your couple YouTube video ideas and more. Your success is our success, and there are many brands ready to partner with couples willing to promote their products!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Youtube  Video Ideas

There is no best topic for every YouTuber. The best topic for your channel is something you are passionate about and can add value to the category with your content. Avoid doing things that have been done before, like streaming a game that has been played to death, creating how-to videos about changing brakes on a car, or reviewing a classic movie. Rehashing popular content will only get you lost in the shuffle. Create something unique.

YouTube is a powerhouse of online media covering all sorts of topics. The most subscribed channels focus on music videos, kids’ content, and gaming. Challenge videos, prank videos, and how-tos are also very popular. Just be careful if you try to break into these markets, as you will have to compete with many established channels.

Oftentimes, the first 1,000 views are the hardest to come by. You need t attract a few fans in order for them to start sharing your content so that others see it. To get your first 1k views, stay laser-focused on your niche, create high-quality videos with engaging content, and do a little legwork by asking friends and family to share your content on their social media pages or in groups related to the topic.

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