5 Expert Influencer Tips And Tricks To Boost Facebook Post Engagement

Facebook is still a valid social media channel for profit-minded influencers to leverage. Sure, Instagram is trending, but don’t count out Facebook if you want to influence for top brands and retailers


To start, Facebook has over 2.4 billion active monthly users. That is a lot of eyeballs on one powerful social media channel. But more importantly, more than 140 million businesses use Facebook to connect with customers and grow!

That is 140 million businesses you can connect, collaborate, and influence for via engaging promotional posts. If you take your Facebook game to the next level leveraging Facebook, you have some serious profitability in the works.

However, there is a growing problem at hand. It is getting more difficult to boost engagement on Facebook posts. And as you may already know, engagement is a must in today’s influencer market.

Serious engagement . . . 

Brands and retailers do not want to work with influencers with little engagement per post. The game has changed from likes to shares, comments, and CTR.

There is good news!

If you create Facebook posts people love, engagement goes up. Yes, obviously easier said than done. This is why we compiled a detailed list of expert influencer post tips and tricks to boost Facebook engagement. Let’s get to it!

1. Tell A Story Via Facebook

Everyone loves a good story, and even more so on their favourite social media channel from their favourite influencer. This is why telling a story via Facebook is a great way to boost your Facebook post engagement.

Stories allow you to connect with your fans and followers on a more personal level. It could be an experience you had at an event, a situation you may be experiencing, or even a story about trending news. All can be effective. 

Here’s a great story post example from travel influencer Nomadic Matt . . . 

You can see this post got quite a bit of engagement with 22 comments. And those comments were not simply emojis. Nomadic Matt’s fans told their own stories in the comments section of the post.

Let your Facebook fans and followers in with a story or two and you’ll be pretty surprised on the engagement boost you will get. 

2. Share Your Thoughts, Even The Most Random

One of the biggest mistakes influencers make when posting on Facebook is only posting text and images that have gone through massive editing. Yes, these posts are always good, but why not simply share what you are thinking at any particular moment?

For instance, if you wake up and have a craving for banana pancakes, hop on Facebook and post about it or do a live stream. It can be as simple as, “Woke up craving banana pancakes” with #breakfast and an image or gif of you being you in the morning.

You might be surprised at just how much engagement a simple Facebook post like that gets. How does this work? You are being you. And your fans and followers probably have similar random thoughts and can really relate.

3. #QuoteoftheDay #Quotes

This expert influencer post engagement tip is something many influencers do when first beginning their journey. But for some reason, influencers abandon this post idea once they hit a certain level of success. 

Unfortunately for those Facebook influencers, they are missing out on some serious engagement. Why? The quote post is a tried and true must do for increased engagement. People really like funny, inspirational, and/or motivational quotes, especially when they come from their favorite social influencers.

If you can come up with your own little personalized quotes, even better. You can use Canva or another design platform to whip up a strong quote image like this one from MC Lyte . . .

It is so simple, yet the engagement received is phenomenal with 73 comments and nearly 300 shares.

4. Experiment With Posting Times

Sometimes it is not about what you post, but when you post. This makes experimenting with posting times a great tip and trick to boost Facebook post engagement. However, there is no rule of thumb for this, so a bit of research will be needed.

Many online articles and “self-professed” influencers swear by posting at 12 pm, 3 pm, and 7 pm. Who came up with these times? Super confusing!

Instead of going by what may or may not work for someone else, find out what the best time to post for your fans and followers is. You can begin this by only posting to Facebook at specific times, and then gauging the engagement you get.

You can also use Facebook Insights to get a clear picture of when your fans and followers are online. Try it out and see what works for you and your audience, because audience attention can change by industry, niche, and other factors.

5. Watch Trending Topics And Post About Them

Posting about what people are interested in is a surefire way to boost Facebook post engagement. And if you are not aware, the Facebook news feed actually rewards posts that are discussing what is trending. This makes watching for trending news a must for influencers.

There is one important factor for this tip and trick. You still need to stay on brand for your fans and followers. If you are a food influencer, posting about politics may not be the most well received by your audience.

But you can certainly get creative! For example, if you are a food influencer, and the Super Bowl is coming, you can start a week or two out by posting food ideas that your fans and followers can make or buy for their Super Bowl party. And by adding the popular Super Bowl hashtags to each post, you can capitalize and boost engagement for each post. 

Here’s a pretty HUGE example from The One Pot Chef . . . 

Crazy engagement with 132 comments and more than 200 shares!

With a bit of creativity and keeping your ear to the ground on trending topics and events, you can easily increase engagement. You may even get a call from a brand that saw your post and wants to work with you in the future.

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