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Influencer Marketing Platform Benefits Micro Influencers Need To Know

Having the ability to grow your influence as a social media influencer can prove very profitable. Especially as a micro-influencer. Micro-influencers like you have a greater chance of landing those lucrative sponsored posts from top brands, since brands know just how loyal and engaged your audience is.

This is why brands and marketing agencies want to tap into your micro-influence, reaching the target audience they need to increase brand awareness and sales via social media.

How can you gain access to top brands and build your influence on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other social channels? By partnering with an influencer marketing platform.

And influencer marketing platforms like Scalefluence want more micro-influencers, because the brands we work with are all about what you have to offer as a social media influencer.

The benefits also go both ways, helping you boost your influence via sponsored posts. When micro-influencer @kristalheredia had just over 13,000 followers on Instagram, she partnered with Forever 21 . . .

Now she has 180,000 Instagram followers, making her influence insane . . .

Another budding micro-influencer making cash money from sponsored posts via top brands is @bethanyaroutunian . . .

Her partnership with CVS Pharmacy netted great engagement for the micro-influencer and the brand.

An influencer marketing platform can help you achieve these types of sponsorships. But that is not all an influencer marketing platform can serve up for social media influencers.

Let’s take a deeper look at influencer marketing platform benefits micro-influencers need to know.

Access Influencer Marketing Platform Brand Networks

Getting those lucrative and influence building sponsored posts via top brands can be challenging for micro-influencers. It takes a ton of outreach to marketing managers at companies to land those influencer gigs.

Instead of playing the email game with brands, you can get exclusive access to top brands via an influencer marketing platform. When you partner with an influencer marketing platform like Scalefluence for example, you are part of our influencer database, a database our network of brands searches for influencers like you.

This makes landing those cash heavy sponsored posts easier for micro-influencers.

Well, maybe not Floyd Mayweather cash heavy!

Why do brands and marketing agencies choose to work with influencer platforms? They know that the influencers in our influencer database are pre-qualified for top engagement, and not fake influencers.

You Gain Credibility As A Micro-Influencer

Another social media influencer platform benefit is added credibility to your micro-influencer status. As touched on above, brands don’t want to waste valuable influencer marketing budgets on influencers that won’t help them achieve their influencer marketing campaign goals.

When you are partnered with an influencer platform, you are vetted to ensure quality, reputability, and engagement is of the highest level. This is how influencer marketing platforms are able to keep top brands in their network.

By delivering maximum ROI on influencer marketing campaigns, brands and marketing agencies return to our influencer database to increase brand awareness, conversions, and/or drive traffic to their social media profiles.

When a brand or marketing agency sees you as a pre-vetted micro-influencer in their industry and/or niche, they know you are the RIGHT micro-influencer for the job.

For example, fitness and lifestyle micro-influencer @sweatandtell netted an insane engagement rate of 56 percent with this Instagram video post . . .

This would be exactly why brands are choosing micro-influencers to get the word out via social media influencers. And having an influencer marketing platform in your corner can ensure you land those sponsored posts due to enhanced micro-influencer credibility.

Gain More Followers With Influencer Marketing Expertise

Influencer marketing platforms like Scalefluence have a team of influencer marketing experts at the ready. This is what makes us successful. Without the expertise and knowledge within the influencer space, we wouldn’t be able to build our influencer database and brand network.

Why does this matter to you? All that expertise is available to you as a Scalefluence influencer. Want to gain more followers on Instagram? Want to take your YouTube influence to the next level? Our team of knowledgeable pros is here to help.

The data-driven insights and analytics available help influencer marketing experts guide micro-influencers toward growth and success. This is what we are good at, and we can help you take your influence to the next level.

Easily Collaborate With Other Influencers For A Massive Audience Boost

Collaboration is a big part of micro-influencer success. By collaborating with other influencers in your industry and/or niche, you can grow your audience base to exponential heights.

Here’s a good example of a collaboration between two YouTube influencers . . .

These two YouTubers have collaborated many times on each others’ YouTube channels, and it was so successful, it led to them starting their own collaboration YouTube channel BROS VS . . .

They have already racked up nearly a half million subscribers!

This is what collaborating with other influencers can do for your own influence. And influencer marketing platforms can make collaborations easy, fun, and profitable.

Set Up More Income Streams As A Micro-Influencer

Partnering with an influencer marketing platform goes beyond the sponsored posts and influencer database. A social influencer platform can also help you identify other income streams as a micro-influencer, and help manage those revenue channels.

For example, affiliate marketing has become a viable income stream for influencers, especially micro-influencers like yourself. Affiliate marketing essentially lets you partner with brands and make money from sales on products you promote via unique affiliate links.

Let’s take a look at how Instagram micro-influencer @passporttofriday uses affiliate marketing to generate more income.

First, she shows off products to her followers via Instagram, including a URL . . .

When a user clicks through, they land on the micro-influencers landing page for the promoted products . . .

When clicking on the specific product, the user is directed to the brand’s product page via a unique affiliate link . . .

When the user buys the product, the micro-influencer receives a percentage of the sale from the brand.

Affiliate marketing is just one revenue stream to explore as a micro-influencer. The influencer platform you partner with can guide you on many more.

Get Paid Top Dollar For Your Influence

Another big time benefit of partnering with an influencer marketing platform as a micro-influencer is that you get paid for your creativity and influence.

Instead of negotiating contracts with brands, or simply getting products in return for a sponsored post, influencer platforms like Scalefluence get you top dollar for your influence.

Influencer marketing pricing is not set in stone by any means. In fact, influencers with less followers or subscribers, but a higher engagement rate can earn more from brands. This is why having an influencer platform with knowledge of influencer marketing pricing essential.

You get the confidence that you will be paid what you’re worth without needing to sacrifice your personal brand as a micro-influencer.

Get The Most Out Of Your Influence With Scalefluence

The above influencer marketing platform benefits micro-influencers need to know are only the tip of the social influencer iceberg. There are plenty of other benefits that influencers love.

From credibility among brands to building more influence in your niche, take the next step toward influencer success and profits. Sign up for Scalefluence today and see the difference. Tap into unlimited influence with our network and expertise.

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