Your How To Make Money On YouTube Gameplan With Under 10,000 Subscribers

Understanding how to make money on YouTube is easier than you may think. In fact, you don’t need hundreds of thousands of subscribers to get paid for YouTube videos. What you do need is a strategic gameplan, especially if you have under 10,000 subscribers.

The potentially million dollar question remains, “How do YouTubers get paid?” From video ads to brand sponsorships, the how to make money on YouTube gameplan is certainly achievable with a smaller subscriber count.

Here’s a great example from YouTuber Dan Flying Solo . . .

Dan Flying Solo partnered with a Visit Singapore to create an enticing YouTube video that netted over 10,000 views in a month.

This sponsorship combined with Dan’s blog filled with sponsored affiliate links had serious earning potential for the YouTube travel influencer. All with only 2,400+ subscribers.

This YouTubers how to make money on YouTube gameplan can be easily repeated by you. It simply takes dedication, a bit of know how, and the ability to connect with your target audience.

The following how to make money on YouTube gameplan may prove useful for a budding YouTuber like yourself, even with under 10,000 subscribers. Let’s dive in!

Start Getting Paid For YouTube Videos With Ads

Ads can help you formulate a how to get paid for YouTube videos plan of action. And it is one of the easiest ways to start generating passive income by simply posting video content. AdSense is the jump off point.

AdSense is the easiest first step to make money as a YouTuber. The Google ads program lets you automate the money making process as well.

How does this work exactly? Well, as a YouTube user, you have probably seen ads before, during, and after YouTube videos. These are placed by advertisers that utilize the Google advertiser program.

YouTube ads look like this . . .

You can see that this ad via Hulu promotes a new series, and serves up an offering for streaming Hulu. A YouTube viewer can also choose to watch an episode right from the ad as well . . .

When a user clicks on the ad, the YouTuber gets a percentage of the ad rate that the advertiser is paying to run the ad via AdSense. This is roughly around 60 percent.

There are, however, must know factors when it comes to using AdSense for making money on YouTube. For instance, the commonly known payout of $3 per every 1,000 views may not always apply. The user needs to actually click through from the ad for a view of the ad to count.

How do you sign up for AdSense? You first need to meet a few requirements to roll ads on your videos:

  • You need more than 1,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel
  • There needs to be 4,000+ hours watched within 12 months
  • You need to sign up for AdSense and have an account linked
  • The video content you post needs to meet YouTube and AdSense policies

Family-friendly videos are a sure fire way to ensure you keep your AdSense payments coming in. Posting controversial videos or using poor language could result in demonetization of your YouTube channel.

All that being said, you can definitely make a good passive revenue with ads as a YouTuber. This makes it a how to get paid for YouTube videos must-do tactic within your overall gameplan.

Become An Amazon Affiliate And Post Affiliate Links In Videos

Affiliate marketing needs to be part of your how to make money on YouTube gameplan. Why? Affiliate marketing is a very profitable stream for YouTubers and other social media influencers on Instagram.

Amazon now has an affiliate program that gives YouTubers access to millions of products. How does Amazon affiliate partnership work? Great question!

When you become an Amazon affiliate, the products you recommend in your video description are assigned unique affiliate links that are specific to you. When a viewer clicks on the link and makes a purchase, you get a percentage of the sale.

But it does depend on the type of video content you create as a YouTuber. If you are in the fitness video niche, you may only be able to promote and successfully earn money on products in the health, wellness, and fitness spaces.

However, if you are an archaeological YouTuber, you may find it a bit challenging to find Amazon products to recommend to your audience. It all depends on how you position the Amazon products so that it makes sense for your target audience to buy.

Here’s how YouTuber Death By Confetti leverages Amazon affiliate links to make money via YouTube videos . . .

You can see that there are a ton of Amazon links. When a viewer clicks through, they land on the Amazon product page to make a purchase. The affiliate link is tagged for the YouTuber to get paid . . .

How much money can this YouTuber make from just one Amazon affiliate link? This YouTuber only has 197 subscribers. But the video netted nearly 300 views. Let’s say 10 percent of the viewers bought the camera in the image above, and the YouTuber gets 7 percent of each sale.

30 viewers x $1,799 (price of camera) = $53,970 x 0.07 (7 percent commission) = $3,777

That is a pretty good profit for simply adding a link in the video description. You can see that when done right, you can easily make money on YouTube with under 10,000 subscribers.

Ask For Donations From Your YouTube Subscribers

Understanding how to make money on YouTube doesn’t need to be all that complicated. In fact, you can simply ask for money from your subscribers. That’s right, if subscribers like your videos, they will be happy to send you money.

How do YouTubers get paid? They ask for money like YouTube channel The Studio By Jamie Kinkeade . . .

This savvy YouTuber set up Venmo and PayPal in order for her subscribers and viewers to send cash. Even the YouTubers international fans can get in on the donations. Want money for your video content? Simply ask!

And there are other ways to get donations from subscribers and viewers. In 2017, YouTube launched Super Chat. Super Chat gives fans a way to send messages to their favorite YouTubers during live streams in the form of highlighted pins.

This is similar to donations. But instead, viewers of the live stream can have their messages showcased by paying.

YouTube Product Manager, Barbara Macdonald, explained, “For creators, this means Super Chat does double duty: keeping their conversations and connections with (super) fans meaningful and lively while also giving creators a new way to make money. “

Get Paid On YouTube Via Brand Sponsorships

Your how to make money on YouTube gameplan absolutely needs to be focused on brand sponsorships. This is the top way to earn money for your video content when it comes to how to get paid for YouTube videos.

A brand sponsorship, depending on the brand and your YouTube engagement can net thousands of dollars per post. Having under 10,000 subscribers was once a negative when it came to getting brand sponsorships. However, things have changed.

The rise of micro-influencers and nano-influencers has made brands realize the ROI potential of partnering with influencers with a smaller audience. Why? Loyalty and engagement.

YouTube influencers with a smaller subscriber count have more sway over there audience, since they are a smaller group. In many cases, a sponsored post from a celebrity will net a lower conversion rate than that of a YouTuber with under 10,000 subscribers.

And if you’re a YouTuber in a very small niche, the chances of you netting brand sponsorships within that niche are even higher, regardless of how many subscribers you have.

Your How To Make Money On YouTube With Under 10,000 Subscribers Challenge

Making money on YouTube and getting paid for your YouTube videos is certainly not rocket science. We challenge you to draw from the above gameplan tactics for three months. You may be surprised by how much revenue you will generate.

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