38 Anonymous YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

Anyone who spends a considerable amount of time on YouTube has probably considered what kind of content they could create to attract a following. For some, the idea of being seen by millions of people online might deter them. What you need is YouTube channel ideas without showing your face to subscribers!

Luckily, numerous topics and categories for YouTube videos don’t require putting yourself in the spotlight! If you need ideas for popular YouTube content that don’t require you to be an internet personality, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you get started.

Anonymous YouTube Channel Ideas Where You Can Hide Your Face

You probably think of bubbly, beautiful people when you think of popular YouTubers, but a tremendous amount of good content on the video-sharing platform pre-dates the whole “influencer” movement. It’s no surprise that plenty of popular YouTube video ideas don’t show people at all. If that sounds like you’re preferred setup, you just need to find the right niche that suits you.

Below is a wide variety of different video ideas where showing your face is unwanted or unnecessary. If you’re feeling shy behind the camera, consider these faceless video ideas! 

Luxury Lifestyle Videos

Luxury items come in all shapes and sizes, so you can definitely show some of them off without including your face. Whether it be a new car, your fancy home, or products like a watch, you can share the finer things while remaining anonymous.

YouTube Sports Channel

Since you’ll probably be focusing primarily on sports clips, all you need is a voiceover rather than actually filming yourself speaking. Think of it more like broadcasting sports radio than filming ESPN.

DIY Tutorial Videos

Similarly, the video portion of tutorial-type content will generally show the tasks, making them ideal faceless videos. Instead, a video of your hands at work or the steps of a process typically provides more benefit than a recording of your face.

Do a Gardening Video

Gardening videos generally fall into the tutorial vein, which means the visuals will be more focused on the tasks at hand than a talking head. Oftentimes these videos use text as much as dialogue, but either method can be used to create an explanatory video without showing your face.

Do Tours or Walkthroughs

Tour-style videos are usually done in the first person, meaning your camera will face outward rather than recording you yourself. Just walk around your home, studio, town, or other interesting location showing your viewers your POV while speaking.

Create Mindfulness Videos

While many videos on meditation channels do show the practitioner, this isn’t strictly necessary. Instead, consider using relaxing images like a flowing river or still a piece of art with sounds or spoken word in the background.

Create Tutoring Videos

It is generally more helpful for tutoring videos to show the paper or computer screen where you are working than your face. This way, you can explain examples as you walk through them, whether you’re filming a pencil and paper, whiteboard video, or screen recording a digital worksheet or whiteboard animation video.

Start a Mental Health & Well-Being Channel

Since therapeutic videos like these are more about ideas and feelings than visual stimuli, feel free to overlay your speech over a comforting image instead of just filming yourself talking. If anything, a positive image will better set the tone than the distraction of a talking head.

Do Faceless Art Videos

Obviously, the main draw of art videos is… the art. Rather than showing the artist at work, a recording or time-lapse video of the actual piece is more expected. These videos get lots of views!

Life Coaching Tips

Life coaching tips often work well as a series of stills of on-screen text, not unlike a PowerPoint presentation. Whether these are a series of video clips, static images, or simple animation, there isn’t much need to show your face.

Self Help Videos

As with life coaching, self-help content is more about the words and ideas than the visuals, so consider a series of comforting backgrounds overlaid with texts, with optional audio, as well.

Create Comedy Videos

While the mannerisms of some comedians are part of the act, you can create comedy videos that focus solely on the jokes. This isn’t the most popular form of comedy video, but it isn’t impossible. Challenge videos can also be humorous but often involve filming yourself.

History Videos

A common practice for history-based videos is to show footage from the era that is as relevant as possible to the topic. These might be a series of black-and-white photos, actual video archives, or images of museum pieces related to the conversation.

Make Cooking Videos

If you want to make a cooking channel but don’t want to show your face, just keep the camera focused on the food and cookware, providing a first-person view of the recipe.

Review Technology

Depending on the type of tech, some reviews can benefit from showing the product in action, which more often requires hands than your face. For example, you can show a smartphone being used with only your hands or entirely digitally as a screen recording video.

Geography Videos

When talking about geography, footage of maps and landscapes is going to be more relevant and helpful than headshots, so feel free to focus on the former and remain anonymous.

Do Nail Art

Again, the focus here is going to be your hands, so set up a camera where it can show your hands at work; perfect faceless videos. This isn’t possible with other beauty videos like hair and makeup.

Give Finance or Business Tips

These kinds of instructional videos do well by showing the math on screen. Many business-oriented videos feature a talking head, but dialogue over informational text is arguably more helpful if you don’t want to film yourself speaking.

Do Unboxing Videos

When doing an unboxing video, your focus should be on the product you are opening, not yourself. Dialogue is sufficient for gauging your reaction for product reviews; There is no need to see your expression.

Health & Fitness Videos

Creating fitness videos can be tricky without showing yourself or someone else in the video. If you focus more on things like diet or mindset, you can do that without filming people, but you would have to get creative to make engaging fitness videos anonymously.

Create a Music Channel

Many songs on YouTube simply put the album cover art or lyrics on-screen since most viewers are there to listen, not watch, the performance. You can do the same.

Science Experiments

Since most of us aren’t as likable as the Mythbusters, it is perfectly okay to keep the focus of science experiments on the action rather than the actors.

Create Horror Videos

While talking heads may sound like a good topic for a horror video, it is actually pretty detracting to watch someone tell a horror story. Most scary story channels instead use still images and eerie sound effects to properly set the mood for horror videos or film scary clips specifically.

Record Drone Videos

Drone videos are exploding in popularity because they allow everyday people to capture awesome footage from high altitudes. Obviously, there is no need to show your face when sharing drone footage.

Literature Videos

Whether you’re doing book reviews or something a little more academic, visuals aren’t overly critical when discussing books. If you are interested in a faceless channel, consider just using the book cover or a stock image with your dialogue over the top.

Show Life Hacks

Accelerated video footage showing how to use or prepare a hack is best practice for these types of videos. No one will even notice if you don’t want your face to be visible.

Talk About Future Technology

When discussing future technology, you are probably better served to show images like prototypes, concept art, and specs than a talking head.

Make Story-Telling Videos

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of human communication. While some storytellers may wish to present themselves and their expressions to enhance the experience, keeping it mainly auditory, like an audiobook, also works.

Teach a Language

Rarely does looking at a teacher’s face make learning easier. Instead, use the screen to present additional information that will help your fans understand the concepts you are presenting. This is especially true for the mainly auditory nature of language.

Talk About Science Concepts or Theories

Again, for teaching, especially in the theoretical realm, the focus is more on ideas than tangible objects, meaning visuals aren’t overly helpful. Instead, present text information to support any claims you talk about.

Psychology Videos

Like other scientific or educational channels, using the screen to present readable information is generally more valuable than showing your face, making it the perfect topic for those who don’t want to be the center of attention.

Do Travel Videos

While many travel vloggers include footage of themselves in exotic locations, you can instead offer a first-person view of footage and still images like a documentary video.


ASMR videos focus heavily on auditory stimulation, meaning you can create this type of video without any visuals at all (I wouldn’t recommend audio-only videos). However, YouTube ASMR videos often do include the host or a view of the props being used to create the sounds. Just be sure you have an amazing microphone!

Discuss World Mysteries

Instead of a talking head, mystery or conspiracy videos are much more engaging, with video or photographic evidence shown alongside the interesting dialogue.

Talk About Cryptocurrency

For educational content, including cryptocurrency talks, data is often more visually useful than seeing the speaker. An easy solution is to present text on the screen as a slideshow video rather than recording yourself like an interview.

Start an Animal Channel

Anyone coming to watch video content about animals or nature probably is probably more interested in cute videos and pictures of animals than seeing your face. No offense!

Motivational Videos

Like the motivational wall art you often see in office buildings, motivational channels can use still images and text quotes rather than a talking head.

Create Animated/Animation Videos

Animated videos replace the need for any live footage whatsoever, making it an excellent option for YouTubers who don’t want to reveal their face on their entire channel.

Start Making Money on YouTube Without Showing Your Face

YouTube is a social media platform for the people. It offers opportunities for anyone to share valuable content and make money with awesome videos. And while many YouTubers enjoy the fame that the social platform can bring, just as many would prefer to remain anonymous outside their channel. 

At Scalefluence, we aim to enable content creators of all types to reach their full potential. Whether you want to be the face of YouTube or stay behind the scenes using YouTube channel ideas without showing your face, we’ll help you grow into a successful YouTuber and monetize your channel for success!


Music videos, video game (or gaming) channels, and educational content are consistently some of the most popular video topics on YouTube. However, it’s a good idea to get started with a less competitive niche to get your foot in the door of the content creation biz.

Many types of YouTube content don’t require you to show your face. You can do voiceovers without showing yourself talking, record someone else as the face of your brand, or create content that doesn’t involve any live actors at all, such as gameplay videos.

As of February 1st, 2023, YouTube Shorts can now be monetized to earn revenue from ads played between videos, much like you see on TikTok or Reels. This new policy replaces the YouTube Shorts Fund.

The most common method of earning money on YouTube is through ad monetization. You can learn more in the Monetization tab of your YouTube Studio page. Google AdSense handles payment, commonly in the form of a check, direct deposit, or wire transfer.

An ideal channel name will be distinct and easy to remember/share. If you can, including keywords from your niche or topic will help new viewers find you through organic search. Give some thought to a good channel name strategy before diving in!

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