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60 Trending Beauty YouTube Video Ideas to Grow Your Channel

Beauty topics are very popular on YouTube and Instagram. Creating a YouTube channel centered around makeup, fashion, and skincare can be a great way to gain followers and make money as an influencer.

Be aware that there are many other beautubers out there, so you will need a way to stand out if you want to succeed. If you think you can make the most helpful or entertaining videos about a beauty product, you could make a lot of money on Youtube.

No matter your angle, you can use these beauty YouTube video ideas to inspire content for your channel and show off the power of makeup.

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The fashion and beauty categories are perfectly suited for visually-focused social media networks like YouTube and Instagram. Millions and millions of people are looking up tips about styles and products, and there is no better place to find answers than social media.

beauty youtube video idea

Many YouTube channels have succeeded in beauty niches, such as makeup tutorials, skincare routines, and fashion. Beauty product companies are ready and willing to sponsor popular influencers to promote their products!

YouTube Video Ideas for Fashion and Beauty Gurus

Below are a ton of great ideas for content on beauty- or fashion-based YouTube channels. If you are just starting or looking for fresh ideas for your videos, read this list!

Makeup YouTube Video Ideas

Cosmetics and makeup are enormous categories for ecommerce. If you have skills as a makeup artist or are an expert on the best beauty products, creating a channel around these ideas can be a great opportunity!

Here are some makeup YouTube video ideas you can use for inspiration on your beauty channel.

Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

Makeup tutorials have a massive demand on YouTube. You can share how you do makeup for different occasions like parties and special events or teach beginners how to do the basics correctly. People love to watch these videos and try new tips and tricks to improve their makeup routine or update their looks.

Product Review

Consumers often check for reviews before purchasing a product. Reading a review isn’t as helpful as seeing a beauty product in action. The right makeup camera can help!

jeffreestar beauty youtube idea

Creating honest makeup review videos for products that you have used can be very helpful to prospective buyers. It will help your viewers purchase the right products without wasting time and money. This concept could be especially lucrative if you join an affiliate program for the products you review.

Unboxing Cosmetics

Unboxing videos are an excellent way for makeup lovers to get a first look at a new product before buying it. These types of product reviews are the best way for some shoppers to decide on a purchase. Some companies will even give their new products to influencers so they can unbox, review, and promote them on their channel.

Daily Skincare Routine

Like the Fountain of Youth, skincare is an ever-popular topic. Everyone wants to keep their skin healthy, clean, clear of pimples and blackheads, and minimize wrinkles.

daily skincare routine beauty youtube idea

This leads many to explore the secrets and techniques others use to maintain clear and healthy skin. If you know about skincare, you can share your personal routine and tell your audience what they should do to keep their skin healthy.

Makeup Hauls

Everyone loves a good shopping spree, and makeup haul videos are a great way to share yours. Audiences enjoy watching hauls because they can get new product suggestions and share some of the enjoyment of your new purchases. 

makeup haul beauty youtube idea

With all of the beauty products on the market today, your fans can’t possibly try them all. Include an overview of the products you purchased and why to help others fill gaps in their makeup collection.

Today’s Look

Every morning when you get up and do your makeup is an opportunity for a video. Seeing your style might inspire others with new ideas about clothes, makeup, hair, or other beauty products. This is a great way to keep your audience checking in often.

What’s in My Bag?

Share what goes into your bag to help you touch up your makeup or perfect your look throughout the day. Your audience may be missing essential beauty products and not even know it! You can suggest beauty products you take with you and explain how they will make your fans’ lives easier.

Makeup Favourites

While you may have experience with hundreds (if not thousands) of beauty products, there are probably a few products you absolutely love and use daily. Share your favorite products on your channel so your viewers can add those staples to their collection, and you can promote the brands and products that are your favorites.

Travel Makeup

Especially with the rules about what you can take through airport security, the makeup and beauty products you take on vacation are probably very different from your stash at home.

Tell your readers about the makeup items you carry when you travel and why. Include details such as how much space each item takes up in your luggage, storage ideas, and why they are good choices when traveling.

3-Minute Makeup Challenge

People may not have enough time to sit down and take their time with makeup on every occasion. With a 3-minute makeup challenge video, you can show the most critical steps and how to apply cosmetics efficiently before rushing out the door.

makeup beauty challenge video youtube

Challenge videos are fun to make, and you can add commentary for each step about why you chose to do them within a limited time.

No Mirror Makeup Challenge

Are you a master of putting on makeup on the go? Share some tips that will help others if they need a touch-up without a mirror.

no mirror makeup challenge youtube idea

One Brand Challenge

This is a fun way to mix things up and suggest a good brand for those looking to simplify their makeup collection. Talk about why you chose a brand for the challenge and the strengths or weaknesses of that decision.

Holiday Makeup Tutorial

The holidays are a time when you might want to do something a little different with your makeup. Holiday makeup tutorials are an excellent opportunity to do something different and have fun with products you don’t normally use.

Celebrity Makeup Tutorial

You can really show off your makeup talent by imitating a celebrity’s look. Famous people like movie stars and musicians often impress with their flashy looks and professional makeup, so if you can mimic how they do it, that is quite a feat.

Hairstyle Tutorials

Hair is a popular topic with a lot of overlap in the makeup and cosmetics departments. Fans of one will often have an interest in the other, allowing you to expand your focus or try new things.

Different hairstyles can often complement makeup or other beauty products, including things like hair dye. People love to learn new hairstyles and styling methods to complement their looks.

Consider creating tutorial videos for hairdos you feature in your makeup videos or daily look, as well as special occasions like wedding hairstyles, anniversary hairstyles, and party hairstyles. This all falls under the greater beauty umbrella.

Full Face Of Drugstore Makeup

You don’t always have the luxury of designer makeup or your at-home kit. Maybe you’re traveling and lost your makeup bag, or you need to run out and grab an essential item because you ran out. Showing how to impress with limited options from a drugstore can be a fun challenge and teach your viewers valuable tips. 

Full Face Using Only Kids Makeup

For an even greater challenge, try doing your makeup using only kid-safe supplies. These products won’t be the same quality or selection as your regular staples, so you’ll need to be creative!

Reacting to Old Makeup Videos

Reaction videos can be a fun way to change up your content. These types of videos could be early examples from your channel or out-of-date styles.

You could highlight the history and changes in the makeup industry, poke fun at outdated fashion, or look for inspiration in retro style.

Nail Art

Nail art is a popular video idea loosely related to the makeup and beauty genres. If you enjoy doing your nails, especially if it complements your makeup, share that on your channel.

You could create short videos about nail art or work your nails into other video topics on this list. You might even incorporate hair, makeup, and nails in a long-form video for a big event.

Beauty Q&A

Q&A videos are a great way to connect with your audience and answer questions they may have about your videos or techniques. Q&A’s are great for YouTube Live sessions, where you may be able to monetize through Super Chat if you have over 1,000 subscribers.

beauty youtube video Q and A

Dos and Don’ts of Makeup

While it is important to teach your fans what they can do with makeup, it is also important to teach them what NOT to do. One example is to highlight proper application methods versus common mistakes people make.

Morning & Night Routines

Do you have an effective morning and night routine for skincare and makeup prep? Share it with your fans to help them achieve better results!

Best of Brand

Have you narrowed down the best brands and products from each brand in your experience as a beauty expert? Even if you don’t use those specific brands or products yourself, sharing that knowledge can be valuable to your audience.

New in Makeup

Love buying or researching the latest and greatest beauty products? Tell your audience about the best and worst new products in each category.

20 Dollar Makeup Challenge

If all you had was $20, what would you buy to do your makeup? This challenge will not only entertain your subscribers but might teach them some hacks for multipurpose products or alternate uses for common staples.

Wedding Makeup Tutorial

There may be no other event where makeup is as important as a wedding. If you have the skills to create a wedding-quality makeup tutorial, that is a surefire way to get views!

History of Makeup

If you’re looking for a break from the usual tutorials and how-tos, a quick history lesson about makeup can be a fun way to mix up the content on your channel. Explore the history of a brand or milestones in the makeup industry.

How to do the Perfect Cat Eye

The cat eye look is a popular trend that plenty of people are searching for. If you have tips or a strategy for making it easy, consider creating your own tutorial.

Contouring Tutorial

Contouring is a tricky makeup ability that is much easier for some than others. If you have a knack for contouring, share your tips in a how-to video.

Give a Friend a Makeover

If you want to invite a guest onto your channel, a great way to do it is with a makeover video! This gives you a new model you can try different things on, and it gives your guest exposure on your channel.

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Fashion YouTube Video Ideas

If you have more of an eye for fashion than makeup, consider these popular video ideas.

Create a Lookbook

You can think of a lookbook as the video equivalent of a slideshow. This is usually achieved with a timelapse or series of short clips. You might show a list of seasonal outfits or other style tips in your lookbook.

lookbook fashion youtube video

Share a Clothing Haul

Like a makeup haul, if you recently went on a clothing shopping spree, share what you purchased on your channel and why you love it. This is popular for thrift store finds as well!

Common Styling Mistakes

Whether outdated trends or timeless nos, sharing fashion faux pas can be just as valuable to your fans as popular styles. Common styling mistakes videos can save your viewers from things like wearing multiple denim pieces together or mixing black and navy.

Dressing for Your Body Type

A popular trend of late is teaching people how to dress for their body type. Whether you are an “apple” or a “pear” or something else, understanding why some pieces suit you is lifelong fashion advice.

Dressing for Different Occasions

The type of fashion advice many people are looking for isn’t just day-to-day clothing choices. They want seasonal solutions, trending looks, or outfits for an occasion. If you have solid advice about how to dress for a holiday party, wedding, or other occasion, share that knowledge on your channel.

Dressing for the Season

Depending on where you live, seasonal wardrobes can be very important. Knowing how to dress stylishly for a snowy morning can be just as important as what to wear on a warm summer night.

Share Your Styling Tips

While clothes can make the man or woman, how the clothes are worn can also be important. Tips on how to spruce up an outfit or pull off an oversized piece can unlock new potential for your viewers.

How-To Videos

How-to videos are one of the most popular templates on YouTube. Regarding fashion, there are countless ideas: how to dress for fall, mix patterns, and wear a dress in winter. The possibilities are endless.

Create Budget-Friendly Celebrity Outfits

Celebrities have always been trendsetters in the fashion world. If you know how to mimic a look that earned attention for a celeb, viewers would love to see how you did it.

Take Your Viewers Thrift Shopping

Thrift shopping videos have become extremely popular in fashion and other categories. If you enjoy thrift store treasure hunting, take your fans with you to teach them what to look for and show off your best finds.

thrift fashion youtube idea

How-To Upcycle Old Clothes

If you have a knack for working old pieces into your wardrobe or simply hate to throw things away, show your fans how you upcycle old clothes. This could include repurposing something with a sewing machine or mixing retro styles with modern looks.

“Who Wore it Better?” Videos

To mix things up on your channel, consider adding some commentary comparing fashion icons, celebrities, or everyday people wearing the same outfit. These could be humorous comparisons, your attempts to outdo the pros or legitimate critiques of those weaning the latest designer trends.

Outfit Review Videos

With so much fashion content out there, you can easily find looks to review. These could be your own outfits, styles posted by other creators, or even a service to help your subscribers! Simply provide a rating and your reasoning why.

Reaction Videos to Your Old Content

Fashion is an ever-changing industry. The hottest look today can be a gag tomorrow. Reviewing your old fashion videos with some entertaining commentary can be a fun way to mix up your channel content.

Reaction Videos to Other Influencers’ Content

Similarly, reacting to other influencers’ content can be a fun diversion from your usual fashion tips. You might be a big fan of their work or want to poke fun at their creations; just be respectful and consider asking for permission first.

Do an AMA Video

Once you have a committed following, Ask Me Anything videos can be a great way to connect with your audience. They might want to learn more about you as a person and creator or have questions about fashion.

How To Restyle an Outfit

Sometimes how you wear something is as important as what you are wearing. Creative ways to pull off a piece or make it work for different body types can be valuable knowledge to your viewers.

Create a Video Based on Subscribers’ Requests

Similar to an AMA video, you can ask your loyal subscribers for requests about questions they have or what types of videos they’d like to see. This is a win-win since your fans will be excited to see their ideas on your channel, and it is an easy way to generate new ideas for what types of videos to make.

Talk About the Latest Designer Looks

From trendsetting to downright wacky, designer looks are always fascinating. Grab some of the newest looks and give your opinion about them.

Share Fashion Hacks

Do you know some fashion hacks to revamp a look or transform a certain piece? Share these tips with your fans to add value to your channel!

Jump on a Trend

Is there a new trend you’re interested in? Create a video trying it for yourself and give your impressions and advice!

Give a Tour of Your Closet

As a fashion YouTuber, you probably have an interesting closet. Maybe it’s a walk-in bigger than your actual bedroom, or you have an alternative clothes storage solution. In any case, your fans would probably love to see it!

closet tour fashion youtube idea

Do an Outfit Challenge

There are plenty of challenges you can do on a fashion-based YouTube channel. Maybe you’re trying to match a look, come up with multiple ways to use a single piece, or trying to create an outfit from unusual items. Have fun with it!

Share Outfit Ideas

One of the most useful kinds of videos you can make is sharing outfit ideas. Maybe you have a new favorite combo or an easy strategy to upgrade any look. Share those ideas with your fans!

Share Different Ways to Style One Piece of Clothing

There are some truly versatile items in the fashion world. Thinking outside the box allows you to turn a maxi skirt into a dress, rock a backward top, or layer different pieces in non-traditional ways. Challenge yourself to creatively use a single item in as many ways as possible for a fun video idea.

Do an Outfit Swap With Your Bestie

Do you have a fashion-forward friend or a fellow beautuber you collaborate with? Invite them to be a guest in one of your videos and do an outfit swap to highlight different fits and preferences.

Give a Rundown of How Much Your Outfit Costs

Breaking down the cost of an outfit will greatly interest your viewers. Whether you’re building budget outfits or splurging on high-ticket items, fans will want to know how much it costs to match your style.

Ask Strangers Around Town About Their Outfit

To get out of the house and do something different, go on the hunt for people with stunning or unusual outfits. This could be at a mall or just on the street. Ask if they mind being featured on your YouTube channel!

Talk About the Latest Celebrity Trends

Is there a new trend taking over Hollywood? Talk about it on your channel!

Create an Outfit Inspired By Your Childhood Self

A fun way to share your personal side is to find some old photographs and try to match those styles! Maybe it’s a look you want to revive or the creativity only a child can ignore, like shorts and galoshes. Have fun with it!

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While there is no single best idea for YouTube videos, the beauty category is one of the most successful for influencers. Why? Because it is a very visual topic with marketable products.

There are many successful YouTubers in the beauty niche. In order to earn your piece of the pie, your content needs to stand out for its quality, originality, or entertainment value. Be sure to have original beauty YouTube video ideas if you want to make money as an influencer.

The most popular search terms on YouTube tend to be specific creators like PewDiePie, musicians like Billie Eilish, or games like Minecraft. Broader categories like music and how-to are also very common.

Your YouTube name can be important for your brand and fan recognition. If you already have a brand or business name, try to incorporate that into your YouTube name. Otherwise, think of something unique and memorable that relates to your topic.

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