30 Lifestyle YouTube Video Ideas to Boost Engagement

YouTube is the most popular website in the world (other than Google) by a wide margin. It has more than 300 million subscribers and over 2.5 billion users. Over 60 million people watch videos on YouTube every day, and you, too, can be a part of this video-making revolution.

But what if you could start your channel with a bang? How about creating content around lifestyle videos that people would love to watch and keep coming back to? This blog will tell you how to start making YouTube videos on lifestyle content ideas that will promote your channel and get you an engaged audience for your videos.

Lifestyle YouTube Video Ideas for Your YouTube Channel

With more people turning to videos for their daily media needs, lifestyle YouTube video ideas have become increasingly popular on social media. You can use this content to talk about popular habits such as eating well and staying active. You can also explore great ideas such as building healthy habits or achieving your personal goals through lifestyle content.

Here are some other lifestyle videos ideas to consider:

1. Facts About Yourself

Sharing facts about yourself is a great way to start your vlogging career.  You can talk about personal growth, fitness, food, do a room tour or discuss life in general. Consider creating a video montage of yourself showing how you think and feel about certain topics. This will help viewers get to know you and feel connected to you as you share your personal life story.

The more people know about you, the more interested they will be in watching your videos. It’s important to communicate with your viewers and engage with them on social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and Instagram so they can stay updated with your vlogging activities.

2. Tour of Your Home

A great way to take your viewers on a tour of your home is by showcasing your favorite rooms and home decor. Answers random questions during the tour to keep viewers intrigued and engaged. And last but not least, provide tips and tricks for viewers looking to add personality to their homes.

3. Journey Through Learning a Language

Language learning is a popular topic for videos on YouTube. You can show viewers the process of learning a language, from the basics to more advanced topics. For example, you can show tips on how to learn a new language, such as how to study and memorize vocabulary – or how not to study and memorize common mistakes. You can also share stories from people who have used the language to travel or enrich their lives.

4. Review Skincare or Cosmetics Products

Market yourself as a beauty guru; reviewing skincare products on YouTube can be a great way to educate and inform people about the products and services available for their skin. YouTubers such as Bethany Mota, Jaclyn Hill, and Nikkie Tutorials share their beauty and makeup hacks, tips, and tricks in videos that can help people look and feel great.

You can also use modern clean YouTube intros and outros to give your channel a professional brand feel. For example, you can use a video editor to add visual effects to your videos to make them more appealing to viewers. This will help increase engagement on your channel and attract new followers. Besides, you can use video content prompts about skincare to help you come up with ideas for your review videos.

5. Show Your Fitness Routine

A great content idea for lifestyle bloggers is to start a workout challenge and upload regular content of you working out over time. This will ensure steady content flow and engagement with your audience. Besides, explainer videos are another great way to introduce other fitness challenges in your videos. They can provide detailed instructions on how to complete a particular workout routine and its benefits.

6. Productivity Tips or Hacks

We all have times when we feel like there isn’t enough time in the day. Share your productivity tips in a video series to help others tackle the challenges they face in their lives.

7. Social Media Advice and Tutorials

For aspiring influencers, mastering social media is an important skill. If you are a social media pro, share tips for creating eye-catching content, attracting followers, or just making the most of hidden features.

8. Cooking Challenge

A cooking challenge is a great way to engage your audience and showcase your culinary skills. You can challenge yourself or a friend to create an interesting dish in a limited amount of time. This type of video also allows you to share recipes and tips with your audience. These videos are sure to be entertaining and engaging for your viewers! Whether you’re challenging yourself or challenging others, a cooking challenge is a great way to add value to your channel and engage with your audience.

9. Morning and Nightly Routine

It’s essential to start your day with a self-care morning routine that helps you stay organized, centered, and energized. A good routine can include a daily meditation or prayer, a personal exercise, a positive-thinking affirmation, or a work task you enjoy.

End each day with activities that help you unwind and relax. These activities could include bathing or showering, reading a book, listening to music, or spending time outdoors. By incorporating these healthy habits into your daily routine and taking steps to keep your videos engaging and exciting for viewers, you can create videos that promote positive lifestyle changes and enhance your social media presence.

10. What You Eat in a Day

A ‘what I eat in a day’ video can be an effective way to give followers meal ideas and recipe ideas to help them improve their meal planning. Professional fitness trainers can offer helpful advice on how to create a workout plan tailored to the individual. This type of video can help people learn about the important activities and experiences that make up a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

11. Vlog (Video Blog) Every Day for a Month Challenge

Beauty and lifestyle vlogger Ingrid Nilsen created the Vlogmas challenge in 2011. The challenge involves vlogging every day from the first day of December until Christmas Day. Vloggers can join the challenge and get creative with shooting videos with their partners, friends, or children. The challenge spans multiple social media platforms, allowing vloggers to upload their content to a single channel.

Similar challenges have sprung up to motivate vloggers any time of year. Join them, or start your own!

12. Review Shows or Movies

Reviewing shows or movies can be a great way to connect with your audience. Talk about your favorites or what’s on your Netflix watch list. You can also learn about new series to binge-watch by asking your fans, then reviewing them on your channel.

13. Declutter Your Closet and Try On Outfits

Decluttering your closet and trying on outfits is a fun and productive lifestyle video idea. This can be done by taking selfies of yourself wearing each piece of clothing you choose to wear in the video. It will allow you to portray a realistic version of your personal style. You can also use stickers and text to add the name and price of each item of clothing used in the video. Additionally, you can react to popular fashion trends from TV shows or movies for a reaction video.

Besides, showing off your closet can help you stay organized and save space in your wardrobe. Overall, decluttering your wardrobe and trying on outfits is a great way to capture your vlogging style and inspire other women.

14. Reaction Videos

Reaction videos are a fun way to engage your audience on YouTube. They consist of people reacting to videos or other media, often with amusing or entertaining results. Popular topics for reaction videos include old videos, YouTube comments, tweets, scary or funny videos, and anything else that will cause an amusing reaction.

Reaction videos are especially fun when shot without a script. They give viewers an unscripted and authentic look at how people react to different media types. Response videos require little preparation and are easy to make.

15. Shopping Haul

Clothing haul videos are a great way to show off the latest fashion trends and inspire people to buy the same pieces as you. This can be done by comparing different pieces of clothing from different brands, styles, and labels. You can also use video editing software to put together pictures or videos of your clothing haul to create a compelling video.

16. Unboxing Video

Unboxing videos are one of the most popular types of videos on YouTube. They allow viewers to see new products from a different perspective as they watch the thrill of opening a new purchase. These videos can be interesting for viewers as well as a great way to showcase your latest purchases or show off your favorite products. When creating an unboxing video, include close-up shots of the product and its packaging, as well as your reactions to it. Additionally, provide detailed information about the product, why you think it’s worth buying, and how you plan on using it.

17. Visit Your Favorite Places in Your City

You can tour your city, show viewers famous landmarks, cafes, and restaurants, and share historical trivia. Interview people in the area and incorporate their answers into your video.

18. Learning a New Skill Vlog

If you are learning a new lifestyle skill, consider sharing the experience on your channel. Common lifestyle skills include:

  • Cooking
  • Food prep
  • Diet
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Art
  • Coffee-making
  • Tea-making
  • Gardening
  • Exercising

Share your journey when embarking on these new topics to help others follow your lead.

19. Make a Fashion Lookbook

The fashion lookbook is a great video idea to create content for your YouTube channel. This type of video allows you to showcase your personal style and fashion ideas. You can choose an overall theme for your video or select budget-friendly clothing pieces to highlight in the video.

20. Vlog a Day in Your Life

Vlogging can be an effective way to create engagement on YouTube with a “day in the life” video. This type of video shows what you do in a day, making it great for viewers who want to learn more about your lifestyle or daily activities.

21. Show How You Create Your Videos

For other aspiring YouTubers or fans interested in your process, giving a behind-the-scenes look at how you create videos will be interesting to your fans. You can work this topic into “a day in the life of” videos or create more of a tutorial.

22. How You Started Vlogging Video

Your fans will also be interested in your personal story about your vlogging journey. You can simply record a video discussing your past and what led you to become a lifestyle blogger.

23. How to Edit Photos/Videos Tutorial

As a professional YouTuber, you probably have some photo and video editing skills you use to polish your content. For aspiring YouTubers, this can be invaluable content for helping them on their vlogging journey.

24. Speed Cleaning Video

Speed cleaning videos are a great way to show viewers how to quickly and efficiently clean their space. They can include tips on organizing, decluttering, and making the most of small spaces. Plus, these videos can challenge viewers to beat your speed-cleaning record!

25. Q&A Video

A Q&A video is a great way to engage with your audience and provide them with more personal information. Create videos where you ask your viewers questions or send them social media messages. You can also study the top vloggers to learn how to create Q&A videos. By engaging with your audience, you can promote your Q&A videos on social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram. This will help you reach a wider audience and foster engagement with your followers.

26. How to Plan an Event

Event planning is a complex process that requires careful preparation. Creating an event timeline can help organize all the tasks necessary for an event, from identifying the details about the venue to choosing a menu for dinner. You should also consider what social media platforms you will use to promote the event and how to reach people interested in attending.

If this sounds up your alley, share your experience in your lifestyle channel to help others plan important events in their life.

27. DIY Video

DIY videos are a great way to show off your creativity and inspire others to get crafty. Outlining how you made something from scratch or giving ideas on repurposing old things is a great way to go beyond simply showing how you made something look different. You can also include step-by-step instructions, helpful tips, and interesting stories. This helps give viewers an idea of what you did and why you chose to do it that way.

If you have excellent video editing skills, you can make any DIY video shine by incorporating visual elements such as graphics or animations. You can make anything from a homemade meal to a unique piece of furniture with the right materials and tools. Overall, DIY videos offer an excellent opportunity for you to share your creative ideas and passion for crafting with your audience.

28. Gaming Video

Gaming continues to be one of the most popular categories of YouTube videos. This can be a good option if you are an avid gamer in a specific genre or have a good personality for fun voiceover videos. Just be aware of the massive competition in this category.

29. Show Off Your Family

Your fans are interested in learning more about your lifestyle, which obviously includes your family connections. Introducing your family during holiday events or just during the day-to-day makes great content for lifestyle YouTube videos. This is a great YouTube idea for couples.

30. Travel Video

Travel videos are excellent ways to give your audience a unique view of a particular destination. They can provide a glimpse of the local culture and customs, as well as highlight tourist attractions and local restaurants and eateries. Consider how you can put a unique twist on your travel videos by discussing your experiences or connections to these places.

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Useful Resources:

FAQs About Lifestyle Content Ideas

YouTube is a fantastic platform for all kinds of creators to showcase their knowledge, insight, and expertise to the world. With video streaming being a global trend, content creators have managed to create successful channels around some of the most popular video topics out there, such as gaming, beauty, music, and how-tos.

It should be noted that YouTube has also enabled many YouTubers to rise to fame through the growth of subscribers to their channels. Choosing topic ideas that you are passionate about is most important to your success.

Lifestyle videos typically consist of vlogging about daily life, hobbies, health, and interests. When creating lifestyle videos, some tips include the location, style, and culture that will appeal to your target audience.

You should also consider incorporating elements such as product reviews, social media posts, or tutorials that showcase how you use the product in everyday life. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the video captures all of the product’s positive aspects and how it fits into the viewer’s lifestyle.

Starting your own lifestyle vlog (or lifestyle blog) is an exciting way to connect with an audience and make a real impact. Before you get started, consider creating an introduction video so that people understand your intent right away. This will help you develop a sense of familiarity with viewers while also defining your vlog’s distinctive style.

In order to be successful, you will need to decide on some vlogging goals and lifestyle blog post ideas. Ask yourself what kind of video or blog content you want to make and how it aligns with your lifestyle. It’s best to create an authentic connection with an audience by sharing elements of your daily life: the challenges you face, the successes you have, and the goals you set for yourself.

There are different ways to earn money through your YouTube channel. If you strictly use in-app monetization via paid ads, the type of content matters less than growing an engaged following of viewers and subscribers.

Other options, like affiliate marketing and sponsorship, tend to work better for marketable content niches. Common examples include beauty, fashion, and tech.

Lifestyle can be considered a niche on YouTube, as many content creators specialize in lifestyle-related content, such as fashion, beauty, health, wellness, travel, and more. Many viewers enjoy watching lifestyle videos to learn new tips and tricks, get inspiration, and see how others are living their lives.

Some lifestyle influencers have even built large followings and become highly influential in the social media and advertising industries. So, if you’re interested in creating lifestyle content on YouTube, there’s definitely a space for you to carve out a niche and build a following!

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