90 YouTube Video Ideas for Artists

If you’re an artist and a content creator, YouTube is a goldmine. There are millions of people on the platform who love art and seeing artists create. If you have the skills to make art tutorials that people enjoy, you can start building your audience on YouTube.

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Below are over 90 YouTube video ideas for artists that you can use for your channel this year and beyond.

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Art Video Ideas for Your YouTube Channel

There are countless creative ideas for content on an art channel, and they don’t even have to include a finished product! Here are some ideas that do and don’t put your skills to work.

1. Art Supply Haul

art supply hall

Haul videos are popular on YouTube, especially with products in the fashion and beauty categories. Creating a video about your purchases from your local art supply store can be fun too!

2. Review Art Books

Art books can be a great inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. Whether you’re reviewing a new one or sharing a favorite with fans, other artists will appreciate the suggestions.

3. Art Giveaway

Everyone likes winning free stuff. Do a giveaway of one-of-a-kind pieces to reward your loyal fans and boost engagement.

4. Life Hacks

Dealing with paints and other art mediums can be messy. Share some techniques and storage hacks you have learned over the years.

5. Show Old Artwork

As an artist, you probably have a pile of your old works in a backroom somewhere. Dig them out to share with your audience or give a tour of your art pieces currently on display.

6. Studio or Workstation Tour

Rather than just showing your work, share a behind-the-scenes tour of where the magic happens.

7. Art ASMR


If you can find a way to combine your art with an autonomous sensory meridian response, you can capture fans from two different target audiences.

8. Show Your Favorite Art Supplies

Fans and aspiring artists are dying to know which supplies and brands are your favorite, and why.

9. Art Supply Reviews

Are there some must-have products in your art studio or items you have tried and wouldn’t recommend? Share your product reviews with other artists.

10. Paint With Me Video

Manifest your inner Bob Ross and teach others how to paint using your own techniques and ideas.

11. Sketch With Me Video

Drawing is a talent, but also a skill. Teach some techniques to help others master the art of sketching.

12. Your Art Journey

If you don’t feel like busting out the supplies for your next video, consider sharing your personal art journey in vlog format.

13. Show Your Sketchbook

Artists are always doodling. A flip through your sketchbook will be interesting to fans and inspiring to other artists.

14. Common Things People Say to Artists

Non-artsy folks are often intrigued by professional artists. Whether they ask to see your work, or something outlandish about the life of an artist, share those unique interactions on your channel.

15. Art Supply Unboxing

Similar to a haul video, film the next box of art supplies shipped to you and explain what you ordered to your viewers.

16. Talk About Your Niche

There are countless styles, techniques, and mediums when it comes to art. An easy video idea is to talk about your niche and why you chose it.

17. Introduce Your Brand

Most artists try to establish themselves in their field to earn fame and, hopefully, make a living. There’s no shame in creating a YouTube sales pitch about yourself and your work as an up-and-coming artist.

18. Showcase Your Art Collection

Showcase Your Art Collection

Whether your own pieces or a collection you have acquired from other artists over the years, share your treasures with fans and talk about their origins.

19. Walkthrough Video

Tutorial-style videos can offer great value to other aspiring artists looking to follow in your footsteps.

20. Share the Latest Art Techniques

Have you mastered a new skill or heard of a new technique you’d like to try? Record a video of it in action.

21. Cleaning How-To

Art can be an extremely messy hobby. Sharing your best cleaning tips will help other artists keep their studio (or dining room table) free of permanent accidents.

22. Paint With a Friend

To mix things up, consider inviting a friend or your partner to create a video with you.

23. Collab With Another Artist Influencer

Reaching out to other artists in the community can be a great way to connect with more fans and develop accountability for your craft.

24. Paint One of Your Followers

Another fun contest idea is to offer one lucky fan the privilege of being your inspiration for your next piece of art.

25. “Get Ready” Video

A lot of prep work goes into certain projects. Consider making an occasional video showing the setup, not just the results.

26. Go to Local Galleries

Go to Local Galleries

There is no better place to get inspired than visiting local art galleries. Share that experience on your video channel.

27. Go to an Art Festival

Festivals are a fun way to encounter other creators and their unique projects. Document these experiences on YouTube.

28. Affordable Art Creations

For many, art is a fun hobby rather than a serious passion. If you know of some quick and easy projects, share them with your fans.

29. Advice Videos for Aspiring Artists

Advice videos can be a great way for seasoned artists to offer value on their YouTube channels.

30. Debunk Art Myths

Have you heard myths about art or being an artist that you would like to dispel? Talk about them in a live video!

31. Do a Q&A

To really connect with your fans, interact with them through a live Q&A.

32. Talk About Beginner’s Mistakes

Mistakes are part of learning, but you can help new artists avoid a few by sharing your knowledge and personal experience.

33. Discuss Different Brush Stroke Techniques

For your more practiced viewers, consider sharing advanced techniques like specific brush strokes.

34. Latest Updates on the Art World

There are so many kinds of art, and new ideas happen every day. If you are in the know, share news and updates through your art channel.

35. Talk About Your Favorite Artist

A true artist doesn’t just create art, they admire the work of others. Share your favorite artist and talk about how they inspired you.

Art Challenges

Challenge videos are popular on YouTube and other social platforms. Here are some challenge video ideas in the art category.

36. Blindfold Drawing

Though not a very useful skill, trying to draw blind can create fun and funny video content.

37. 10-Minute Art Challenge

Art usually takes a lot of time and patience. Or you can race to see what you can make in only 10 minutes!

38. Cheap Art Supply Challenge

Art is about creativity, and you don’t need expertly crafted tools and carefully formulated supplies to be creative.

39. Painting With Condiments

Painting With Condiments

For example, replace paint with condiments and create a truly delicious piece.

40. Makeup Art

Not feeling hungry? Makeup is usually used by people to beautify their face, but could also be used on a canvas or sketchpad.

41. Crayon Art Challenge

You might associate crayons with children, but some artists can create mind-blowing results with just a simple box of crayons.

42. Three Color Challenge

We often think of art as an explosion of color. But what about if you had to work with only a few different tones?

43. Sharpie Challenge

Sharpies have a lot of interesting properties and are used by artists quite often for outlines and drawing on unusual surfaces. What could you create with these markers alone?

44. One-Month Sketching Challenge

Use it or lose it, they say. Challenge yourself to fill a sketchbook in a month or at least draw something every single day. Create a timelapse video showing the results or process.

45. Draw With Non-Dominant Hand

To really challenge yourself, draw with the wrong hand and see if your talent can save you.

46. Use Primary Colors Challenge

To show your mastery of color, limit yourself to primary colors and force yourself to mix what you need.

47. Use Secondary Colors Challenge

For an added challenge, only use secondary colors instead.

48. Pastel Color Challenge

Without dark options, pastels force you to view color matching and shadowing very differently. It can be a fun challenge that might create something very unique.

49. Ballpoint Pen Challenge

Even with the simplest tools like a pen, some artists can create jaw-dropping works.

50. Food Painting

A throwback to the classical style, paint yourself a bowl of fruit or perhaps some more modern cuisine.

51. Recreate Classic Paintings

Many writers get their start mimicking the classics; Can artists do the same? Give it a try!

52. Let Your Followers Pick Your Canvas Size

Interact with your audience by letting them challenge you with prompts, tools, and canvas sizes.

Art Tutorials

How-to videos are some of the most popular on YouTube. If you have expertise in any of the following, it will make great video content for your channel.

53. How to Draw Different Facial Features

Drawing people and faces takes a particular talent. If you are good at it, share your best tips.

54. DIY Light Table Tutorial

DIY Light Table Tutorial

Light tables offer a lot of fun options for artists. Create a video explaining what they are and show how they work.

55. How to Varnish Paintings

Varnish is a way to preserve art, especially paintings on canvas or other sturdy backings. Teaching other artists how to preserve their work can provide great value.

56. How to Edit Different Mediums

Some art materials are more permanent than others. Sometimes you can tweak or remove a mistake. Other times you might have to paint right over it.

57. How to Set Up an Online Store

Many artists struggle to find an avenue to actually market and sell their work. If you have succeeded in this area, sharing that knowledge can be invaluable to starving artists.

58. How to Make a Coloring Book

Coloring and other kids’ books are an excellent way for artists to mass-market their abilities.

59. How to Mix Different Skin Tones

Mastering realistic human depictions is one of the most difficult things in the art world. If this is a strong suit for you, creating tutorials can offer a lot of value.

60. Shading With Pencils Tutorial

Some artists are able to create photorealistic drawings with nothing but a pencil. If you have an eye for shading, share your tips in a video.

Themed Art Videos

Below is a list of themes you can use to create video series or challenge yourself with new styles.

61. Children’s Book Illustrations

Children’s books are a great way for artists to turn their talent into money. Practice on your channel and maybe something will stick!

62. Self Portrait

A self-portrait is a fun and challenging exercise for artists of all types.

63. Tarot Card Design

Tarot cards are becoming popular among hobbyists. Creating unique art for them can be a great marketing strategy for your skills.

64. Playing Card Design

Playing cards are another popular medium for artists looking to monetize their work.

65. Draw a Mandala

Mandalas are a mind-bending art form that works well for many uses. Try your hand at them for captivating video content.

66. Mixed Media Art

Many artists break the mold by mixing different types of art.

67. Childhood Self Portrait

Drawing yourself from a younger age, either with a picture for reference or from memory, can make for a fun and personal video.

68. Drawing or Painting Inspired by a Song

Draw an album cover or paint something with a song playing in the background.

69. Galaxy Art

Galaxy art is very popular right now. Try creating some with paint pouring or another fun technique.

70. Paint With Coffee

You can never have too much coffee. Did you know that old mugs could be used in your art?

71. Christmas Art

Celebrate the joy of Christmas with a jolly art piece on your channel!

72. Thanksgiving Art

Give thanks with a work inspired by the spirit of Thanksgiving!

73. Valentine’s Day Art

Confess your love with a fun Valentine’s Day painting!

74. Halloween Art

Get into the spooky season with a scary sketch or costume design!

75. Hanukkah Art

Celebrate Hanukkah by creating a piece for every day!

76. Midsummer Art

Celebrate the solstice with your art skills!

77. Carnival-Style Drawing

Embrace your inner carny by creating a carnival-inspired work!

78. New Year Art

Celebrate your resolutions in a high-resolution art video!

Art Series Ideas

Below are some additional prompts you can use to inspire new pieces in a series.

79. Draw the Seasons

Whether you’re dreading winter or dreaming of summer, consider a seasonal series.

80. Animal Series Videos

Inspire yourself with a trip to the zoo, or just immortalize your pets with an animal series!

81. Holiday Series Videos

Holidays big and small make great inspiration for an art project!

82. Art Inspired by Movies

Painting or modifying a movie poster can be a fun project that will appeal to fellow art-lowers and cinephiles alike!

83. Art Inspired by Songs

Whether you have the song playing in the background or want to express your feelings through a different medium, try using a song as artistic inspiration.

84. Art Inspired by Books

Painting a scene or book cover can be a fun way to add readers to your subscribers!

85. Art Inspired by Video Games

Gaming is really popular right now, especially on YouTube. Grow your followers by creating fun video game art on your channel!

86. Flower Series Videos

Few things have inspired artists like flowers and the beauty of nature. Try it for yourself!

87. Fairy Tale Series Videos

A series of art based on popular fairy tales is sure to attract viewers.

88. Folk-Tale Series Videos

Folk tales or urban legends offer other interesting prompts, perhaps on the darker side.

89. Mythical Creature Series Videos

Dragons have long been depicted in art from around the world, as can other mythological creatures.

90. Culture Series Videos

Whether you’re sharing your own, or getting inspired by the art of another culture, this can make for great video content on your YouTube channel!

91. Art Inspired by Your Favorite TV Series

Another fun one would be to create renditions of your favorite TV show as paintings, sketches, or something else! You can be sure it will be shared by fans of the series!

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To be successful on YouTube as an artist, it’s important to come up with creative video ideas that stand out from the crowd. Watching and learning from successful artist YouTubers can give you an idea of what works best on YouTube and how to make your videos more attractive to viewers. Additionally, offering valuable content and interesting types of videos will help you engage with viewers and increase viewership.

Lastly, don’t forget to take advantage of social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to promote your YouTube channel and reach even more people.

Yes, YouTube is a great platform for artists to showcase their work and build an audience. Art is the perfect visual medium for creating enthralling videos.

Yes, artists can make money off YouTube. Many artists use YouTube to promote their artwork and reach potential buyers and collectors. As an artist, you may monetize your YouTube channel by running advertisements on your videos. This can generate income for you as a video creator, depending on the number of views and engagements you receive.

Furthermore, artists may also earn money through sponsorships or collaborations with brands. Artists can showcase their skills in sponsored content for a fee.

Gaming, music videos, and tutorials are consistently the most popular categories on YouTube.

In general, YouTube pays professional content creators more, especially in a visual field like art.

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