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No More Haggling

With Scalefluence, you set your own prices and get paid on time. No more haggling about prices with brands, you’re in charge now!

So Easy

All creative assets will be sent to you for pre-approval so they can be naturally introduced into your stories and feed. Accept or reject new opportunities with the click of a button. Easy and efficient!


And don’t worry, FTC-compliant disclosures are ensured. We’ll also make sure you get no more pressure from unwanted marketers. Finally!

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Instagram Influencers

You’re Worth More

Being an Instagram influencer can be hard. At Scalefluence, we understand that making a living from Instagram posts and stories is about more than just smiling for the camera and looking pretty. It’s about finding the best partnerships with brands that get who you are, associating your image with products that reflect what you’re about and, most of all, getting paid fairly for it! We get how hard you work and know what you deserve. The best part? It’s easy. So easy.

Let Us Work for You

Why haggle with brands when you could spend more time creating awesome content and growing your Instagram following? With Scalefluence, you set the price you get paid. And you get paid on time. Every time.  Sound too good to be true? Try us out and you’ll see. 

We know you care what your Insta feed looks like and understand you only want the highest quality content associated with your meticulously curated brand. That’s why Scalefluence sends you all creative assets for pre-approval. And we’ll notify you of any new opportunities that come your way, too. You can then simply decide if it’s a good fit for you and let us know by clicking a button. Yes. One. Single. Button. We told you it’d be easy.

FTC-Compliant All the Way

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires all Instagram stories and posts published as part of a brand partnership to display a prominent disclosure. Sounds hard? Let us do it for you! As an Instagram influencer, you shouldn’t be penalized for working with a great brand, growing your following and creating fantastic content. Instead, you should be rewarded with more exposure, more free time, better deals and, yes, more money.

So, are you an Instagram influencer looking to work better and smarter while collaborating with cooler brands and making more money? We at Scalefluence are so excited to meet you and introduce you to the future of Instagram influencer business relationships! 

Get started today and see the incredible difference our fair, efficient and haggle-free services can make in your life and Instagram business. Looking forward to creating mind-blowing content with you!

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